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    Celebrating this beautiful day and the birth of the band with #u2t0925. Happy U2 day everyone!
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    3 guessing by the activity on the forum! 😉
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    This reminds me 360 Tour in Berlin 2009
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    Somehow, I missed this. Many thanks. I see they ware on the roof. When was this done? Is it part of a larger set of songs? Edge's guitar sounds so raunchy. Adam sounds incredible too. (they all do) Love it.
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    I’m hanging/holding on in this town today.... the lights haven’t gone down!
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    Ginger Baker the cream of drummers.
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    " Once the physical copies start leaving the warehouse in October we’ll email subscribers with more specific timings. " They only said the CD's would start leaving in October, much like my wife starting to get to the car when we are leaving (a lengthy process), not that theCD's would actually leave. Did a lawyer write this??!!!
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    Yes, I was in the Wires group. It was very easy and straightforward.
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    45, 188 - Nerdy Star Wars counting!!! Final trailer, even more trading cards... and if the new autograph signer turns out to be Oscar Isaac, I may spontaneously combust with excitement
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    If that's the case - and since the topic has been discussed ad nauseam previously - it's OK to close the thread.
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    *Tinfoil hat intensifies*
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    If and whatever changes will be done on this I really hope that all subscribers in Germany will receive their gift straight to their address and no longer need to collect it at the customs. I live in Germany too and luckily never had to go to the customs - I knock on wood that this will remain for future U2 gifts.
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    Elijah Cummings January 18, 1951-October 17, 2019. This is a huge loss for my country. He transcended politics. I'm devestated. It has nothing to do with current events. This man was, and will alway be a hero. imvho.
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    Has anyone issues in general getting the subscribers gift? We have issues in Germany because it's being kept by the customs (because it's declared as a "gift", and gifts are only allowed between private individuals, and not from a company). I wonder whethere the same problems are in other countries than in Germany?
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    So in RedHill town you saw the pints go down on Mich........glug glug!😉
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    Did anybody get an email notification about shipping yet?????
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    If you did not know, until now, that you did ordered the double cd, are you aware that you can download 14 of the tracks now? The download link is under our main account info-not the store. FYI Pardon me if you already have them.
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    This dude keeps staring at me...but i must admit , I like his style. Wonder if he can sing.
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    I’ve seen a few U2 tributes and enjoyed them all. More recently I’ve seen Zooropa in Ireland and U2-UK in England and both were brilliant and would thoroughly recommend them. Off to see U2-UK in Chesterfield at the end of November and can’t wait. Saw December in Berlin too. Love the twist of a female singing the vocals. If not checked them out have a listen. I want to catch U2 Baby and U2-2 at some point too.
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    45, 173 - Congratulations on the flat @peterferris8
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    Given what we've seen and heard in the trailer for Episode 9, the Emperor might not be as dead as we thought he was They're definitely looking at Death Star wreckage in one scene, although it doesn't look like that wreckage is on Endor, which is a puzzle. Unless Endor underwent some radical environmental changes in the past 30 years...
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    Diahann Carroll. First black lady to lead a series and it was 1969.. Tony Award. NAACP Image Award. Golden Globe Award. Many other awards as well and she was so much fun on Dynasty in the 80's
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    I've been house-sitting and watching Irish Terriers. I also watched a few movies. I finally saw the return of the Jedi last night it was pretty good. I can't remember if the villain dies? Don't ask me his name and I apologize, pad. I thought of you a few times while I watched it. Good movie 👍
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    45172 - First bit of counting from my new flat!
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    Nine more to go. Two more songs added -- Iris and Blackout. Just release all 23 and the next subscription gift please.
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    Love this song and video. For me, it's gotta be the one with Bono's writing and where he's singing on the street and his voice slowly expands into the whole song.
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    Heading to Auckland from Denver in 36 days to catch both shows and discover N.Zealand. Love to chat/meet/engage and raise a glass with any other U2 fans heading out there or there already!!! Went home to Dublin in 17 to catch this show now heading to another spiritual home of the boys. Cannot wait
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    Last night I saw something I don't think I've ever seen in the flesh before - a band playing a gig without their lead singer. I went to Brighton Electric to see local legends Black Peaks. Unfortunately, for the last 4 months singer Will Gardner's been fighting sepsis, and on the morning of the show it flared up again so he's had to go in for an operation, meaning the band played half the set instrumentally and the other half with the lead singer from the support act, Haggard Cat - who put in a respectable effort, to be fair. Despite all the circumstance, the show was epic, watching three incredible musicians completely absorbed in what they're doing is something I'll never ever get tired of. I got to meet and have a chat with the drummer (Liam) and bassist (Dave) of the band too, and they seem like a lovely group of guys! Wishing Will a swift and full recovery.
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    Never grows old. (Greg Carroll front of house rip)
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    I’m amazed they even attempt to send out ‘gifts’ to subscribers- there must be MILLIONS of us! Does anyone know exactly how many of us there are now??!
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    My best bud and I hung out. He made me laugh at a bunch of crap, including myself. I bought him dinner. It was tasty! (American Mexican) Salsa, sour cream and guacamole is a magical combination. It's nice to use America and Mexico in one and it be so good.
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    Listening to Achtung BABY 2011 Remastered Edition with HQ HeadPhones and on THE FLY at the very begining right before laying the heavy Beat, Larry says : " Yeah, I Got It !!! !!!!
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    I wear all my of U2 concert shirts to bed, since I purchased my first one at zootv 92. Yankees Stadium. They get worn out but I love each & everyone of them. Vertigo 05 has been my staple for 14 years. These Edun made tees stand test if time. My new favorite that I won’t wear as Pjs is the “love is bigger than anything thing in its way” Tee from U2 ei2018 tour. Its a real Chic made tshirt great neckline & a flattering length! I wear it everywhere, especially to Yoga & let the U2 logo on the back inspire my fellow Yogis! Happy Anniversary to my favorite 4!! Thanks for giving me a great wardrobe!
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    Cheers Mods for looking into this. Me and a few others I know are also suffering from this problem.
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    You do such a good job at times I think we take you for granted. Without your help these forays into foreign ticket systems would not work. All of us owe you a deep amount of gratitude.
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    How were they? I just recently discovered The Waterboys.
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    I just looked at the news headlines and saw Ric Ocasek died. I'm in shock. This one is already hitting me hard. Thanks for posting, illumination70. I'm glad someone already had done so. Wow. Sad.
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    ...and I did only see Interpol. 😎 But they dazzled as usual.
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    My next show is tomorrow! Morrissey, with Interpol opening. You know @CorkVegan, I didn't know what you were referring to when you wrote the highlighted bit above; however, I later saw a story where he was singing his praises of a new nationalist party in England. I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read it. 🤢 So, I'm still going to the show to see Interpol, but I may only see Interpol. I'm not staying for someone who is acting as a mouthpiece for right-wing nationalism; that philosophy is ruining the world right now (US, UK, Brazil, etc.). I can't believe that someone who, very admirably, stands up for the rights of animals (there's no meat being served at the venue tomorrow; I approve) can't stand up as he once did for the rights of humans. Disappointing...
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    Sorry about this, you’ve fallen into a bit of a trap 😋 During the Vertigo Tour there were many, many, many threads started (and even a sticky thread !) after shows asking what was the name of the song just before U2 come on stage. Our moderators showed great patience...explaining that it was the great Wake Up by Arcade Fire 😊
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