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    I'm So Happy, @seresere !!!!!!
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    You're welcome!! I like it a lot
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    HUGE Thanks !!! @seresere !!!!!!!!
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    It's hours later and I'm still laughing at this. It's spot on with what I've felt in presales. Perfetto!
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    Beautiful. I'm glad you got tickets. I've been reading the presale threads.
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    My cimbal still there.😎
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    How did you manage to run into Bono by The Wall? That’s amazing!
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    You Can Hear the Universe in her Sea Shells...OoOOooOOOOOOh !!! UuuuuuH-Huuuuuu !!!!!
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    I see sea shells by the sea shore. There's nothing like looking at beautiful shells. All the shapes and sizes and all the beautiful colours. Listen to the sea in the sea shells, how calming it would be. I love the art from the sea. Karen.
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