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    Yes, the star falling off was ZooTV (so prophetic!), but they did include a Brexit reference at the UK shows last year - one of the stars had a Union Jack pattern and a heart around it.
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    I'd like our flag to be changed but it's something that should go to a vote throughout our nation. when I was a kid I didn't know that was the Union Jack in the top left. I just thought it was a cool pattern. it would be good to have the Aboriginal flag represented at the end as well, maybe split the screen? there are alot of diggers who fought under the current flag and would find a change hurtful. this is something that is out of the bands control. I think they mean well and heck it's our flag, it's not my fault there's a Union Jack in it. my final thoughts would be to split the screen with both the Aussie flag & the Aboriginal flag but that's just me 👍
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    Hi U2 Band, Hi my name is Grace I’m 9 years young. My mum and dad went to see your show in Brisbane and they told me at the end of the show there was the Australian flag. I think you should change the end of the show. I have written to the prime minster about changing the flag so it is fair for the Aboriginals people. Maybe you could change the end of your show so that you can combine the flags or let them slide on one by one. I think it’s fair to include the Aboriginal flag because they were here before us and deserve to have the flag represented in front of Australia. I hope to see more changes and this would be a great place to start. Thank you for reading From Grace
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    "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night....." Arrived in Canada Listened to it once just to make sure there were no problems and plan to really listen next week-end
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    Thanks for a poorly run GA line Marvel. What a fiasco! For days you were adamant that you wouldn't be honouring the unfair fan-managed check-in system, telling people to arrive at 8am for wristbanding. Only to have a last minute change of heart. Meaning those people who actually abided by your started rules, arrived on time to find they were now behind hundreds & hundreds of other fans. NOT FAIR! This is on U2's OWN security. Who pander to a few self-entitled fans, helping them to implement their unfair, inequitable check-in system. Pressuring local venue security to change their own publically announced policies. This is not the first time this has happened, & it won't be the last. How far up U2's chain does this go? U2 talks about inclusiveness. This is anything but inclusive! It's a very bad look for U2, favouring a few international fans over hundreds of local fans, who have waited 9 years to see their heroes. U2's own security must be told to stop this behaviour.
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    Still haven't found what I am looking for
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    It was a fantastic concert with great visuals BUT the final image of the Australian flag was a misstep. It jarred with the ethos U2 projects and felt a tad patronising. Aside from the fact that we had “the best band from north Dublin” finishing with a flag with the Union Jack dominating, it was a jingoistic gesture that did not gel with the more interpretative and artistic representations of the US flag featured at different times. The flag appeared during “One” . For the first Australians this flag is not a symbol of oneness at all. To not include the Aboriginal flag was also a glaring omission. OMaybe some footage of Uluru - without climbers - would have been more fitting. Seriously, it needs to go BEFORE the next Australian show. Tell the band to have a chat with their friends in the Oils who could steer them or whichever visual designer thought this was a good idea - because it’s not and it’s definitely not U2-ish. on a similar note, there was some effort made to include Australia which worked brilliantly in Ultraviolet, but the Australian poetry projected on the screen pre show? Judith Wright and Les Murray were great poets , but the choice of poem for Murray was bizarre. Perhaps a few living poets and some presenting indigenous voices are needed. I don’t know who makes the decisions, but they can do better. There were far too many poets from the USA writing about the USA rather than more universal themes. Many were excellent, but it seemed to lack geographical balance. please note, I loved the show, but get rid of that FLAG!
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    Carry over good thing: I took my dog for an extended walk during the other night's storm. Lake Michigan was roaring. Everything else was muffled by flutty whiteness softly falling to the ground. She had a blast. I realized it was the first time I'd been there since Bruff, and now Riri comes first in my life. Not imposing but I felt God. Today's good thing: Headache doctor appointment. 40 some shots in the scalp, forehead, temples, neck and shoulder blades. It's not pleasant but it ends. They are expensive. I do not pay a penny. A new headache treatment was offered to me. It's a band that sends an electrical current into either arm. The cost comes to eight American dollars for 45 minutes. It's proving effective up to 85%. They are also coming out with a powder from of Migranol (DHE) The spray only delivers 40% of the dose, which costs up to $900 a day. $9,000 a month when I use it. I do not pay a penny but it's nine grand that could be helping another person. This powder delivers the full dose and absorbs much more quickly. The cost should start out much less than the spray and then go down as well. I'm detailing the headache information in case anyone deals with bad headaches, or knows another who does. There is hope on the horizon.
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    Mine was sent 17 days ago but still nothing has arrived,
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    Bet you can’t wait. Goes without saying but the boys are outstanding.
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    Melbourne GA is an embaressnent to U2 fans ... the sooner this stops the better. Some of the behaviour of these self appointed Q admin is disgusting
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    Roof's closed now but can hear "assassins of love" by Willy deville being soundchecked by I assume the tech's?
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    Read earlier DVD is being released soon and will be on TV In next few weeks, not sure what TV, whether UK or USA. It is the Berlin concert, so the last of the tour. Very exciting as want to relive last year again.
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    Exactly the same here in Denmark. Let's hope so.....
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    Having just returned from LV, I can say that I agree that it would be a good idea; however, from your own words, I can also think of a reason why they might not want to do it. I’m not completely sure they would want to come to the heart of the Mojave Desert in the middle of the summer. Will the new place have a retractable roof? (When they played LV outdoors for POPMart, they had the good sense to come in April, and for U2360 they came in October.) Maybe 2021 would be better - possible new album released before then and AB’s 30th anniversary. Just a suggestion. I’m sure they would play there for their next North American stadium tour.
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    It’s Boris V Jezza Corbyn with a side of Sturgeon .......with Farage lingering like a bad smell.... Hobson’s Choice election the 12/12
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    I just sighed because I don't want to vote for anyone running for president in my country, doc. I hear you. It's not a nice feeling. Their focus is not about helping people. It's not about service. It's fundraising, having good one-liners and going on the offense. It's about attacking and discrediting. It's stump speeches. I don't want any of them. I'm not voting for someone just to beat Trump. It's very disheartening. I'm feeling thankful for my new dog. I'm feeling a bit guilty she doesn't have a house to run around in and play. That being said, she's getting three hour-long walks a day, plus several shorter ones. She gets constant attention where she was having to be shut off from the other dogs due to fighting over who would be alpha. She has a much, much better life, even though she was loved by her last owner. Everywhere we go, people look at her and smile. The boots are a huge hit. I'm not sure why. They are a necessity for her paws to protect them from the salt. They also spare my apartment. She's getting well researched, good and healthy dog food. (No table scraps or any people food) I still feel guilty she doesn't have the house I had.
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    build it and they will come
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    Thanks BigWave didn' t know this option, send them a message. Let's hope for the best Regards, Guus
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    Last time I had to wait for a while till I got it and had to ask for it several times... I hope this year everything works fine and it arrives soon! It looks amazing!
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    To me what's going on in Auckland with this list is the antithesis of what U2 espouse. It disappoints me to see the news reports from New Zealand which reflect badly on the fans and the band and the sight of people partrolling the line with a notebook is unedifying. Is this really the type of publicity U2 need or want or the with some shows not selling out maybe the old adage no publicity is bad publicity applies.
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    I'm happy to have this...BUT I really wish they would have added some of the deeper cuts they performed on the Experience tour. However, this thought is also over ruled by the fact that the band may not play some of these songs ever again. That Crystal Ballroom track is just the best.
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    This gift is beautiful. I've listened to disc one. Every Breaking Wave got me. How Bono can sing like that, night after night, for so long, baffles me. I am happy he does. The sound is really good. Raised By Wolves-I was taken by how well I could hear Adam and Larry. I like the light bulb on disc one and the megaphone on disc two. Booklet-I love the picture where Bono is singing to the back of the house-somewhat framed by the walkway going out into the front of the house with GA on both sides. I also love the Cedarwood Road pic. Bono's on one end of the vunue and the rest of the band the other-separated by that wonderful barricage screen. Beautiful photo. Bone with Edge in the palm of his hand-I forgot about that-it makes me smile. Thanks for the pic of the European flag-it's a nice reminder of the live threads and how excited everone was when they added AB and Dirty Day. The photo of City Of Blinding Lights-looking up the walkway onto the stage wth the vertical lights may be my favorite. Macphisto at the end-he still creeps me out but it's a good reminder to watch out for that sly devil. I also like the size of it. I can put in on my bookshelves, with books, and know it's going to stay in good shape. I think this gift is pefect and very well done. I love it. It was well worth the wait.
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    What a great birthday gift! I’m going to wait to listen to it at work tomorrow so my co-workers can enjoy with me. I’m excited to hear the song recorded at the Mohegan Sun as that was the last of the three shows I attended. What a great summer that was! ❤️❤️❤️
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    Hi, again... I shold add some explanation about my comment. The number you given on screenshot from intial seller is just reservation number(I think payment have confirmed). When you printoff, the terminal equipment in 7-11 will require 13digits number. It'll start to be given from 20th Nov. I didn't get yet. It's just a supplementaly explanation. Bye.
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    Just some thoughts about Ticket Pick Ups at 7/11. I wandered into a random one the other day, and talked to the dude working there. You will need the Ticket Order Confirmation e-mail with your ticket number on it (about 15 digits). You can either print it out, before you go, or take your mobile device with it on there. (For example my confirmation e-mail was sent to my i-phone e-mail, so I will take the phone and show them the e-mail.) The staff enters your ticket information into the register and prints out the ticket(s) for you. They might get you to push a 'confirm' button on a screen. They will also give you a receipt to sign. And that's it. Simply say 'Ticket Pick up' and show the e-mail and you'll be fine. Don't forget to smile. The only small confusion I had with my dude at first was he thought I wanted to buy tickets at first. I recommend you take some I.D. with you (just in case) and maybe have the credit card with you...again just in case. Also maybe some small change in case there is a printing fee (maybe 300-400 Yen/ 3 or 4 bucks). Most staff will be able to understand simple English spoken a little slowly and clearly. The ticket confirmation e-mail also includes Japanese instructions for the Staff if they give you a WTF? look. but I don't think there will be any issues. this part of the e-mail: [STANDING FRONT/REAR, SS/S/A SEAT] Tickets must be picked up at a Seven-Eleven store in Japan prior to the show, and will not be issued at the venue. Tickets will be available for pick up from 20th November (Wed) from 10:00am. When picking up your ticket(s), you will be required to show your e-mail purchase confirmation to store staff. Please ensure you print this in advance or are able to access it on your mobile device. After the staff have confirmed the Ticket Number shown in your e-mail purchase, they will print your ticket(s). Make picking up the tickets a priority when you get into Tokyo. Don't leave it to the last minute. Don't lose them, they cannot be re-issued. I hope this is some help, it may be redundant as others may have already posted about it. Keep on Rockin' and Rolling.
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