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    I just wanna say thanks to everyone here for the pleasant company over the past few months. This forum is like a breath of fresh air compared to the others I've tried - it's so nice to find somewhere I can talk about my favourite songs/albums and have people actually *agree* with me, instead of insulting me! Often I feel quite lonely in this fandom, so I've really enjoyed hanging out with you guys during the shows.
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    It has been quite a ride... thanks to everyone, everyone, everyone who accompanied us on these #U2eiTour live threads... For a while, we will take a break... but coming next August: #U2eiTour in Europe!!! Hopefully, we will see all you again around here... until then, carry on and enjoy the zoo...
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    U2.com’s law: the quality of the subscriber gift is inversely proportional to the probability of a tour presale that year.
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    Setlist wise, the last four years have been a goldmine. We've had: -At least one song played from every album -The return of A Sort of Homecoming, Exit, Staring At the Sun, Wild Horses, etc. -The live debuts of Red Hill Mining Town and Acrobat -A song from Pop FINALLY making a return as a regular (even though it wasn't for the whole tour) -9 out of 11 Songs of Innocence -12 out of 13 Songs of Experience -The entirety of The Joshua Tree -3 quarters of Achtung Baby Never say they don't spoil us!
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    Hi Everyone, I got the boat down to the o2 with Edge last week and it was brilliant! I then got to go on the u2 stage at the 02!
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    Just got home from seeing both London shows. Well, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster. First night did not go well for me - I had a really horrible GA experience that made it hard to enjoy any part of the show, even hearing my favourite songs. The e-stage segment was fun (I've never seen Edge so smiley before!) and I finally got to witness a live MacPhisto speech, though it was mostly the same one as Manchester 2 and I was a bit thrown by the total lack of crowd response. Acrobat was undoubtedly the highlight, though - I've been avoiding streams and videos so this was the first time I'd seen it, and I was delighted by how much MacPhisto was visible in the performance. At one point I was staring into his eyes with some kind of enraptured expression on my face, and I don't know if I was completely hallucinating but he appeared to be staring straight back into mine for what felt like a solid 15 or 20 seconds. He was also facing in my direction when he did his violin-playing mime and it felt as if he was performing directly to me, at which point I found myself spontaneously overcome with emotion. I did not expect Acrobat to make me cry! It was all worth it for those magical moments, but the rest of the time I had little to no view and was in such discomfort that I just wanted the show to hurry up and end so I could get out of there. Probably the worst time I've ever had seeing them live. It culminated in me having a total meltdown during the encore - Bono set me off with his speech about how sad it is that we're leaving the EU, and I just carried on crying until the end of the show, without really knowing why. (I knew those last two songs were going to be depressing but I didn't think I'd react quite that badly.) Thankfully, I learnt many years ago to always attend two shows in case anything goes awry at the first one, so I did a few things differently on the second night and it made a world of difference. Had a really good rail spot and nothing to spoil my enjoyment (not even the insane crush when everyone moved towards the e-stage), resulting in a U2 gig that felt like it was supposed to. MacPhisto's speech was amazing (can't wait to listen again) and I was right near the magic mirror, so that was another once-in-a-lifetime experience. Shame we never got Red Flag Day but I was thrilled to hear All Because Of You again - HTDAAB is my second favourite album and it brought back very happy memories of my first GA experience on the Vertigo Tour! The whole Achtung Baby / Zooropa sequence was a real joy to hear too. And I'm so happy they brought back New Year's Day for the European leg, it's always been my favourite song to hear live. No regrets - it all worked out in the end!
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    A note from the moderators: It has been brought to our attention on several occasions, people trying to impersonate one of the band members or someone associated with the band. Please be aware of a few things: -The only official social media pages for the band are the ones with the authenticity checkmark like this: main social media: https://www.instagram.com/u2/ https://twitter.com/u2 https://www.facebook.com/u2/ https://www.youtube.com/user/U2official/ https://u2.tumblr.com/ -No member of the band currently has personal social media accounts. All communication comes from the official pages listed above. -Any account that claims to be a band member and says “personal account of [Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam or any variation of their name]” most definitely is NOT a member of the band. -At no time will any member of the band, the band’s management, the moderators, or anyone associated with the band ever contact you via private message asking for passwords, personal information, or money for (but not limited to) things such as meet and greets. In the event you should come across someone impersonating the band or someone associated with the band: -First and foremost, report that account to whichever social media platform you have seen it on. This is the biggest part of getting the impersonation stopped. -Please add the information in this thread to make others aware and to use caution. -If you don’t feel comfortable adding information here, send a private message to myself, Max and Bigwave so we can have a look at it. As Zootopia is our primary residence, sometimes you guys are our eyes and ears on the social media platforms. Thanks to all Zootopians and take care.
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    Some of us don’t have or can’t afford record players. I loved the pictures and poster that were part of this year’s gift, but the poor neglected vinyl has to sit on a bookshelf because I can’t play it. I have multiple means for playing CDs.
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    Emailed them once and they said no. Emailed them again and I got this response. Success!
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    fortunately there's another show coming... this saturday... while we wait... be excellent to each other... later!
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    https://www.u2.com/news/title/back-on-song-back-to-berlin/news/ "I've seen a great doctor and with his care I’ll be back to full voice for the rest of the tour. So happy and relieved that anything serious has been ruled out. My relief is tempered by the knowledge that the Berlin audience were so inconvenienced. There was an amazing atmosphere in the house, it was going to be one of those unforgettable nights but not for this reason… We can’t wait to get back there on November 13th." - Bono
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    We will add any additional official information to this thread as it is received. Please check back and send prayers and positive vibes to Bono.
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    Ok - I promise that I didn’t ask Bono to pose for this shot, and further promise that this was taken on an iPhone (and not a recent one). Bono wishes all of MSG and America a Happy 4th of July, so to speak, during “American Soul”:
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    ...and today is a truly blessed day. After months of collective feedback-giving about the formats available to us for the annual gift, we have finally been heard. If you look in your account information, not only is there a download link for mp3s, there is now a download link for WAV files! Those who want to have this collection on CD can now burn one on their own. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" is the old expression; in this case, it finally came to pass. Sincere thanks to the mods who must have passed on our (numerous) complaints about wanting to have higher-quality downloads - and thanks to the higher-ups for finally acquiescing to a request that, frankly, was always a reasonable one. A very good U2 day!
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    We apologize but we need to take a few hours to rest before the Wires presale tomorrow. If you have a question or an issue to report, please write it here (or send us a PM) and we will come back to you as soon as possible... Thanks for understanding... see you in a little while...
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    Sydney 2 tickets sorted. Best presale ever, smooth sailing each time !
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    Just got my second Red Zone for Sydney #2! Coming from Los Angeles and beyond excited for my first trip down under. :-) Good luck to everyone!
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    Got my 2 RZ - weeee!!!!! Just Sydney to grapple with now.
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    First post to this thread in 2019?! The show announcements for Australia, Japan, Singapore and Korea brought me back in. Originally an 'old zoo' member in 2005, and traveled inside and out of the forums over the years. Always as Fragrant, of course. Hoping that there are other fans who will gravitate back or jump in for the first time. Peace! Much love! Irene Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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    First 2 downloads are now available to qualifying subscribers from your profile page : u2.com/profile
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    OMG, an actual CD (and photo book)?! I was all ready to hurl something at my computer screen if it turned out to be another vinyl gift. Thank you U2.com!!
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    he wanted, but i was able to resist his evil arts... airports and long flights... different story... ?
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    I had to vote for “American Soul”, if not only for the fact that this song gave me this picture. ?
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    Zootopians! He gave us a shout out!
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    Love you Bono - No hard border - ever- no them, only us.....we've worked too hard to create peace here. The people , north n south, won't accept the past. Thanks for a fantastic tour.
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    I'm convinced that Lord Adam told the guys before the tour "hey guys, I think it's time to turn my bass up a bit". It has been amazing on several songs.
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    broascasting is not an easy thing… not only it costs (if it's with your mobile data) but also having the phone pointing to the stage is, in the end, very tiresome... we get what we get… and for that, we should be thankful..
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    You know, I'm a big vinyl head. I prefer vinyl to everything else. And this is because I am a bit old school in that I like the idea of listening to music as being an active experience - HAVING to get up and turn the vinyl over, looking through the sleeve or booklet etc... For me music has ALWAYS been about the entire package, not just the song. So, for me, vinyl is the perfect annual gift (though... this year's and last year's I thought were kind of lame). That being said, I'm not like everyone else. And I respect that. I 100% agree that U2.com/Fanfire (or whoever) would save a bunch of money if they would ask which each subscriber would prefer when they acknowledge the gift for the year. Sure, some people who don't have a turntable may still ask for the vinyl because it's a cool collector's item, but by and large I think most people who don't have one aren't going to want one. Personally, I was thinking, if the purpose is to have a collector's item, why not also give the option of a CD that's designed the same way etc? That way non-vinyl folks can get something they can hold in their hands, that's tangible. That would at the very least make a collection of songs like the one they gave this year (three songs that, quite frankly, if you're invested enough in U2 to be a paying member, you likely have already) something that's unique - that no one else has. CDs are WAY cheaper to do, still make a useful collector's item, and you can still get the digital off the site (or rip the CD). Anyway... that's my two cents. I personally love that vinyl is so in right now. I have nearly collected all of U2's work in vinyl (the reissues... POP and Zooropa make me so happy and I'm dying for Passengers to get released - what a perfect sit-and-listen), I have all the Killers, most of Smashing Pumpkins, and I'm on the home stretch of Oasis - just to name a few. At the same time, it's not for everyone. And that's okay! I think it would be smart for U2.com to acknowledge that. Why NOT make your paying fans happy when it's something so easy to do? As for the gift itself...? I'm still a bit perplexed why, with all of the recording of EVERYTHING that U2 does, why don't we have more rarities or outtakes or demos or what-have-you sitting on our shelves?
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    "Are you tough enough to be kind?"... just because of this line, this song ought to be in U2's legacy...
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    This EU shows intro... probably one of the best they have had - ZOOTV level good, im(ns)ho...
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    I tend to have U2 dreams right before and right after I’ve been to see them. The funniest one I’ve ever had must have been right before the 360 shows in 2011, although it honestly doesn’t feel like it was that long ago; but it was a direct result of where I hoped to make it in GA and playing too much Mario Kart on the wii with my son. In the dream, I made it into the stadium and as I took off for the rail, the next thing I know I’m bounce-running over giant mushrooms to get to the rail. To top it off, Adam was cheering me on.
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    ...and to check in on people you care about.
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    The happiness derived from this horned gentleman is quite often the only thing that prevents the bastards grinding me down, so it's very appropriate that this song is now associated with him. ❤️
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    Back home from London after last night’s show. Just wow! These guys never fail to impress, the effort they put into their shows is extraordinary..and total respect for Bono,he is such a fantastic showman, love singing with him. Had a great view, sound was impeccable. At one point Adam was stood right in front of me, an arms length away, he even caught my eye ?. So wish we could have afforded a second night but feel privileged to still be able to see my favourite band live after all these years, love them. (Saw uncle Mac too, he smiled up at us, Noel Gallagher walked by a few times, pretty sure Chris Martin was stood in front of me - he was taking notes to copy them ha ha ha, Bono’s son was about too)
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    what if... for one of the shows... Ali actually takes the call????? o_O
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    No. Keep checking back, as soon as we hear official word that they are shipping, we will post that in here.
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    <raises eyebrow> <to the googles... for a friend> =P
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    I was up in the 200 level for MSG 3, and I really enjoyed getting to see a show from a vantage point where I could see both stages and the screen unobstructed, as well as a view of all of the lighting effects built into the stage floor. I feel like on this particular tour (and the 2015 version), the band weren't really playing to the floor audience to the degree that they had in the past. You could easily pick a spot where they'd be right in front of you for at least a song, but they weren't necessarily looking at you. The eyelines just seemed different. And that's not a good or bad thing, just an observation. When I was on the floor with GA in 2015 and again this year, I didn't really feel like the band were connecting with the people in front of them, in the way I felt that connection on all of the other U2 tours I've seen. Being in the upper level and seeing the big picture, I better understood the reason for that decision. It really felt like they were playing to the whole room, and to the majority of the audience in the stands, more so than the minority on the floor. As a result, I felt more energy sitting in the upper level than I do for most other acts from that distance. It was actually pretty cool to be higher up but to still feel the band making an effort to connect to those who weren't immediately in front of them. I guess it's a little late at this point, but if anyone is thinking about seeing one of the European shows and wondering if it's still worth doing without GA tickets, my answer would be a resounding yes. My favorite spots to be in for The Joshua Tree, 360, Vertigo and Elevation tours were always right in front of the main stage (or as close as possible to it), but for these i&e/e&i outings, I really loved getting the full view. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it from the upper level. At no point did I think "Damn, I wish I was on the floor" which is usually what happens when I'm in the upper level for a show. I did not end up seated next to that person from MSG1 and MSG2. That was the plus. On the downside, this was the show I brought my wife to (she's not a big fan but indulges me by coming along to a single show), and she was seated next to possibly the worst person I've ever encountered at a U2 show. There's no real polite way of saying it, but this guy was just a jerk. He got progressively angrier as the show went on, to the point where it was necessary to go to security because those of us seated near him started worrying about our own safety. He really became unbearable during the Staring At The Sun/Pride combo. When Bono was talking about peace in Ireland, he started screaming at Bono that he was a traitor. By the middle of Staring At The Sun, he just kept screaming "Go back to Ireland!" at him. And then, when Pride began, he just started screaming "F--- you!" over and over and over and over, and that's when we got security involved. Listen, I get that we don't all share the same politics, but at a certain point, I don't understand why you're paying to be offended. If you don't like U2's politics and don't like hearing about them, don't go to a U2 show. If you're offended that U2 didn't support the IRA, don't go to a U2 show. And if you do go, be prepared to accept that not everyone will share your viewpoint, and find a way to express your opposition to the viewpoint being offered by the band with silence, not by shouting obscenities. I've been seeing U2 for over twenty years, and while I've seen some people roll their eyes at Bono's speechifying, I never imagined that I'd be sitting next to someone who was cheering more for the bomb exploding than for song protesting the bombs. After the show was over, my wife mentioned some of the other things he was saying during the show and I just felt so awful that she had to sit next to that. Ever since we met, she's heard me talking about how U2 fans are a real community, and how we believe in being good to each other and stressing tolerance above all else in our collective political leanings, and instead she had to sit next to a guy screaming obscenities and racial slurs. I apologize for ranting about this now, I'm just so shocked that it even happened. It's one thing to have the person that I had at MSG1 and MSG2 who lacked some self-awareness and was a little bit rude and loud and obnoxious, but that MSG1/2 lady wasn't actually malicious. This guy last night was. And I also want to give credit to the security guard at MSG. Once I spoke to the security guy, he positioned himself unobtrusively at the end of my row, and just stared at the racist troublemaker for the rest of the night. And as soon as the guy saw that he was being watched, he shut up. As to the show itself, it was great - just as good as MSG2. I had a funny moment early on when "Red Flag Day" wasn't played. The thing for me is, I love How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, and it had been more than a decade since I heard the band play a song from that album other than Vertigo and City Of Blinding Lights, so I was very cool with getting another performance of All Because Of You. But it seemed like there was a split second where you could see the people in the GA section slightly deflating because it wasn't Red Flag Day or Gloria or something even rarer, and then a second later, it was almost like you could see a conscious decision of "I'm going to enjoy this song anyway even if it's not the one I wanted!" But I, for one, am very happy that All Because Of You has come back this tour. I really got choked up at the end of the performance. By the end of Love Is Bigger..., I was getting a little teary-eyed. It's such a beautiful song with such a beautiful message, and it has such a great sound to it. And I was just a flat-out mess of waterworks during 13 (There Is A Light). For me, the best parts of E&I 2018 were the performances of the new songs. I didn't like You're The Best Thing About Me, Get Out Of Your Own Way and American Soul on the album, but in concert, they were phenomenal. The acoustic version of Best Thing was just gorgeous and I can't believe how much my opinion of that song has changed just from hearing a different arrangement. I can't wait for a tour DVD to come out, and maybe they'll even throw a live recording of just that song out as a b-side or something down the road. It's great. If that acoustic version had been around a couple years ago when I got married, I would have loved to have incorporated it into my wedding somehow. It's just so beautiful. I've never seen a U2 tour before where the played so few songs between so many shows as they did on this one, but I have to say, it worked a lot better in person than I thought it would on paper. And each and every new song was fantastic and well worth the price of admission. The minor quibbles that I have might have just been that I would have liked to have heard even more new songs, and that I wish they would have given some of the songs that were played regularly on both I&E 2015 and JT2017 a rest this time around. I don't want to say I was bored, but I was less wowed by something like Elevation this time around than I was in the past. And I didn't need to see the exact same productions of Iris, Cedarwood Road, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Until The End Of The World as we saw in 2015. But Love Is All We Have Left, The Blackout, Lights Of Home, You're The Best Thing About Me, Get Out Of Your Own Way, American Soul, Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way and 13 (There Is A Light) were all spectacular in concert, and they were the true highlights of the show for me. It is a wonderful thing that the thing I was most excited for at a U2 show was not to hear their old songs but to hear their new songs. That's the sign of a healthy band that's still creatively vital. And I hope I never lose that feeling.
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