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    I really hope they offer a digital download as well. I haven't had a DVD or BluRay (not that they offered it) hooked up in two years! 4K streaming is the standard now. This would be like if they had offered a cassette in 1999. Some people still had them but everyone had CDs by then. Come on, U2... step it up!
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    Can I please say that I love you without it getting weird? 😎
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    I think this gift is wonderful. I'm shocked they would release EI as a subscribers gift. I am very happy. DVD versus BluRay-I don't care. It'll be a good picture and it will have great sound. I still don't have IE on BluRay because somethng always eats up my money before I can get around to buying it. . If I focus on being unhappy with the font when the Sun rises with my name on it-I miss the silent brilliance of the moment. Perhaps they'll release EI for commerical release on bluray, it will be a North America show and many of us will have our hope to have a physical copy of both fulifilled. Props to U2. Fantastic gift.
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