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    Absolutely ridiculous the length of time it's taken to release these 23 tracks? Springsteen can release dozens of live concert recordings in the time it's taken this release to come out. I'm sorry but your starting to take the goodness out of it. Just bloody release it and move on. It's almost mid September, and as someone rightly said, U2.COM will be soon looking for people to resubcribe soon. Shambolic. Rant over!
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    Soooooo excited to open my email just now saying the subscribers gift is coming soon!!! It's my son's Birthday today but I feel like I just opened the best present!! Miss the boys playing rock & roll. At dinner" Love is Bigger" was playing in the restaurant & I grabbed my son's hand and just felt all the love. It will be worth the wait
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    Lets be honest you pretty much have to be patient if you subscribe to U2.com.
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    Finally some news. However why not make all the tracks available for download while we await the physical release? As a matter of fact they should all have been available months ago.
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    Two new downloads available (California and 13) and dispatch information here: https://www.u2.com/news/title/two-more-downloads---and-delivery-update 'California (There is No End To Love)' and '13 (There Is A Light)' are the latest two downloads for subscribers from 'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE'. The big news is - and thank you everyone for your patience - dispatch of the physical double-CD set begins next month. (It looks beautiful!)
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    Its the total lack of updates that kind of pisses me off. Poor business model frankly. Probably last time I sign up to get a "gift" other than getting a spot in the virtual line for tickets. Just at least come out and say there has been a major issue in distribution or software glitches in the remastering the concert sound onto CD. Something. As a long time fan (since 1982) be dig deal I know, it does seem like they're just kind of phoning it in theses past few years. They've earned it sure, but...
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    Complete agree on this. After several 'delays' the item was said to be shipped in August. And guess what? No shipping. It's almost a year since it has been announced! I know it'll arrive one day for sure and I love this gift but teasing and teasing us is not so great. Another point of disappointment for me is the lack of official NEW u2 releases. It looks like every band is releasing deluxe versions and other material regularly (Stones, REM, etc etc) U2 stays with old releases in a different colour. It has become very lazy business for u2. Money is more important now than their fans imo. Last great deluxerelease was the deluxe set of AB several years ago. After that they stopped with deluxe versions. Where are the dvd's/blu rays for JT, E&I for example??? As a fan I'm
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    Well it’s all about opinions. I think we all want new material, weather it be live or studio. It’s more than a bit annoying to be told via emails that we’re getting these downloads 6months ago? All I’m saying is, other artists seem to just be able to release live material like this without dragging it out and dragging it out. They have it ready, they’ve choose the songs, now just release it.
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    Well said...I resubscribed on the 20th of November when this gift was announced. I half joked that i’d be happy to get it by Christmas 2019...Now i’m wondering if we’ll have it by then. It’s farcical at this stage , and as you say the interminable wait has taken the goodness out of it......it’s generally hardcore fans who subscribe to sites like these and such fans are not the type to ‘forget’ about a gift like this until it lands on the doorstep....1st world problems,I know..
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    ...and I did only see Interpol. 😎 But they dazzled as usual.
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    It's a very nice place! I saw Jon Anderson solo (Yes' original lead singer) there 2006-ish. That show was a bit unusual, but the venue is lovely!
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    Yes. My first time there. Almost went to see Simple Minds there this time last year but let it slip by.
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    You're not alone - I'm doing the same thing. 😎 Why get used to some of the songs in mp3-quality when you're going to get them all in WAV-quality eventually (rumor has it...). 🙄😆(Let me clarify - I'm not knocking those who are happy with the downloads; I'm happy that you're happy. I'm just explaining why I'm abstaining.) AND, there is this completely valid point: Agreed. If you consult earlier in this thread (my goodness, it has lasted a while), I was a preacher of patience. However, even by U2.com standards, this wait has been epic (meant not in the modern sense of "awesome", but in the original sense of "(interminably and frustratingly) long"). In any case, I'm looking forward to hearing this before Halloween. 🎃
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    This is one of the best gifts for subscribers in a long time. I am glad we are not getting the vinyl releases anymore. That said, U2 could be better providing members downloads more often. It's not a huge deal to provide more live shows from the '80s to the latest tours. I am sure the catalog they have on vaults is enormous. Just get it out and give the hardcore fans something to cheer about. While I am looking forward to seeing the entire print package, I think through the membership year U2 could very well gift away these concerts consistently.
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    Today been listening to this tune love it
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    It's a genuine shame California didn't get played regularly on IE. It's one of the most upbeat tracks on Songs of Innocence and slotted in well in the second half when it did get played. 13...even now, almost 2 years after its release...still makes my eyes water. Also, yeah, nice to finally get an update on delivery!
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    I’m not one to brag. my next show is U2. 😊
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    I’m not listening to the downloads, like Gollum I’m awaiting something precious shiny and silver with a hole in the middle!😀
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    The Waterboys in Red Bank, NJ next Tuesday for me.
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    @Canadanne and @Manohlive, here they are. They were not part of Propaganda. I got them at some record show. They are like a biography through ZooTV.
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    Hiya yes did a thread for 2018 and a couple of years before I think
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    Just curious as to who is going to Manila and if you have any idea/suggestions on where you're staying and how you are getting to the show as it doesn't look like there is much mass transit. Open to meeting up with others as well as doing some cost sharing on rides etc if anyone is interested
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    I’ll try to pull them out tomorrow.
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    Did you know there are some U2 comics out there? I’d have to dig them out for the exact date, but I got them in the mid-90s, I think.
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    This is from Sunday, but my eldest nephew took part in the Great North Run half-marathon - and absolutely smashed it! It was his first time ever doing a half-marathon and he ran it in 1 hour 49 minutes. An amazing time and now we're waiting to see the final total of how much he raised for his chosen charity. Really proud of him
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    My next show is tomorrow! Morrissey, with Interpol opening. You know @CorkVegan, I didn't know what you were referring to when you wrote the highlighted bit above; however, I later saw a story where he was singing his praises of a new nationalist party in England. I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read it. 🤢 So, I'm still going to the show to see Interpol, but I may only see Interpol. I'm not staying for someone who is acting as a mouthpiece for right-wing nationalism; that philosophy is ruining the world right now (US, UK, Brazil, etc.). I can't believe that someone who, very admirably, stands up for the rights of animals (there's no meat being served at the venue tomorrow; I approve) can't stand up as he once did for the rights of humans. Disappointing...
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    Hmm, mine has also disappeared from my profile page - maybe something to do with recent changes to the shop? You should have got an email with the coupon code last time you renewed, although occasionally they don't arrive...
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    Did you do a thread for this day in 2018? I remember one. Thanks for letting me/whomever know. 😀
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    Full transcripts are always available here....
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    Any news on shipping yet? It’s nearly time for me to subscribe again!
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