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    I have no issues with the creative output of the band. I actually think SOE was their strongest album since All That You Can't Leave Behind. I really liked SOI too. I just think the promotion and marketing was dreadful. The Blackout was crying out to be the first single. Best Thing is a dud in its recorded form (live version is much better). They were performing this and American Soul in the build up to the release of SOE and these are two of the weakest tracks on the album. The band looked tired and under rehearsed during these performances. When they performed 'Get Out of Your Own Way' at the Grammys, they were much better but the momentum was lost. There was no build up or interviews done on the website. What about a one off gig in secret location where they did the new album plus a few classics. That would have worked! There is little to no innovation in how the band promotes themselves and the fanclub is a prime example. A decent mobile app would be a start. Let members download with with a code and put up a live show recording every month from a classic period (Joshua Tree, War, Zoo Tv). That is just one idea.
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    I have been trying to renew my subscription for several weeks now. Trying with several browsers, computers, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android... and tried with both Paypal and credit card. Even yesterday I tried again with Paypal and no success. But seeing your comment this morning I retried it with credit card... and this time it worked. A button saying "Place Order" appeared this time. And my subscription is renewed. Thanks for your support, specially to mich40.
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    45 396 I wish you a Happy Listening....Relaxing time, an inspirational, creative flow !!!
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    I think some people aren’t getting a response because they are embarrassed at the volume of people that still haven’t got there gift and likely don’t have a solution at the moment because they are probably waiting to get a good idea how many new subscribers chose the $75 option which includes the 2019 gift. That way they will have a good idea of how many will need to be produced to fulfil all orders and it will save them money instead of getting them produced in different stages which will cost more. Poor really but I think that’s the reality. Hopefully this isn’t dragged out too much longer for people as it really is an embarrassing showing from u2.com and unfair on people who chose the 2019 gift up to 15 months ago with the expectation of receiving it around 8 or 9 months ago.
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    Don't forget to roll. haha My good thing; Sunshine.
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    I have new headphones - and they've passed the "Does Streets sound epic?" test I had to get them to replace another pair where the cable had got so twisted, the outer cover had cracked and exposed the actual wire Then the pair I bought on Friday had a component loose in the right ear which meant the sound wasn't working in that ear. But we took that pair back this morning, swapped them and the new ones are fine. So I can carry on rocking
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    45, 391 - Getting closer to a big round number
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    I never heard a single Primus song until yesterday morning, but in June, I will hear them perform Rush’s entire A Farewell to Kings album in Raleigh, NC.
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    You are most welcome. Go win a Pulitzer. 👍
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    When contacted by these fake accounts, avoid engaging with them. We have accounts that they can become quite aggressive and it's impossible to predict what else they could do - we strongly recommend to never answer to them and instead report the account in question. Once done, block them for further contact...
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    That will be great if it is true. I wish U2 released on Blu-Ray the U2 3D movie that as on IMAX few years back. It's shame we cannot find it anywhere. Luckily, I had the chance to watch it but only once. It was pretty cool.
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    My new next concert is Inahler on May 4 in Chicago. Very nice surprise. I'm going to see Bono's son's rock bnad in Chicago. I feel like I just stepped out of, or into, a Salvador Dali painting..
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    You get through the needles. The next couple days are the worst for me because my head swells from all the pokes. Lots of people get botox. I have a chronic migraine. It never stops. I go to sleep and wake up with it. I also get all the other types of headaches on top of the migraine, often all at once. It is what it is. I've learned to be happy and have a sense of humor about it all. My main problem is tolerance for stupid people who unnecessarily make life more difficult for others. This brings me to my current mood, which is crabby. I've decided I have to move again. My building seems to have hired another inept manager. I've been waiting, since May, for lights to be replaced in my apartment. I'm stepping in dog poop because two residents do not pick up after their pets. If I take the other stairs out of my building, it smells like dog urine IN THE FRICKING BUILDING. (deep breath). Tenants are too lazy to take out their dogs OR they don't want to go out into the snow and cold. Management keeps telling me, "We're still working on it." . I just responded with, "What is there to work on? Either stop the residents or go pick it up yourself. That's what a manager does.". He was not happy with me. I don't care. The dumb ass doesn't even realize that I just purposely walked into their office so I could scrape the dog poop off my boots and they'd smell it all day. (only after months of reasonable complaints) I can't go into my kitchen at night because the lights flicker and buzz, which causes the headaches to get even worse. I'm not allowed, as a resident, to fx them. It's been ten months. They think I'm just another dumb resident. I'm not. I know people who are very well connected.. I just made several phone calls. Both the owner and manager of this building are going to have very bad days tomorrow. The shi#t is going to hit their fans and hopeully stay off my footwear. until I can find a different place to live. ARGH. I am in no shape to move again. I'm very crabby. Pardon my rant. I needed to get it out and let it go. Time to make some stuffed french toast, listen to some music and find my happy place.
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    That would be awesome to see in a cinema.
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    rumor indicates that's the portal to the land of tacos and tequila... =P eh... despite politics, we are everywhere... >=) cool photos, man!!!! thanks for posting them... 😃
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