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    Just got back from the gig. they were amazing. A really tight band and Eli definitely plays guitar better than his dad ever has and has huge stage presence and a cracking live voice. they are very reminiscent of early U2, the venue was packed and it was great to see people in their teens and twenties really enjoying a proper rock band. if you get a chance to see them go. You won’t be disappointed! All hail the second coming of Hewson!
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    Sad news to wake up to this morning. Rest in Peace Harry Gregg. Former Manchester United and Northern Ireland goalkeeper and one of the survivors of the Munich air disaster. He managed to rescue several people from the wreckage, including some of his team-mates. He achieved a lot on the field, but will forever be remembered for his bravery that day. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51400376
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    I went to Chicago. It was the quarterly meeting of the Irish Terrier Club of Chicago, which is a subset of the Irish Terrier Clue of America. I had to apply, be spoinsered with recommendation, leave the room while they discussed me and voted on acceptance. I'm now officially a member. I was a approached to see if I'd be willing to take on responsiblitly within the club. I happily said yes. Great day. It wsa also sunny and quite pleasant outside.
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    Not often I read a Suede lyric in a post here (or anywhere). I wish they would come to the States sometime. I'll just keep wishing...
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    It's part of the show, which was released in conunction with the show being broadcast on DirecTV last month.
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    I am writing a story in Italian of a young girl who is in love with rock and in particular withU2.Her life is linked to the special moments of this band.I am going to participate in a competition.If you understand Italian I will give you the link so that you can read the incipit of it and if you like you can leave me a like. The final prize will be the publication of the whole story! If you are interested , please let me know and when it is possible ( half March) , I' ll send you the link.Thanks on advance everybody!
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    Thank You for the very sweet comment !!!!!
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    Looking at the running time it seems that they will start the dvd from the very beginning of the intro with the zootiful world mix going into the Chaplin speech which is great made for a really intense opening to the show. Looks like absolutely nothing will be cut.
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    This is actually a good question - U2, rather strangely, has a long tradition over the course of their entire career of releasing shows commercially that weren't quite complete (I won't bother compiling the list - the evidence is there to be found quite easily if one cares to look for it). However, here is the announcement of the show from the front page: https://www.u2.com/news/title/experience--innocence--live-in-berlin The key segment: "...and now U2.com subscribers can take home the entire show - twenty-three songs over 140 minutes". So, let's look at the Berlin 2 setlist: https://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561544 I count 23 songs from that setlist - therefore, it is a complete show. 😎
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    45 377 Listening to U2 on my Laptop with Winamp, To the WAV - CD - rips I did from my original U2 CDs !
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    Thanks for selecting this song. I don’t remember ever hearing it before... I love it... I need to go listen to it closer by myself...
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    Not sure what’s going on for you, I tried from my phone and computer and it still works for me. Maybe try a different browser, if possible.
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    Hallelujiah! I love the rhythm you got going in this line. . .. .
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    I haven’t got the words but I have the title... Monday Muddy Monday...
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    I won't be renewing this year as A I don't own a DVD player and B I think it is easy enough to get tickets to shows now. I've been a member for 30 years and enjoyed getting the magazines and stuff. I don't think £30 is worth spending on this any more.
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    Dew on grass, the little water wets my shoes and acquietances my mind. Dew on grass, the first discover of the morning, the first discreet thoughts of the day. Hail on , hail on, hail on, hail on. Until I do not understand that what I am seeing now it is not for us, it is just with us, until I do understand that taking care it is not burden, but a luminous share. Hail on, hail on, to the new world, hail on, in word and peace. Hail on.
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    Urban dictionary tells me it’s knob or nob Mr way! I won’t provide a link or I might get told off! Back on track mind I’m really looking forward to seeing inhaler to see if the live up to the hype..... (can you see what I did there?!?😉)
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    45 367 Need to get reading Book Of Dust 2 again, I stopped after a few chapters...
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    There are times I don't get them. There are times they come after the fact. I sign in for news and am always up to date if I check for any change. You'll see it in this thread or somewhere else.
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    Just remembered the Paris 2015 gig was broadcast at Christmas 2015 before being released physically in the summer of 2016. It really does appear that the Berlin show will not go on general release - how could they possibly justify the gift otherwise? The DVD/Blu Ray really should be in the shops....an audio CD of the show would have made a great gift..Strange decision.
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    A DVD??? We are in 2020 guys! Have you heard about Blu-ray? UHD 4K Blu-ray? This is ridiculous!
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    After two months... I got mine!! It's well done; nice booklet, I love the colors!
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