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    Can't sleep anymore with the great news (Australian tour)!!
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    Thank you for sharing your story, @keyo32198 As you said, hopefully it will help in preventing it from happening to others.
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    10 Years Ago today THIS GEM was Released and I went CRAZY !!!!!
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    After much procrastination, I listened to my "inner child" and took a ride on a local Carousel !!
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    This link you quoted has now been updated; apparently, the tour is a done deal, and the official announcement will be after the Australian elections (which occur on the 18th of this month). Get ready, Oz and beyond! 😎 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 🇯🇵
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    No problem at all. It took a bit of courage because I am so ashamed and frankly heartbroken but I really do hope that I can help someone else not get ripped off. I heard for the last time from the Fake Edge tonight, He got quite nasty and I finally blocked him.
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    I would also say that if someone sends an ID like this that 1) he can't sign it as "Bono" when that's not the printed name and 2) it looks like a photo-shopped picture, especially if you look around his ears and top of head. Definitely if anyone else gets an ID like this, do not take that as proof, there are criminals who professionally make fake IDs for whoever wants one so it's not a leap to think they would do it to try to fool people into believing they are a celebrity.
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    Such a big Star Wars fan that it's where my username comes from - Padawan is the in-universe term for a Jedi Apprentice in the prequel films Watching the original trilogy last night was emotional. Also, several social media sites have been posting out-takes from the making of the original films - in order that the other actors could understand what Chewbacca was saying, Peter Mayhew would speak his lines in English during filming, then the Wookiee sounds were added later. I've never seen these out-takes before and it's fascinating (and funny) to hear the "translations" of exactly what Chewbacca is saying.
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    A nearby community centre put on a marathon of the Star Wars original trilogy. It was good to see the films on the big screen
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    Just in the door from Johnny Marr. He was outstanding! I was down the front with just four people between me and him. From the get go he was interacting with the audience, when he wasn't singing he was at the lip of the stage throwing shapes and striking poses. His set seemed to be an even split between his solo work and Smiths/Electronic songs. The Smiths tunes were... words fail me. Just look at this list - Bigmouth Strikes Again, The Headmaster Ritual, Last Night I dreamt Someone Loved Me, You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby, How Soon Is Now? There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and... THIS CHARMING MAN! I'm overwhelmed, I need to have a lie down and gather my wits. Johnny F-ing Marr indeed.
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    Fantastic!! Wonderful clips of a Lot of fans! Now I’m wondering who they all are!! Thank you for making & sharing this!!💓
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    I retried this morning and it's ok now
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    2 new tracks to download for subscribers.
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    Two have contacted me on Instagram. _u2.bono and paul_david_hewson_u2. The later even showed me a fake ID. When reporting, do I report them as spam? The only options I see are “spam” or “inappropriate”,
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    So I was watching Bohemian Rhapsody for a second time last night and something I did not notice when I saw this movie in the cinema was four guys portraying the members of U2 dressed in the same gear they wore that day during there Live Aid performance passing Freddie Mercury on his way to the stage. Pretty cool I thought!
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    I’ve reported accounts (I was approached by that fake Edge also) instagram doesn’t do anything! 😟. It’s so frustrating.
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    This is my view last night. The person who shot the video must have been standing right in front of me or beside me. The final tally is seven Smiths songs, two Electronic and eleven solo Johnny.