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    I understand, and can sympathize with this reasoning. The problem is that you didn't pay $50 for a DVD. You paid to be a member of this website/fanclub. The gift is only one part of a larger sum. I don't understand people saying I didn't pay for this gift when they purchased something with multiple components. U2 never says what any gift will or will not be until it is officially announced. This is what they've chosen to do this year. It is what it is. I can undertand being disappointed. I can understand someone consdering if they want to keep subscribing. I don't understand the constant barrage of attacks against the band, and this website, when things aren't as one would wish. It's the chance we take when we subscribe. One can join this website for free, still be a part of the live threads and so much more. That costs nothng yet it's expensive, and a lot of work, to maintain a website. . . This gift is one day old and people are already deciding that they are going to have to buy the BluRay. No you don't. You'll have the DVD. You want the BluRay. There's a huge difference. It's also presuming this will be commercially released on BluRay. From what I read, it's exclusive. There's been no indication of it being anything else. It's EI, from Europe, and it's the Berlin show. I've read, numerous times, from many different sources, that this is one of the best U2 shows ever. I don't understand why people can't enjoy it for what it is. Thi is just how I see it.. We all possess the right to express our vews in these forums and threads.. It's part of our subscription. Your opinion has just as much validity as mine. We wouldn't be a community if it did not.
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    That's pretty much what I'm thinking, too. If it isn't commercially available (or if the one in the shops is no better than the one we're getting), then it's a great gift and I'm very happy with it. If they subsequently release a deluxe edition and I end up paying for two copies of the same show, I'll be quite peeved.
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    Is there any news about this? My current membership also runs out within one month, so I would like to know what to expect when I resubscribe. And looking at the replies in this thread I'm certainly not the only one. I'd be disappointed if I would again get the Live Songs From i + e again, as great as that set is (it's playing at this very moment, oh the memories!) but miss out on the new gift. Also, some fansite are reporting on this issue that is ongoing. https://www.atu2.com/news/column-off-the-record-vol-20-784.html
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    One way or the other some announcement is required so that those of us whose renewals are due on 31/1 could click on the button now. Or at least as many have suggested put an option to select the 2020 gift when announced up as one of the renewal options.
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    DID they Play Horses and Acrobat at this Show? I checked the Tours Section here, they did....And Dirty Day !!!! And Stay ! !!! !!! The FLy, Zoo Station..... !!!! I don't want a BLU_Ray since I Don't Have a BluRay Player and I don't want to PAY another 150 dollars to get one...I'd rather We Got a High Quality Downloadable Audio AND Video Version of the Show to go with te DVD -gift, or at least the Downloadable Audio in WAV to Download Before the DVDs get shipped out !
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    Yes, I have to concur - we should at a minimum have a BluRay option (I would have chosen that at once). Now, I am quite happy (thrilled, in fact) with this gift in general; however, @handsomebob is right. In 2020, people mostly have BluRay players - today is not 15-20 years ago. Well, at least we finally have the announcement.
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    SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVE UNTIL 29 February 2020 The banner prompting me to renew is gone and a month has been added to my subscription. I assume that the 2020 gift announcement has been pushed back.
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    Fotoset now on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKP3BjU And I will offer high res pics for anyone with a spare XXL t-shirt! Come on - be a kind soul! :-))
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    Hi, Google rankings are presenting web surfers with horrible content coming from the following source:- "Alternative Nation (blog)" and is everywhere It relates mainly to Bono. I think someone from the U2 team should contact google to take this content down because it is very negative and very misleading content. It appears to be trying to damage the band or brand. The content is complete and other JUNK and is everywhere on google so needs to be taken down. Regards, John
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    Here is another angle of the rooftop:
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    Nooooo! Always been a casual Tolkien fan but I only got stuck into some of the posthumous releases within the past decade (The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and Morgoth's Ring). I'm so indescribably grateful for all of Christopher's hard work to share that extra material with us! What a sad day.
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    Fly By Night was the first guitar riff I ever learned. Rush was my band when I was a kid. I saw them dozens of times. Led Zep was too inaccessible. Rush was always touring. It cost eight dollars to see them for the Hemisphere's tour. The Spirit of Radio tour was ten bucks, I think. Nobody sounded like Rush. They are phenomenal musicians-each in is his own right. Live, they were like looking up and seeing a freight train running me down. I survived and wanted to do it again as soon as the show ended.. Neil Peart's lyrics encompass a lot of different subjects. They are very intelligent. I respectfully disagree with dmway above. You won't know some of their best music if you only listen to their later work. I never noticed Geddy Lee's voice being better or worse. It just was. (no offense, dmway-I understand, and agree what you were saying about his voice.) Very early music: I suggest Fly By Night, Bastille Days and Working Man 2112 is epic. You cannot understand Rush without 2112. (assuming you want to do so) It's a very important album in the history of rock and roll. The 2112 suite (first half of the album) taught me how dangerous power, in the wrong hands, can be..It scared me. It's about a govenment, in the future, which takes away music, for the greater good of all. It's only 20 minutes long. I'd listen as a history lesson, but that's just me. It's science fiction in rock and roll. There are parts where I start to get a bit overwhlemed, however, it's very dynamic and quickly changes tempo. Give a listen to Discovery (around the 7 minute mark) I love Alex Lifeson's guitar expressing how a human being might discover a guitar for the first time, not know what it is, pick it up and try to discern truth..The 18:15 minute mark-turn it up as loud as possible and hold onto your seat. They were pretty much told they'd be ruined if they released 2112. It was not true. Rush is now third, behind The Beatles and The Stones, for the most consecutive gold or platinum albums released by a rock band. A Farewell To Kings album: Xanadu and Closer to the Heart are not to be missed. Xanadu is my favorite Rush track. It's based on the Coleridge poem. It introduced me to poetry. The beginning of A Farewell to Kings sparked my desire to study classical guitar. I heard that tonality and was hooked. Hemispheres-listen to The Trees. Rush wrote original morality tales and made them kick ass with rock and roll. This is a great example. La Villa Strangiata birthed my love of flamenco music. (long instrumental I would not suggest to a new listener) Alex Lifeson is a very underrated guitarist. Permanent Waves-The Spirit of Radio is the obvious choice. Jacob's Ladder is often overlooked. It's one of my favoirtes. This is the album where they start to play with pop, punk and other sounds. As dmway said, this migh be the point where you start to like their music the most. Much is still progressive but more contained. All four of these albums were released between 1976 and 1980. Neil Peart is one of our best drummers He is so good that I don't feel a right to say that. He also wrote profound lyrics. Fans still debate their meaning. . He was, and shall continue to be loved. 😭 And the men who hold high places Must be the ones to start To mold a new reality Closer to the heart Closer to the heart.
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    My local BBC radio station started and ended this evening's 6-8 Saturday night show with Rush songs by way of tribute. I have to admit that, while I'd heard of the band, I'm not very familiar with their actual music - it's quite possible, those two songs are the first two of theirs I've ever heard. And I liked them, so now I shall investigate further
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    No problem - other people responded mid-tale as well. All comments welcome at any time.
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    Happy New Year to all the mods and the rest of Zootopia! 😎 2020 is going to be a significant year for U2 and all of their fans - I feel it!
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    You just know there's gonna be a bluray edition in the shops soon after the fanclub dvd. Plus you can bet there will be a collectors edition platinum version in a box, like everything else U2 release these days. It's just like concert tickets, you get standard tickets and then the enhanced packages that cost loads more. That's how Livenation make their money, squeezing every last penny they can out of the fans, cause they know full well fans will buy it. It's just the way the industry is gone now that the albums don't sell as much as they used to because of streaming etc. However I just wish Livenation would listen to fans and try to provide a better experience with the money fans pay out.
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    I can barely write an email ...yes, that tech savvy. DVD works. 😎
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    It’s not a concert per se, and I have already seen it, BUT it could be a future music-related for you if you are ever in the NYC/NJ/Philadelphia region at anytime between now and Sept. 17 and you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen. There is a special display at the Monmouth County Historical Association in Freehold, NJ (Bruce’s hometown) commemorating his entire career called (appropriately) “Springsteen: His Hometown”. It's at 70 Court Street in Freehold. It was very well done! I was so moved by it that it got me really into Bruce again. I was always a bit of a “closet fan” of Bruce, but this display had me finally own up to the fact that I actually like his music very much (at least from the start of his career (1973) up to and including the “Tunnel of Love” album and its subsequent tour (1987-88)). I’ll share some photos and links from the display next.
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    I've done it, mich40. I'll let you know if/when they answer me. Thanks!
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    The reason I want it to be exclusive is so that I’m getting some sort of value for money. At £30 for a limited release it’s easier to stomach than if it then gets released for £15 in blu Ray commercially meaning I will have paid more for less quality. It’s principle as much as anything. Whilst blu Ray would be better I can accept dvd in the exclusive circumstances after all it was good enough for zoo tv, Popmart, elevation and vertigo tour to only be released as DVD’s and I enjoy all of them.
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    I'm happy that this show is being released, but I think it's a tremendous step down to have to go from the TV broadcast version being in high definition to a standard definition disc - especially when every U2 live video release since 2009 has had a Blu-ray high definition option. I understand and respect that not every subscriber has Blu-ray, but it's been industry standard for some time to include both a Blu-ray disc and DVD in the same package - it only bumps up the manufacturing cost about 50 cents to do so. U2.com has had no problem with sending out gifts in formats that not all subscribers have; I doubt everyone has a record player, but they send out vinyl. This is a baffling decision. Unless, of course, the band is separately planning on releasing a Blu-ray version for sale to the general public. Which would be frustrating in its own right, because then I'd essentially have to pay for it twice.
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    I don’t get it. are they not releasing the concert for a wider release? if they do what will make the subscribers limited edition different to the wider release?
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    Will this DVD eventually get a public general release so I'm able to buy it from Amazon?
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    What about general sale, will it be availible at all? Any format, any version?
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    Yeah but then some people get a better quality than others just because BluRAYS are cheaper in their part of the world......? So not everybody will get the same gift...... It's beginning to sound like when they gave us the Vinyls, which I never played cause I didn't want to pay 300 dollars for a good Pick_Up(turn table).......I Just listened to the downloadable WAVs like any sane and clear-Minded person .... ......... You gotta be sure all fans are enjoying the same advantages otherwise I suggest they charge 60 or 70 bucks for the ones who want to receive BluRay versions of the concert !!!! I Have Been Buying a LOT of Albums on BandCamp lately and the fact they let me choose to have the CD and/or WAV (or any format you want) made me fall in love with that site..... WHY can't U2dotcom do the same with our gifts ?????
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    From the home page article: “If you've already renewed your subscription for 2020, this is the gift that will be dispatched to you.” So you should be good to go.
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    DVD??? Wow. Really? At least blu-ray please. I much prefer audio then video releases. Video gets watched a couple of times. Audio gets played non stop while driving, running, working out or just chilling. probably just gonna let me subscription lapse. Might re-up for $50 if they include an audio option or gives us an option for blu-ray. Will also wait until they are actually listing a shipping date. I learned what “soon” means here...
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    All because of you
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    Another time another place
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    I know the Piazza Plebiscito quite well. I was very fortunate to visit Naples several times. I fell in love my first stay. Grazie. Have a great show.
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    I get off topic too, but could we please keep this thread about the 2019 subscription gift and not something from the past? There are already enough problems for those who are still waiting for their gift. Let it go, start a seperate thread or don't resubscribe. (or) Take the energy of past frustrations, put it into remembering those are still waiting for this gift and hope they get them soon. It hurts when people call the fanclub a joke, and such. It's not true. I wish they'd start calling the gift a bonus because it's only one part of being a paid U2.com subscriber. .That being said, I hope those who have not, do get their 2019 gift soon.
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    I hope you're right, but..... I doubt that.... Soon for u2.com means a year, is my experience.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to post Monday was Christmas for the Ukraine, Orthodox and other churches. By the way, I bought a small, white cake to celebrate The Epiphany.
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    Love versus Hate Love heals and hate steals Love in the light. Hate in the shadows. Two strong words can be bedfellows. Where do we stand in this moment in time. Some of us shine while others decline. I pray for the ones caught in the fires they are not there because of evil desires. He walked on water and now hovers above the raincloud. Oh sweet Jesus pour it out and drench the land with your tears. Your love is our life though we toil in strife. Your Fathers creatures are screaming in the night not knowing if left is right or right is wrong. We all belong in a warm embrace. Bring us all into your fold and save the human race.
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    Arrived on 24th December....A gorgeous Christmas gift....♥️♥️♥️♥️
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    Look what I got for Christmas?
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    Thank you very much for saying so! 😊 As I said at the beginning, we wanted to share the memories of the trip with everyone in the hope that, if there were some here wanting to do something similar, we could show that you could go to all these U2-related places with not too much effort (if you plan the route right - there was only one part of the trip that was trying; that’s the part of the trip I’ll be writing about next.) I’ll also share the info that we received in advance of the trip at the end of the thread.
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    Agree 100% regards the self serving U2 mafia who 'ran' these lines. It's a shame Justin and other U2 security support them. Although Seoul entry with numbered tickets was beyond ridiculous and dangerous. U2 security coukd have coached the Korean stadium in how to manage as with Tokyo culturallythere was an expectation people would get into numbered order not taking into account the mixed nation crowd.
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    I still think they should give us a FULL LIVE I+E Concert as the nExt Gift...... WHY Is IT SO HARD ? I vote for Glasgow, November 2015 !!!!!!!
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    Finally got it after almost seven weeks after e-mail notification.... and more than a year since it had been announced. BUT It's a great gift!!! I hope the next gift will be sent out a lot quicker. Please learn from the mistakes.... Live Nation or whom it will concern.
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    Wow, you're right, what a crowd! It helps having a stadium sized stage, enveloped by an arena, the seats so much closer. The noise from the crowd was so great! Unlike the gigantic cricket/ALF grounds used in Australia, where the crowd was so far away. But in general, the Japanese crowd were into the show so much more! Looking up towards the seats, & seeing everybody standing for the majority of the show! Love is Bigger got a much, much better reception from the Japanese than the Brisbane crowd, that's for sure. Singing the oh, oh, oh, oh's, in full voice. Of course your experience is influenced by those around you. My girlfriend & I were by the top-of-the-tree, with a young Japanese women directly behind us. She was so into the show! Jumping, crying, screaming! It was such a great experience to see how the show effected her. We had our own private party on many occasions. Turning away from that beautiful screen & the band on the main stage, to sing, dance, embrace & jump like lunatics together. Such a wonderful experience.
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    Maybe that was their thinking... 🤷‍♂️
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