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    Yes, that’s another thing that has really impressed me with SOE: its staying power. I love it as much as I did in December 2017; frankly, I love it even more. The only other album I can say that about in the same way is AB. Coincidentally, these two albums (along with NLOTH) are the only albums where I feel like I haven’t listened to them properly unless I listen to them in their entirety in one sitting. Therefore, I guess, in my own personal reckoning, I have to call it a classic U2 album. If I’m placing it with AB (and I am), it must be a classic.
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    Ok, just called customer service (girl named Elissa): tickets have indeed been cancelled, money will be refunded in 1 to 2 weeks, presale code is still working.
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    Hi there... I'm Heshan and I'm from Sri Lanka Can say I think im the biggest U2 fan from Sri Lanka been a u2 fan for 10 years, when I started listening to their songs when I was 19. The singapore show will be my first ever U2 concert and looking forward to it
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    I've been watching some of the matches. It's on the BBC over here and even my dad's been getting into it. It's great to see women's sport being given more attention by the mainstream channels.
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    🤣 awesome creativity with that illustration.
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    Yeah i tried to come to america or europe for the last 10 years and here in Sri lanka they dont easily give us visa unless we show a lot of wealth in our bank accounts so i never got the chance. So asia was my best bet and finally dream came true. I will post when i get the tickets on tuesday 😄
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    Yes im hoping to do GA i was dance, sway and mingle with the crowd, cuz i dont know when will i get the chance to see U2 after this again so definitely GA it is 😄
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    Thank you no the wires presale is on tuesday for singapore so waiting for that yeah im very excited
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    When the presale starts, it should accept the Red Hill presale code... once the Wires presale starts (next day) the presale code should work. Please wait until the official times start...
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    I love it when Adam starts laughing, close to the end, because we are going nuts. I was at these shows. I'm pumped. I hope Elevation leads to noeviction.
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    It also sounds even more awesome when things get better after the fall. I love this album. It's still fresh.
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    I always listen to U2 when things are crap, it really does help, doesn’t change things from being crap but does lift me inside to help me battle on.
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    Try to refresh the page. Buttons are on the Tours page now.
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