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    Love Zooropa and U2UK - good friends of ours. Be great to see you at a U2Baby gig soon Jonno77, the fan meet at the Cavern in Liverpool was amazing - theres a couple there in 2020 and 2021... also remaining October and November gigs below - more dates out to end 2020 at http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/tours Sat 19/10/19 U2Baby Gig: Barons Quay Social, Northwich BAND ON STAGE AT TBC FREE ENTRY Sat 02/11/19 U2Baby Gig: Half Moon, Putney DOORS 7:30PM >>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS Sat 09/11/19 U2Baby Gig: MK11, Milton Keynes DOORS 8:00PM >>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS Sat 23/11/19 U2Baby Gig: Scandic Meyergarden, Norway BAND ON STAGE AT 22:00 >>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS
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    Is this in Dublin? Were they already a farily well known band locally or in much of Ireland? Were they already big? MTV-second time they made my head turn, watch and wonder who these guys were...then the profundity hit me.
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    It's.................. October!!!!
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    3 guessing by the activity on the forum! 😉
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    If you did not know, until now, that you did ordered the double cd, are you aware that you can download 14 of the tracks now? The download link is under our main account info-not the store. FYI Pardon me if you already have them.
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    Now that the pre-sales are (mostly) over, I thought it was high time to give a place to show our appreciation to our moderators. They volunteer their time to help us out, often at crazy times of the night. So to @Max Tsukino, @mich40& @bigwave a huge thanks for all your work helping us during the presales (when we were stressed !) We all owe you a drink when we see you 😊 See you on the road or here in zootopia during the tour soon
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    I forgot about this joke. 😆. Props to the Mods for every day since the presales as well. I reckon it takes a fair amount of patience to do what they do. 😑
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    This dude keeps staring at me...but i must admit , I like his style. Wonder if he can sing.
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    From the album: seresere

    One year ago, 4 great nights in Milan...! A photo version of this ^_^ Pencil on printer paper

    © Drawing seresere

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    Thanks, I found it. I ordered the double cd and i+e live. The shipping info in this topic is about that gift?
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    When you placed the order you received a confirmation email... please check for if you saved it... if not, it's possible that it's still in your store profile. If both fail to provide the information, please contact the store customer service...
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    I’ve seen a few U2 tributes and enjoyed them all. More recently I’ve seen Zooropa in Ireland and U2-UK in England and both were brilliant and would thoroughly recommend them. Off to see U2-UK in Chesterfield at the end of November and can’t wait. Saw December in Berlin too. Love the twist of a female singing the vocals. If not checked them out have a listen. I want to catch U2 Baby and U2-2 at some point too.
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    I remember your post expressing how happy you were after that show. They seem to like to play it in Chicago. (or whatever but I've been lucky) Technically it's a new day so I'm picking my song now-one I have not been lucky enough to see live: This video is beautfiul.
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    Continuing references to the lyric, I know that, once you have it, you would not let it go. Have fun getting it! 😎
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    It was filmed in Dublin, in the Grand Canal Docks. They had developed a decent following locally at this point, I would think. That video was my first exposure to them. And I dropped everything to watch it every time it came on MTV and was the first seed that was planted in the grand madness. That’s why it meant so much to me to get to finally see the song live last year. 💚
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    If I could, you know I would.....
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    Bono Speaking on Hoziers Cry Power podcast: 'We have this beautiful ecstatic album called Songs of Ascent. I don't know if we'll finish it soon or it'll take forever. It's about forever. That's its subject. And .... Songs of Ascent or the fifteen psalms and they're named after the fifteen steps from the womens chamber actually up to the temple in Jerusalem so it's an old idea ............ ' So it looks like Songs of Ascent might yet happen, though as was suggested by dmway previously it if it does see the light of day it will be as a stand alone project as opposed to being part of a trilogy.
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    As you are mentioning customs clearance....I, unfortunately, can't find the topic anymore in which we discussed in detail how some Europeans (in particular Germany, it seems) have been forced to go to their local customs office to pick up the subscriber gifts (and often even pay customs fees) due to incorrect labelling the past decade. Is this issue now solved and can we expect to receive the package labelled correctly? Or will shipment be from Europe (before Brexit)? This would really, really be appreciated as it would save us time and money
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    Will the gift for Europe be shipped from the UK or from the USA?
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    Interesting to move have 2018 Iris rather than 2015 Iris. It's the only track on the Innocence disc that comes from the Experience tour. Still sounds emotive as heck though. The Blackout is SUCH a rollicker. It's interesting to actually be able to properly hear the vocoder going underneath Bono's vocal.
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    This has become a hostage situation. The kicker is that we all paid the ransom almost a year ago through our membership fees.
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    Ginger Baker the cream of drummers.
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    Nine more to go. Two more songs added -- Iris and Blackout. Just release all 23 and the next subscription gift please.
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    " Once the physical copies start leaving the warehouse in October we’ll email subscribers with more specific timings. " They only said the CD's would start leaving in October, much like my wife starting to get to the car when we are leaving (a lengthy process), not that theCD's would actually leave. Did a lawyer write this??!!!
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    45, 171 - I know. Sadly there are some young people who think the library is a youth club or street corner. They don't realise it's meant to be a quiet, safe space where people can have some peace and calm. The one lad was riding his mountain bike around the room! He nearly knocked over a lady with a baby in a pram and didn't even apologise to her I'm surprised I got through the whole incident without swearing at any of them.
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    And kingdoms rise, and kingdoms fall....
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    Who’s gonna ride your wild horses. Remembering how good it was on the last tour.
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    Are you gonna wait forever?
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    I’m amazed they even attempt to send out ‘gifts’ to subscribers- there must be MILLIONS of us! Does anyone know exactly how many of us there are now??!
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    I saw "unforgettable fire" at a tiny bar about 10 years ago! They were great; way better than that nasty Jaegermeister!
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    ...and I did only see Interpol. 😎 But they dazzled as usual.
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    My next show is tomorrow! Morrissey, with Interpol opening. You know @CorkVegan, I didn't know what you were referring to when you wrote the highlighted bit above; however, I later saw a story where he was singing his praises of a new nationalist party in England. I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read it. 🤢 So, I'm still going to the show to see Interpol, but I may only see Interpol. I'm not staying for someone who is acting as a mouthpiece for right-wing nationalism; that philosophy is ruining the world right now (US, UK, Brazil, etc.). I can't believe that someone who, very admirably, stands up for the rights of animals (there's no meat being served at the venue tomorrow; I approve) can't stand up as he once did for the rights of humans. Disappointing...
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    Sorry about this, you’ve fallen into a bit of a trap 😋 During the Vertigo Tour there were many, many, many threads started (and even a sticky thread !) after shows asking what was the name of the song just before U2 come on stage. Our moderators showed great patience...explaining that it was the great Wake Up by Arcade Fire 😊
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    That red back ground with them in front is iconic. It was fun to watch the mods help everyone-especially new and younger fans going to their first U2 show. It's cute and the cycle renews. Many thanks.
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