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    Fact: The Unforgettable Fire is a great late night song.
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    nothing to stop this being the best tour ever...
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    So absolutely thrilled to have bought my ticket through the presale for the Melbourne gig! So excited!
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    2 new tracks to download for subscribers.
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    Happy Easter!! 🙂
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    Bono, congrats for the speech in Davos. You represent us! Thank you for all your efforts! Ps: Sorry for our dumb and idiot president (he doesn't represent me). He just won the elections because of the fakenews.
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    "Go, shout it out, rise up"... Listening to NLOTH and ... in tears. Such a magic album. "It's not a hill, it's a mountain as you start out the climb".... "I try to rewind, reload and replay"... So deep lyrics. Thank U2 for this album.
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    35 years today these 2 great singles came out : 2 hearts beat as one and Sunday Bloody Sunday...from the album War!
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    March 9 th 1987....Happy 31 st bday to this masterpiece, the Joshua Tree,their 5th studio album,produced by Eno/Lanois....My collection!
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    What a performance of Bullet The Blue Sky in the Tonight Show!
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    Heading to Auckland from Denver in 36 days to catch both shows and discover N.Zealand. Love to chat/meet/engage and raise a glass with any other U2 fans heading out there or there already!!! Went home to Dublin in 17 to catch this show now heading to another spiritual home of the boys. Cannot wait
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    Listening to Achtung BABY 2011 Remastered Edition with HQ HeadPhones and on THE FLY at the very begining right before laying the heavy Beat, Larry says : " Yeah, I Got It !!! !!!!
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    HAPPY Birthday Napoleon Bonaparte !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy 80th to The Wizard of Oz.
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    SOE will never get old. Listening to it now and it's still fresh.
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    Trump Out Now.
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    How about an update regarding the subscribers gift? Thats what on my mind.
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    This smoothie is delicious.
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    Thanks to London for flying the blimp baby once again.
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    Spring has sprung! 😀
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    It's late but Happy Birthday, Pain.
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    This American thinks we need to open our borders, not enclose them. How can we be America if we do not?
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    An exponential BRRRRRRR. ⬇️
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    Oh my gosh, is it cold outside.
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    Hi, there. I just wanna thank you, zootopians, for being part of my (digital) life in this fantastic, surprising and disappointing (all at the same time) year! Happy new year! Thank U2 for the wonderful tour! This year was unforgettable ... all because of you!
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    Philly Night #1 Wells Fargo Center Great show, well worth the flight up from Tampa. New Songs sounded great... Entire performance was Ace. Wanted to thank the wonderful couple from Scranton who held my spot so I could get Pizza and a T-Shirt and for their wonderful company (if you read this... Thanks a Million) and thanks to the lady who let me use her chair in the GA line. Great people, Great night. Here is some pix I took ❤ Love Is All we Have left
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    Missing Chicago, wish I was there, in that great city... See u end of June though!
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    My road trip from northeastern Arizona to Inglewood for the first show at The Forum was a short distance compared to some fans, but still long enough for me ( and my circumstances ). The one thing that might have been better than the actual show was meeting a lot of the other fans. I ended up staying in three different lines most of the day and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. They turned a long day into a fun social gathering. THANK YOU ALL
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    Right on! Two nights in Vegas! It will be epic.
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    It's now hitting me that I'm seeing my favorite band start their new tour this week! I've never been to an opener, plus I'm excited in general about seeing them again, so pardon me while I take this all in!
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    I havent been on for a while , but ive got something to make you Smile.
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    Hi Pain, I’m sorry if I referred to you as ‘her’. I have no recollection of doing this, so please accept my apologies. I have always been aware that you are a man.
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    FOR everyone in here, I'm a DUDE, a MAN, a MALE....Just to clear up any future confusions....It's also in my profile info if you'd like to take a look !!!!! Have A GREAT WEEKEND !!! More ART coming soon !!! No need to be confused @kastee...... @Manohlive called me a " her" and I felt compelled to clear things up !
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    U2 how many more songs you got left in you? well I do believe you have many more songs left in you to tell your life stories and all your adventures and so on. I don’t think it’s a question of how many it’s a question of how long do you want to keep playing and making records and doing tours. It’s not based on age or trying to out do another band it’s about what’s in side your heart your passion of wanting to make new songs and keep playing for your fans. I think you still have a lot left in you and a lot of stories to tell your fans. 50’s is the new 40’s and so on. REM May have thrown in the towel and others but just because others do doesn’t mean U2 has to follow. U2 is the worlds greatest band they have nothing more to prove but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your guitar. You continue to play because it’s your passion, it’s what you love to do and that’s why you continue to make new music and new songs. Love U2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday to everyone ??????????????????????????????????????????? ❤️ U2 ?
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    March 3rd 1997...Happy 21st bday to Pop!!! favorites : Discothèque,If God will send his angels,Staring at the sun,Gone
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    February 28th 1983...Happy 35th bday to one of my favorite albums,the 3rd studio album War....first one i bought and became a fan of this awesome band...Favorite songs : New Year's Day, hearts beat as one,like a song,drowning man and Surrender!
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    September 13, Paris. Birthday with U2!!
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    ?Love is bigger than anything in its way?
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    Wishing everyone a very happy 2018!
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and proclaim Book of Your Heart as the best song of the album. This is the perfect synthesis of U2's career musically speaking and lyrically speaking. I love the song!
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    Happy 13 th bday to HTDAAB...favorite song : Vertigoooo!
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    Subscribers, make sure you go read here: http://www.u2.com/news/title/ticket-presales-subscribers-verified-fans
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    Wish I was going to Brazil for the last JT shows this year! ...
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    The Blackout from Songs of Experience. Tune in August 30th.
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    am i the only one who still did not listen to the new album???
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