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    My. Husband. Just. Called. In. And. Was. Caller. 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE GOING TO THE APOLLO!!!! I can’t believe it - holy s*it we’re going. Calling in works!!
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    OK - So today i got to go for my first ever pre-sale for the Singapore show. Due to location and circumstance, I had never been in a position to go through this process before, so having been a member of U2.com for years, the Singapore announcement was a dream come true. Having watched from the sidelines for a number of years, i had always thought the moderators did a fanstastic job, and felt a strong sense of community within Zootopia. Today, when things went a bit awry in the presales, I experienced first hand what I have watched for years and I am very grateful. The image below pretty much sums up the roller coaster from this morning and for me two things are very clear: 1. buying tickets for these concerts is in no way a neutral experience, and 2. The moderators annd community are just fantastc. What is also missing from the picture is "thankfullness" to the mods, and to the community who actively participate in helping others. This is literally off the chart.
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    It has been quite a ride... thanks to everyone, everyone, everyone who accompanied us on these #U2eiTour live threads... For a while, we will take a break... but coming next August: #U2eiTour in Europe!!! Hopefully, we will see all you again around here... until then, carry on and enjoy the zoo...
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    My first show was also 1985, at the Worcester Centrum. I have attended every tour since then. U2 have ALWAYS been political, and if you don't like that, this is probably not the right band for you. I am not quite sure how you managed to attend 41 shows and not pick up on this. I just got back from the LA show and you are wrong. It was sold out. There is extra space at the Forum on the GA floor for safety, but all tickets were sold. Tickets for tomorrow's show are $500 on stubhub for the floor, only 9 seats left. So you are inaccurate, my friend. You also should probably take note that most Americans disapprove of Trump. Especially in cities like Los Angeles. That does not mean you aren't entitled to your opinion. But, as Bono said tonight, maybe try respecting the opinions of others and "if you can't keep an open heart, keep an open mind." Perhaps most importantly, it was a fantastic show. U2 have still got it.
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    Yes it sound Pollyanna, but hey...there are good things that showed up from this presale/sale situation. This negativity, however deserved, is getting me down! In light of Thanksgiving week I will start by listing a few good things: It shows how much we love our band. How much faith we have in them (and I still have faith they will try to make it right—but It’s impossible to please everyone—back In Propaganda days we just didn’t have a place to complain together ?). How passionate we all are about U2. They are touring and making new music. The guys will be on SNL 12/2 and having the NYC/LA listening parties soon, maybe one or more of us will be lucky enough to attend (I, for one, am going to try my damndest for SNL and NYC!!!). Most importantly, it shows how lucky we actually are to be stressing over attending a concert. We are able bodied enough to attend and have at least some disposable cash to spend and the freedom to go where we want. There are far worse things we could be worrying over. Perspective ? Try to enjoy your Thanksgiving, my US friends, and your weekend, to all ??? xoxo ~Sue
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    I'm tending to agree. I recall in my late teens - this band released 'The Joshua Tree'. I recall hearing the first single lifted off the album - it was called 'With or Without You' (i know you know), strange sound n all that and thinking 'what the feck is this - bit feckin wierd - this isn't 'Pride', this isn't 'Homecoming' , where is 'Bad' #2? - what the feck is this? this is slow!! Who recalls the first time they heard 'The Fly' as a first release off AB? Raised eyebrows? Always with U2, it wouldn't be the same U2 if they didn't pose the questions I think this release is full of 'growers' - I base that only on what I've heard - this is going to be an absolutely cool album quite possibly their best since HTDAAB, perhaps exceed that. Th'on 'With Or Without You' turned out not to bad after all. There's a lot of U2 haters out there - humans hate successful longevity as a trait. OK, as an honest U2 fan, No Line & SOI, whilst both containing great tracks, weren't critically acclaimed, and perhaps were perceived as weaker album releases - I struggle to buy into that. There is no such thing as a bad U2 album. There is such a thing as progress though. I believe this release will be progress. In your 50's - you will never replicate your 20's or 30's - life unfortunately curtails that to some degree - not many better than U2 at giving it a damned good go! Here's to 1st December!
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    Since there is so much interest in Mr MacPhisto at the moment, I thought you might like to check out my dedicated MacPhisto fansite if you haven't been there recently or ever. Among other things I've added a brand new transcripts page for the EI Tour, which will obviously be expanded as the tour goes on. (It will take me a little while longer to bring this page up to date with the latest developments. This whole thing has come as a massive surprise - even though I argued that it was the perfect time to bring MacPhisto back, I never thought they would actually do it!!)
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    Just some thoughts about Ticket Pick Ups at 7/11. I wandered into a random one the other day, and talked to the dude working there. You will need the Ticket Order Confirmation e-mail with your ticket number on it (about 15 digits). You can either print it out, before you go, or take your mobile device with it on there. (For example my confirmation e-mail was sent to my i-phone e-mail, so I will take the phone and show them the e-mail.) The staff enters your ticket information into the register and prints out the ticket(s) for you. They might get you to push a 'confirm' button on a screen. They will also give you a receipt to sign. And that's it. Simply say 'Ticket Pick up' and show the e-mail and you'll be fine. Don't forget to smile. The only small confusion I had with my dude at first was he thought I wanted to buy tickets at first. I recommend you take some I.D. with you (just in case) and maybe have the credit card with you...again just in case. Also maybe some small change in case there is a printing fee (maybe 300-400 Yen/ 3 or 4 bucks). Most staff will be able to understand simple English spoken a little slowly and clearly. The ticket confirmation e-mail also includes Japanese instructions for the Staff if they give you a WTF? look. but I don't think there will be any issues. this part of the e-mail: [STANDING FRONT/REAR, SS/S/A SEAT] Tickets must be picked up at a Seven-Eleven store in Japan prior to the show, and will not be issued at the venue. Tickets will be available for pick up from 20th November (Wed) from 10:00am. When picking up your ticket(s), you will be required to show your e-mail purchase confirmation to store staff. Please ensure you print this in advance or are able to access it on your mobile device. After the staff have confirmed the Ticket Number shown in your e-mail purchase, they will print your ticket(s). Make picking up the tickets a priority when you get into Tokyo. Don't leave it to the last minute. Don't lose them, they cannot be re-issued. I hope this is some help, it may be redundant as others may have already posted about it. Keep on Rockin' and Rolling.
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    Emailed them once and they said no. Emailed them again and I got this response. Success!
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    Ok - I promise that I didn’t ask Bono to pose for this shot, and further promise that this was taken on an iPhone (and not a recent one). Bono wishes all of MSG and America a Happy 4th of July, so to speak, during “American Soul”:
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    ...and today is a truly blessed day. After months of collective feedback-giving about the formats available to us for the annual gift, we have finally been heard. If you look in your account information, not only is there a download link for mp3s, there is now a download link for WAV files! Those who want to have this collection on CD can now burn one on their own. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" is the old expression; in this case, it finally came to pass. Sincere thanks to the mods who must have passed on our (numerous) complaints about wanting to have higher-quality downloads - and thanks to the higher-ups for finally acquiescing to a request that, frankly, was always a reasonable one. A very good U2 day!
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    Any honest opinion is obviously legitimate , but one aspect of this album which I think is undeniable, is that it is an incredibly thoughtful album. It's incredibly honest, nuanced in some metaphorical mis-directions and I suspect, likely written quickly. Someone else here mentioned it seemed rushed. I think there is immense difference in rushing or pushing something out and being deeply inspired. If you experienced those moments, you know how the words, actions, art...whatever it might be, just 'write' themselves. This is an age 50 something- WAR There is such anguish and despair. There is hope, but its not naïve and may not be optimism per se. Just hope or a personal prayer possibly. It exists but isn't a guaranteed save. We all know the U2 character - esp Bono's, well enough after all these years to appreciate, the man has such deep soul and empathy - and evidently, is a tough enough dude to just go after those people or situations that cause so much harm. I am loving it now. I didn't initially. But in knowing where these tunes come from and not getting any younger myself, we have to consider the message, don't let evil win in your community or in the world. Call it out. I couldn't agree more. And so I sing these songs ( privately in my car ! - if you heard my voice you would appreciate that ) and they become 4 dimensional. Cheers.
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    Saw this legend tonight. He was checking out Noel.
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    I complained about the check-in system in 2017. I hate the way it's got so out of hand on recent tours. When I saw U2 in London on the Vertigo, 360° and IE Tours, it was sufficient to join the queue early in the morning on show day and you could get a great rail spot. That all changed on the JT and EI Tours - now, even if you arrive the day before the show, you've probably already missed out on a low enough number because they start the "list" about a week in advance, and lots more people are getting a number early because they're not required to put in the effort of staying in an actual queue. I'm not in favour of randomising the GA line, because it would probably make things even worse for people like me - I'm really short and struggle to see anything even from the second row. I don't believe that being short entitles me to a rail spot, but I'm willing to sit in line for a long time to give myself the best chance of getting one. Unfortunately that is no longer enough; I would have to spend an absolute fortune booking a hotel room for the whole week before the show, and even then, they're bound to move the goalposts and start the list a fortnight in advance. It's just getting silly. I can understand the use of "check-ins" if the venue don't want people camping overnight or all day due to heightened security, but still, there is no reason to start the list more than about 24 hours before the show. It's complete rubbish how the line leaders claim they're doing it for our own benefit, to prevent a "stampede" or whatever - a problem that never existed in the first place! They're only doing it to ensure that *they* can get in first, and they've apparently befriended U2's security team so they're always allowed to get away with it, pretending the fans are all on board. I think the current system would be OK if only the list was started by venue staff instead of fans, to ensure it happened at a reasonable time in a well-advertised location, and any pre-existing unofficial lists would not be honoured. First come, first served, and in the unlikely event of a "stampede", no-one gets a number until a civilised queue has been formed. We used to be perfectly capable of lining up in order of arrival - I'm sure we can still manage it!
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    It's made it to news websites now. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/117202408/new-zealand-u2-fans-livid-with-internationals-over-general-admission-system-in-auckland-gone-rogue?cid=facebook.post What started out as a cool fan thing has mutated into a sense of entitlement and a way to game the system. Venues need to grow some balls and draw a line in regards to this. I saw Muse at the O2 in London a couple of months ago. I arrived at the GA line to find a group of fans writing numbers on people's hands as they entered the line. At one point venue staff came and said this was unofficial and therefore they as a venue would not recognise it. A few people got upset but I applauded internally. More venues need to follow that example.
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    Just received the CDs here in NJ. 🎉
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    Just got my second Red Zone for Sydney #2! Coming from Los Angeles and beyond excited for my first trip down under. :-) Good luck to everyone!
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    Love you Bono - No hard border - ever- no them, only us.....we've worked too hard to create peace here. The people , north n south, won't accept the past. Thanks for a fantastic tour.
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    Haha my 9yo just said, “I really want you to win, but my brain kind of hurts from listening to these songs for so long.”
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    Personally, i thought the 3 tier system was fairer too.
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    What a night it was yesterday ! Thank you U2 and everyone who worked to make this happen. All you admins, @mich40 @Max Tsukino and any else that I may have missed, thank you very much for your support and help with everything about this concert. I really hope the band does a Zoo TV (Achtung Baby) 30 years tour in 2021-2022 just like they did with The Joshua Tree. Once again, thank you for everything.
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    The fact that Max and I are amusing ourselves with the Amul post shows that we have gotten up crazy early for shows over the last month and now we have made it to the last one with delirium and silliness.
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    keep us updated on this strategy, we still awaiting news of 2020 gift, and keeping note of those in same situation as yourself,
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    Got up crazy early to try to grab my copy....and mission accomplished. 😃 Anyone else get theirs?
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    Dallas just gave the most brilliant talk at the U2 Conference. Such an amazingly sweet and funny guy.
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    this song never gets old, always gives me goosebumps. "baby, BaBy, baby light my way"
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    Got it, now what’s the gift for next year? 😂
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    The reason for discussing this is because we love u2 so much. The point is not that we're not thankful or something. This is about informing subscribers who paid their membership and are promised certain things. So confusing starts and then a forum is a great place to share feelings about this. The gift gor this year is among the best gifts they they've had, so inform subscribers and ship this great item. Money isn't the issue I think.
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    RED ZONE issue requiring local address has been corrected.
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    OK I'm done...Melbourne, Sydney 1 and 2, that should keep me going for another 9-10 years.
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    Barcaqueen, whoever you are - thank you your Mixlr is ??perfect
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    what if... for one of the shows... Ali actually takes the call????? o_O
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    Can’t go through today and not post this. 33 years ago today....
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    <raises eyebrow> <to the googles... for a friend> =P
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    I finally got the apartment I wanted. The living room faces due South. The bedroom faces due West. It will get great light. My current apartment only faces north. I get no direct sunlight. It's Summer now so it does not matter as much. In Winter it gets depressing. It shall be my fourth move in five years. The really good news is that the apartment is only down the hall from the one I currently rent. Not moving to another building is huge.. Ironically, I'm going to miss living above the lady below me. Since we started getting along...it's been fun. She has the most intoxicating laugh I've ever heard. Even when I'm down it makes me smile. I think she and I are going to play the rumor mill in the building and let them all chatter about how I'm moving because I don't like her. It should be fun to watch their faces when we happily greet each other in the main lobby. ?
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    This is not a post that is going to reinvent the wheel. Any one who has spent any amount of time in the GA line will have had the same experiences. I was hoping that if folks do read this and may have lost their perspective of what being in GA is all about, then maybe they might find it in themselves to recalibrate a bit. I just came back from DC #2. The GA line was run by a super nice guy named, Brad, and a host of others(including my brother, Tim) who were truly nice people. They decided to jump in and volunteer to handle night #2 after getting a crummy response from the guy who was running night #1, who unfortunately exemplified the worst element of the U2 GA line. Those who attend scads of shows and have deemed themselves the experts. He deliberately was evasive about plans for night 2 and actually said that Brad and company weren't fit to run the line as you need a "veteran" to do so. That is a GA code for "I want to be in charge and have a single digit on my hand." Thankfully he was ignored. This same man has run numerous lines I have been involved in and is just not a nice guy. Rude, bossy and friend-less. Standing in the GA line is not a profession, it's a passion. It's about the camaraderie of spending time with fellow U2 travelers, sharing stories of shows you've been to and yes, wanting to get a great spot on the rail. But getting that spot on the rail shouldn't include forsaking your dignity and trampling others' in the process. The smiles and friendly interaction that give way to elbows on a stairwell and pushing someone out of the way to get a wristband. Seeing those same folks across the catwalk, singing along to songs about love, looking so saintly as the band goes up and down the arena leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you are going to follow a band that talks a lot about respecting people and choosing to be compassionate towards your fellow man, well then a good place to practice is with your neighbors in line. I will continue to enjoy going to U2 shows and being a part of the GA process. To the folks like Brad, Kevin, Jeff and Jaime who I have met over the years and have had great experiences while they were running a line, thank you. To those who seemingly have lost their perspective on what the GA line is all about, I hope you find it. For your sake and ours. All the best.
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    Disclaimer: I believe U2 is greatest band in the world. I haven't seen or heard a better band in my lifetime and I don't think I ever will. Also, I'm a paying fan club member and own almost everything they've ever released. If I don't have a physical copy of it, I'm sure I have it digitally. I believe U2 will release one more album after Experience and call it day. I'm thinking it's just a matter of time, I think they know they have nothing more to prove. Quite frankly, I hope they do what R.E.M. did. Put out one last amazing album and then call it a day. Everybody shakes hands and goes home. I also don't believe that the band can keep up the current touring pace at their age. A U2 tour lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 years. In my opinion, the I+E tour has never actually stopped. I would go so far as to say that The Joshua Tree 2017 tour was part of it. I would also argue that the stadium shows that were done were supposed to be I+E shows. Do I want them to retire? Selfishly, yes! There is a quality U2 possesses that no other band possesses, that goes for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Nirvana, and anyone else you want to add. That quality is nobility. Their music is noble and when it's played or heard, it reaches out for the very best of everyone of us. That just doesn't exist anymore. I don't want this band to go the way of the Stones. I love the Stones, but those guys look a little ridiculous these days. I just don't want to see Bono and The Edge trying to run around the stage at the age of 70. I'd be afraid it'd cheapen their music somehow, and knowing how the general public hates a sell out, it would look as though they have gone that route. Finally, Bono keeps referring to this "brush with his own mortality" recently, which I don't know if you've been keeping score at home, that makes three times recently that Bono has almost met a fatal end. If it was bad then, then that has to have some effect on his body, and I'm not a fan of the idea of Bono collapsing and dying on stage. Some of you will wholeheartedly disagree with me and I welcome that. I'd love to hear another perspective. Thanks for taking a second to read this crazy ramble. I hope you're all well in the U2niverse!
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    Zootopians everywhere, nice to meet @dmway & @JCF just now...
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    Apologies for my whoo-hoos if anyone is listening to Mark Baker’s mixlr. ?
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    Man, I love Gloria live. Never gets old....
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    While in the show, don't forget to say hi to Badsilver and also to Erin: Double bonus Zootopia-points if a Badsilver/Erin/You with the cool tshirt photo happens...
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    I live in America. I suffered the State of the Union address last night. I despise President Trump. The reason I bring it up is that I love how the new cd and video shoots are political. I think they are spot on and being done through artistic expression.
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    I felt like there was a better chance 10 years ago, rather than now. If they were hanging them up, they wouldn't' have tried to get this last album and tour out in back-back-back years. They also have a 12 year contract with Live Nation, that ends in 2020, and they took some upfront money, so I doubt they would want to pay it back, nor do I see them not honoring that contract. I also look at my favorite band, U2, and my favorite sporting team, the Yankees, and I break down whatever I can, because, 1 - I pay for it, and I want to see what I get out of it, 2 - it gives me an idea of how they operate, and what I can expect in the future. I won't get into details, but I've been pretty close to knowing, predicting a good lot of what they do and think . How tours are set up, length, when the team may retol to get under the salary cap, etc. You get the picture, and know that I'm not trying to blow smoke up your ass, and I'm on the artistic side, I'm not saying I'm predicting what they are working on, if I did that, then I'd be Nostradamus or something to that effect. So besides the contract with Live Nation, I think their record deal expires after this, or the next album. As in the past, when U2's contract was expiring, they put on a major tour, major publicity and tried to sell the most albums out of their trilogy. They usually do them in 3's. Here we have a free album with each ticket. Say they do 2 million tickets, that's 2 million albums to start off with. If it's like an average album sale, they could do 3-4m, if the album has mass appeal, could we be at 15 million. At this point, their label will want to ride this wave, and give them another contract. My feeling is that there is actually another album that is almost done, and they could release it next fall to complete the trilogy, as Edge has said, they scrapped the album after Bono had a scare. This complete the trilogy, and another tour, with a nice long break. The band also has touring down to a science, and probably are the most comfortable band on the planet, when it comes down to being restful during a tour, not saying it's not taxing, they just probably have it better than almost every band. If you haven't flown business class, on a long trip, you don't know the difference, it's like night and day. Imagine if you have your own plane, and after shows that are within a few hours of NYC, or Dublin, they fly back home that night, and are in their beds. No more going from hotel to hotel, and this is the biggest reason why bands retire. It's not easy, especially after you hit 40. While the band is rich, they have taken some hits recently. Edge put out a ton of money for his Malibu development, and was denied zoning, that's a lot of money, it was estimated at around $25m, I don't know if he sold the lots or kept them, but just planning for all this stuff is expensive, I know, I'm a real estate developer in NYC. Bono took some hits on his investments, and while he made a killing, he took some big losses. I would say he's ahead of the game, but it's human nature to want to make that money back, just saying. These guys also have a ton of kids, have a ton of homes, yacht's other ventures like Eden, etc, that has to be funded. And the U2 organization, is vast. They have a staff in the U.S and Ireland, people have been with them for a long time, and as they probably have a pension for them, the staff has also let them know, they don't want to retire, and why would you, having U2 as bosses must be great, even if they expect the best out of you The average age of the band is 55, the cream of the crop of musicians' don't retire (Bruce, Madonna, The Stones, The Eagle's (retire, come back, retire come back - could be a ticket ploy) They work less, and pull in the same money. I'd say that the band can do what they normally do for another 15 years, and then slow down once they hit 70. The average album takes 2.5 years. but these guys take lot's of breaks in between, it's not like you have to show up 5 days a week, when you make an album. When things are flowing, they work in overdrive, and when they get stuck, they probably take breaks, vacations etc. After 2.5 years, they do a month of plugging the album. Then, they hunker down in Ireland for 3 months, i.e. spend time with family, etc. March is 3 weeks of prepping for the show, they do about 2 months in the states, a month off, 2 months E.U, a month off, They either go to South America or Asia for 4 weeks, and are off for the year, or they come back to the states for 2 months, 2 -4 months off for winter, and they do another 3-4 months and the tour is over. As you can see, there are good breaks in between, and when you make $700 million for touring for about 2 years, with a good amount of breaks, it's not as hard as it would be if you were in a bus and staying in cheap hotels. So, unless there are health risks, they can continue this,or cut it back. Also, we've never seen a rock band. that have been on top for long, 40 years, been best friends for the entire time, made so much money, made so many relevant albums, (with some hiccups, according to them and critics ( not most of us U2 fans), sold out so many tours, been a media darling with no fallouts or distractions, make sure that their causes work and are relevant, seem to really enjoy what they are doing, and don't just go through the motions of being in a rock band, and had the best manager in the business, and made a smooth transition to Guy Oseary, and have really cared about their fans, before social media made you have to show that you cared and did things for your fans. Take yourself out of the your love for the band, imagine if you were one of the 4 gents in this band, the biggest, most successful bands in the world, would you want retire, heck no, you'd want the next band to have an even bigger hill to climb to get where you are. I just don't see greatness retiring anytime soon, if ever. Well, that's my 2 cents, Andreas
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    The victim was ALLEGEDLY dealing heroin. The victim had a gun planted on him by the indicted officer. The indicted officer said "i'm going to kill this motherfucker" before approaching Anthony Lamar Smith's vehicle or seeing this imaginary weapon. The indicted officer was carrying and used a weapon that he was not authorized to have on duty. No officer is empowered to be judge, jury, & executioner. No human deserves to be shot in the street this way. #blacklivesmatter #anthonylamarsmith
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