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    Fully agreed - and my opinion both does and doesn’t have to do with current events. A true hero, indeed. Son of a sharecropper from South Carolina, his family made its way to Baltimore for the hope of a better life...to make a long story short, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Howard University. A true American success story. I’m proud to say I donated money to him this year for all of his hard work. A true patriot. R.I.P., Elijah.
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    Live version is amazing! It can be listened over and over again.
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    I didn't want d to be a part of what I said. I agree. It's hard not to think about both. It's not often I see people with trails of tears over the death of one of our politicians. He was a leader before anything Washington. I can only imagine the grief people in Baltimore, and all his constituents, must be feeling. I've been bummed since I heard the news yesterday. Horrible loss during a terrible time.
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    Somehow, I missed this. Many thanks. I see they ware on the roof. When was this done? Is it part of a larger set of songs? Edge's guitar sounds so raunchy. Adam sounds incredible too. (they all do) Love it.
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    I’m hanging/holding on in this town today.... the lights haven’t gone down!
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    Yesterday I got up earl;y (5AM) to volunteer for a walk for Alzheimer's where I helped with setting up a table, cheering on the walkers and handing out shirts. After my shift was over I went to a local Fall Fest, paid a small donation to feed a llama some mini carrots and a goat a small cup of grain.
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    If that's the case - and since the topic has been discussed ad nauseam previously - it's OK to close the thread.
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    *Tinfoil hat intensifies*
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    With enough time, observation and wishful thinking, everything from the comics on the Sunday papers, a Simpsons episode or the header on this site can have some sort of obscure symbolic meaning... I believe the word that applies here is hogwash.
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    If and whatever changes will be done on this I really hope that all subscribers in Germany will receive their gift straight to their address and no longer need to collect it at the customs. I live in Germany too and luckily never had to go to the customs - I knock on wood that this will remain for future U2 gifts.
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    68 is way too young. I'm in shock. He sincerely cared abot poor people. It transcended politics.
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    Elijah Cummings January 18, 1951-October 17, 2019. This is a huge loss for my country. He transcended politics. I'm devestated. It has nothing to do with current events. This man was, and will alway be a hero. imvho.
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    In my enthusiasm, I forget to search. Thanks, paola. "It's not easy being a rock star these days." funny.
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    Has anyone issues in general getting the subscribers gift? We have issues in Germany because it's being kept by the customs (because it's declared as a "gift", and gifts are only allowed between private individuals, and not from a company). I wonder whethere the same problems are in other countries than in Germany?
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    History will judge us for ababdoning them. It's unconscionable. It's also unforgiveable. I want all of us to see Trump sink and disapperar into his own muck and mire They admitted that the Ukraine phone call did involve quid pro quo-that is my favorite good thing today-more dominos are tumbling. . I want that bi#ch thrown out of office and put in jail. 😒 big deep breath....
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    So in RedHill town you saw the pints go down on Mich........glug glug!😉
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    I hear that Patteson Court Landfill site is a highlight!
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    Did anybody get an email notification about shipping yet?????
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    Last night on Earth.
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    Agreed - one of the very best drummers ever. I’m glad I got to see him play at MSG on Cream’s reunion tour about 13 years ago. He was more impressive than drummers half a century younger even then.
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    Given what we've seen and heard in the trailer for Episode 9, the Emperor might not be as dead as we thought he was They're definitely looking at Death Star wreckage in one scene, although it doesn't look like that wreckage is on Endor, which is a puzzle. Unless Endor underwent some radical environmental changes in the past 30 years...
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    " Once the physical copies start leaving the warehouse in October we’ll email subscribers with more specific timings. " They only said the CD's would start leaving in October, much like my wife starting to get to the car when we are leaving (a lengthy process), not that theCD's would actually leave. Did a lawyer write this??!!!
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    I even liked him in the “Men In Black” films and in a more obscure one, “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, acting along side of David Bowie (I think it was his first film). He was a very versatile actor. R.I.P.
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    Yeah, people here are way crazier.
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    If you have concerns about your mobility or anything regarding your pregnancy and the show, maybe you should speak to your doctor about your concerns and whether you should try to go or not. I attended an Elevation Tour show when I was 22 weeks pregnant with my daughter. Had seats, stood when I could, sat when I needed to and everything was fine. I do know that every pregnancy is different though; so it is up to your own discretion.
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