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    Losing a sib sucks mate ... never gets easier
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    That's not exactly true... "The complete tracklisting will be published in early 2019 with shipping beginning in Spring 2019." https://www.u2.com/news/title/innocence--experience-live-2015--2018 When we renew our memberships, the band offers incentives to do so. This one is particularly cool, but also, months late. That's a fact. I'm not angry or anything (although a little more transparency would be nice), but let's not make it out to be our fault for expecting them to keep their word (or at the very least, explain clearly why they aren't).
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    NOT MEANT TO CRITICIZE ANYONE'S COMMENTS-JUST MY OPINION: The tracks have been announced. They never promised any timing with this gift. There are almost always delays with production. It's easy to not realize what a huge undertaking it is to produce and deliver these gifts. I'm tired of the, 'they are rich' comments. We are free to subscribe or not subscribe. Nobody forces us. Many people, including myself, are very happy with this gift. Some are not. This happens every year. Downloads of different shows were never a part of this subscription gift. Perhaps a different thread for future U2 wishes, or something of the sort, should be started. I don't know. The gift has been announced. It is what it is. I think we should appreciate what we are being given and put our other wishes into a different thread.
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    I think it is ture - we would even pay a littl eextra to be able to dowload concerts we were at - they are SO personal !!!
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    45122 The third heatwave of this summer started today
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    I'm,feeling huge sense of relief after a health scare!!
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    45113 Just renewed my subscription & getting ready for a new school year.! School librarian who appreciates the previous posts on library books. Just found one of my overdue public library books - Illegal by Eoin Colfer & Andrew Rigano! Our public library no longer charges overdue fines! Happy reading!
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    I've seen U2Baby twice and would gladly do so again, though it will have to be at a different venue as the previous one has since closed down!
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    Oy. I see I gushed above. Thanks for the tolerance. Earlier today, at Irish Fest, I was offered a seven year old female Irish Terrier named Regina. I accepted. She's beautiful. I got to the fest, was handed a dog and told to go with her because she needed time alone. We had about 45 minutes or so together. They set me up and were watching us. It appears I'm getting her once final discussions have been had among the pack elders. I am a very fortunate human being.
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    Only just seen this thread and thanks for plugging the gigs! In answer to some of the questions asked about how does someone decide to do this! Complete chance. Being a fan since the 80s... singing the songs in your bedroom as a teenager... finding others who want to play them and then putting in a lot of hard work. Our journey all started as a bit of fun and has now turned into a second job and we are really lucky to be able to travel all over the world performing as our heroes! Massive thanks to U2 for writing such amazing songs and for being so supportive of the U2 tribute bands across the world. I've met some amazing people on this journey, and found friends in some amazing tributes who share information and the love for the music. Oh, we're U2Baby by the way. Here's a recent photo on the red carpet at the UK National Tribute Music Awards 2019... We have been very fortunate to play in Dublin as part of the U2 fan celebrations that are part of #WelcomeToTheNorthside that takes part every year at the Church in Dublin. We've done that three years running which is an honour for a bunch of guys from the west side of London! We were lucky enough to bump into Guggi at our first gig there and he said in Hotpress that he really liked what we do.... and it was easier to get in! He was very cool. In 2017 we recreated the I+E set there and I even went as far as dying my hair blonde (never again!). Reviews at: http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/reviews Videos at: http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/media Here's our promo video We're playing as part of LiverAid at Grand Central Hall in Liverpool on 26th August 2019 - a charity event that looks to feature bands that appeared at Live Aid and are also at the Cavern Club in Liverpool on the 3rd October and the Half Moon in Putney, London on 2nd November. Both of those last two have become U2 fan meets and are definitely great nights out (irrespective of the band playing ha ha). If you're in the UK it would be great to see you along at some of the gigs - its always a very friendly atmosphere and we love to chat after the show to like-minded fans. If you're further afield we're in Norway later this year in Mo I Rana and have about 20 dates booked into 2020 already too. You can get all of the tour dates and ticket links on our website at http://www.theu2tributeuk.com Be great to meet you. Love and peace, Ric Peace (singer) and the boys from U2Baby
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    Happy-it's Irish Fest by me. Largest Irish festival outside of Ireland. I get to go see Irish Terriers and play with them. (yay) I badly want another. There is a promo where one can donate 10 original Irish music items to an Irish music archive for our Irish Center and get two admissions. They'll be getting an old original copy of Achtung Baby from me as one item. I'm deciding if I should give them the gifted U2 seriographs I am not going to frame. Otherwise, they'll be just sitting in a tube in my closet. I'm thinking this is a good place for them to go. Why is it so hard to give them up?
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    This just popped up on my Facebook memories 360 @ Wembley Stadium.. This means a decade has passed since U2 360.... how the hell did that happen!? Oh and phone cameras have improved a lot in the intervening decade!
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    This was just shared with me and I was given permission to share it here. It may take longer than you hope, but if they have enough information to pull an account, they will. Just be mindful of the fact that this may or may not affect their ability to open another account with another name; and it is in your best interest not to follow accounts that look like a individual band member’s account (because the real members don’t have those), nor let them follow you. Always report suspicious behavior, such as the charming messages asking for your email address.
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    This is an intriguing photo. Is it a joking FU to everyone acknowledging that he is now another year older, or is it a special FU dedicated to Elton John, vis a vis, the elaborate glasses? The mind boggles... Anyway, happy birthday to two of the men I admire most: The Edge and my younger brother Mark (R.I.P. - he passed in 1996).
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    Yeah i tried to come to america or europe for the last 10 years and here in Sri lanka they dont easily give us visa unless we show a lot of wealth in our bank accounts so i never got the chance. So asia was my best bet and finally dream came true. I will post when i get the tickets on tuesday 😄
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    45119 - Horrific seeing the Amazon burning, I didn't even realise it had been on fire for 3 weeks until I saw it mentioned the other day.
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    Members usually post when shipping begins. It's how I've always known to start checking my account. I remember being notified my gifts were being shipped and then there is a bit of a delay before the actual tracking number appears on my account. That delay time varies but it's while the gift is between the U2 warehouse and UPS, or whomever is used for delivery.
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