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    Finally, yesterday I got my U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE! Yay!!
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    "Thank You, Rona. Amid rumors of stubborn stains our freshfruit contestants cut the Third of the WorkForce Today, leaving voters and nodoubtists the ExtraMonth and the Tree Gives Your DOG Prolonged Active Life. No other cold-remedy stops PAIN faster in the Remote TownShips with improved corner_instability and the sheer luxury of better prostate health with a delicious LowFat Lasagna ! These are my Sun Shorts: Two Endangered Species keeping Up with the latest Dance trends TasteBuds Tingling with emergency relief efforts in the wake of previously Unseen Footage of ELvis !"
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    Hqppy 2020 to the world. May the next 365 days lead us further along the path to freedom for every one.
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    All is quiet on new years day...... Happy New Year!
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    >>>> A LATE Merry Christmas, @seresere !!!! BUON NATALE !!!!!
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    I know a lot of RUSH fans who are U2 fans and vice versa. Wondering if the band is going to say anything about heartbreaking news of the death of Neil Peart...???
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