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    Fact: The Unforgettable Fire is a great late night song.
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    I got my tickets, they're not the best but they're not the worst 😎 so yay, I got my seat tickets for November 27th
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    Can't sleep anymore with the great news (Australian tour)!!
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    My husband's favorite album is gonna be ten years old this year! Happy birthday to NLOTH!
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    Hi. This week has been the hardest, trying to understand how people could elect a man that supports torture, racism and spreads hate and violence among people. I cried so much till I had no more tears left. If I could, I would leave Brazil. I just lost all my hopes in humankind. U2, you are one of the reasons why I don't give up living. Thank you for existing.
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    Nothing to stop this being the best day ever....
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    Current earworm status: Bono saying "get out of your own way" over and over.....
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    nothing to stop this being the best tour ever...
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    So Excited that I pre-Ordered the *POP* Vinyl re-issue, thank God for the download card cause, as you know, I don't have and won't buy a record-player anytime soon.....But I will enjoy the big fat wide luxurious art of the album while listening to what I understand will be a REMASTER !!!! Hurray for *POP* my fav U2 album....Looks like a part of our complaining has got us some results.....Told you complaining is good !!!!
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    the more i hear it,the more i love the new album! my favorites are : Red Flag Day,Book of your heart, the little things,the blackout and summer of love...cannot wait to hear all this next tour!!!
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    happiest of birthdays to my forever hero Larry Mullen Jr
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    Fun new updates in the Zoo. Check them out!
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    10 years ago today: 2 fantastic nights in Milan for the U2 360° Tour!! Great memories
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    So absolutely thrilled to have bought my ticket through the presale for the Melbourne gig! So excited!
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    2 new tracks to download for subscribers.
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    Happy Easter!! 🙂
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    ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***POP***...BEST U2 album EVER !!!!!!
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    Bono, congrats for the speech in Davos. You represent us! Thank you for all your efforts! Ps: Sorry for our dumb and idiot president (he doesn't represent me). He just won the elections because of the fakenews.
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    "Go, shout it out, rise up"... Listening to NLOTH and ... in tears. Such a magic album. "It's not a hill, it's a mountain as you start out the climb".... "I try to rewind, reload and replay"... So deep lyrics. Thank U2 for this album.
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    Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind...
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    I like your new pic/avatar. Muy bien! 😊
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    Happy 14th Birthday to HOW to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb..... 22/11/2004..... Great Album !!!!! IIII know it's only ROCKNROLL... but I like it yeayeayeyayayeeeeaayyayayeeeeaaaah !!!!!
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    2019 Subscriber Gift announced. What do you think?
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    ICYMI- Downloads for the U2 3-D subscriber gift are now available in MP3 and WAV formats. 
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    Happy Breathe Day everyone !!!!!!! 16th of June, nine 0 five, door bell rings Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer There's a few things I need you to know. Three
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    i have seen thousands of live bands during my life but none have even come close to the perfect performance u2 produce every time i see them, which is every tour since 1980.
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    And you can dream ........... So dream out loud !! I just Can't Wait to hear ACROBAT ....... Live in Europe
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    Can't wait for Vegas!!!! :)
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    Just a little bit longer until my *POP* 2018 Vinyl Arrives......SO EXCITED !!! Should I make a folder for it.... ? Would U guys be excited for it ?
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    Happy bday to Bono's beautiful landlady Ali!?
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    35 years today these 2 great singles came out : 2 hearts beat as one and Sunday Bloody Sunday...from the album War!
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    Love Peace and be kind to one another. Forgive
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    March 9 th 1987....Happy 31 st bday to this masterpiece, the Joshua Tree,their 5th studio album,produced by Eno/Lanois....My collection!
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    Just received downloads of The Unforgettable Fire live at Croke Park 1985 from a friend. It's like Christmas! UF 85 was my first show and it's bringing back great memories. Amazing!
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    Here's my own 'Joshua Tree' landscape discovered in Portugal just a few days before the show in Barcelona...
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    Wishing everyone a happy Christmas!
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    Can’t stop listening to SOE. Music for the soul.
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    Happy Birthday to my favorite drummer! Happy LMJ Day everyone!
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    90's U2 FOR EEEeVEEEEERR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What a performance of Bullet The Blue Sky in the Tonight Show!
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    it's quite surreal to see yourself in a U2 video... this has been a life long dream & i'm still dumbfounded that i got so incredibly lucky..
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    Help Me To Not Give Up Drawing........All could end soon ........... Comment on my works here and on Instagram, follow me on Instagram (info here on my page)........The Time IS Up...... Yes, I'm desperate......Mods, you can delete me now.....I stand by my desperation, there is no other way........ I know you'll judge me but until you walked in my shoes, you won't know.....
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    It's late but Happy Birthday, Pain.
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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday to everyone ??????????????????????????????????????????? ❤️ U2 ?
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