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    2020 Subscriber Gift Announcement here: https://www.u2.com/news/title/experience--innocence--live-in-berlin
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    Why is this so hard for them? This is not difficult stuff! Courtesy?
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    A DVD??? We are in 2020 guys! Have you heard about Blu-ray? UHD 4K Blu-ray? This is ridiculous!
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    Wow such rage..... I was hoping for a Betamax or VHS.* *hangs head in shame for having a dvd player i think it’s a good subscriber offer to be fair.
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    2020 U2.com Annual Subscription: U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN Limited edition live DVD & photographic book capturing 2018’s e+i Tour Complete 2 hour 22 minute show, never previously released. Really? WOW!! *_*
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    Is there any news about this? My current membership also runs out within one month, so I would like to know what to expect when I resubscribe. And looking at the replies in this thread I'm certainly not the only one. I'd be disappointed if I would again get the Live Songs From i + e again, as great as that set is (it's playing at this very moment, oh the memories!) but miss out on the new gift. Also, some fansite are reporting on this issue that is ongoing. https://www.atu2.com/news/column-off-the-record-vol-20-784.html
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    One way or the other some announcement is required so that those of us whose renewals are due on 31/1 could click on the button now. Or at least as many have suggested put an option to select the 2020 gift when announced up as one of the renewal options.
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    DID they Play Horses and Acrobat at this Show? I checked the Tours Section here, they did....And Dirty Day !!!! And Stay ! !!! !!! The FLy, Zoo Station..... !!!! I don't want a BLU_Ray since I Don't Have a BluRay Player and I don't want to PAY another 150 dollars to get one...I'd rather We Got a High Quality Downloadable Audio AND Video Version of the Show to go with te DVD -gift, or at least the Downloadable Audio in WAV to Download Before the DVDs get shipped out !
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    Call Mulder and Scully!! Things are getting strange I’m starting to worry......
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    SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVE UNTIL 29 February 2020 The banner prompting me to renew is gone and a month has been added to my subscription. I assume that the 2020 gift announcement has been pushed back.
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    Fotoset now on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKP3BjU And I will offer high res pics for anyone with a spare XXL t-shirt! Come on - be a kind soul! :-))
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    And of the humble narrators of the thread by the “Hollywood” sign.
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    Here is another angle of the rooftop:
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    Nov. 6 (pt. 2) - the location where the streets have no name (with street names!), and a hotel that has seven figures attached to it... And one of the best parts for last... Our sat nav guided us to the area where the "Streets" video was shot (no, it wasn't in the sat nav as a location like the "Hollywood" sign; we plugged in the intersection where it was shot). This is right in downtown LA - no wonder the cops were a bit annoyed that U2 shot a video here. (It's also not far from City Hall, so the cops wouldn't have had to drive very far to hassle the band.) We were looking for a place to park and were a bit uncertain; however, providence came to the rescue again in a big way. We were driving right next to the location, eager for a place to park. We suddenly saw a humble Mexican-American man waving a little orange flag to guide people into his parking structure. I got a feeling that this was the right place to go (IMHO, Mom was at work again). So, I pulled into this little parking structure on East 7th Street and found a spot to park. We were happy just to park here and walk to the intersection to get a good look at it. However, we got an extra gift - this particular place was the absolute perfect place to look upon the actual rooftop where U2 played their mini-show on that famous day. We had no idea that the vantage point from this simple garage had just the best view you could hope to have (short of being on the actual rooftop itself). Another added bonus! As you may know, it was from this video shoot that Bono saw the famous sign that led to a movie script of his ("The Million Dollar Hotel", of course). They shot this movie in two different locations on the same street, using the Rosslyn Hotel (which we drove past, but didn't stop at) and the Hotel Cecil. The latter is right next door to the "Streets" video shoot location. It was great to see both places so close together. Amusing side story (which I promise I am not making up) - as we walked to look more closely at the Hotel Cecil, a guy came out of the lobby who looked just like one of the unusual characters that was in the film, and he asked us if we were there for the film shoot. Both of us looked at each other quite amazed. We said we weren't and continued down the street. He followed us telling us more about this alleged shoot, until another person walked by and then he started telling him about the film shoot. I'm pretty sure there was no film shoot. Bono captured the irregular nature of many of the natives of this area very well in his film; the people there are really just like the characters in the film (which is sad in some ways because, both in the film and in real life, many of these people were/are homeless). Pictures:
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    Nooooo! Always been a casual Tolkien fan but I only got stuck into some of the posthumous releases within the past decade (The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and Morgoth's Ring). I'm so indescribably grateful for all of Christopher's hard work to share that extra material with us! What a sad day.
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    Will definitely be made available later in Blu Ray or 4k. Otherwise I would have expected exclusive to the fan club being mentioned in the news release.
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    My subscription is due to renew in a few days, but the only choices for renewal gifts are ones I already have (the live songs of i + e arrived this week). Any advice on what to do would be much appreciated - I don't need another copy of the new live 2CD set.
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    Nice one 👍 Thanks U2 !
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    Thanks U2 for offering E&I on DVD! I’m relieved that I don’t have to upgrade to some new system to view it!! Are DVD’s old? I guess so, but they’re not as old as I am! I’m so glad the 2020 subscription issues were resolved.
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    DVD??? Wow. Really? At least blu-ray please. I much prefer audio then video releases. Video gets watched a couple of times. Audio gets played non stop while driving, running, working out or just chilling. probably just gonna let me subscription lapse. Might re-up for $50 if they include an audio option or gives us an option for blu-ray. Will also wait until they are actually listing a shipping date. I learned what “soon” means here...
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    What about just the audio? I would rather have that, any chance they will give us downloads to go with the DVD?
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    I wouldn't have a problem with the DVD gift as long as they also provide a link to a downloadable version like they did with the 2019 CDs since I dont have a DVD player either. Any chance a moderator could find out if there will be downloadable option, audio only or audio and video?
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    DVD??? Are they serious, who even has a DVD player these days!! In today's digital streaming age even Blu-ray is pretty much obsolete. DVD is outdated 15 year old technology and looks like crap on any modern large display. Also considering U2 have since done the 2017 & 2019 Joshua Tree tours and last years CD release of the SOI and SOE tours this gift is like flogging an old horse to me. What a disappointment !!
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    Lol mine too ........u2.com sure does move in appropriately mysterious ways!
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    the $85 subscription is for newer subscribers who missed the previous gift, so this is a way to catch up... It's very likely this isn't your case...
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    Rest in Peace Christopher Tolkien. And thank you from all of us Middle-Earth nerds for helping to bring us so many of your father's stories that would probably otherwise have stayed locked in an archive somewhere. Funnily enough, I have "The Fall of Gondolin" on loan from the library at the moment. I may well read that next now. https://www.theonering.net/torwp/2020/01/16/107518-christopher-tolkien-passes-away-at-the-age-of-95/
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    I would bet my house this will be the renewal option from w/c Jan 27th
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    The Rules of Engagement I sit on the hill with my back to the sun. My lover and I hand in hand. We look up in time as flashes of light batter the land. They speak of us like specks of dust. They cannot know what they sow as blow after blow we fall to the snow. One man falls another rises yet he brings with him a vision that despises. We are the makers of our mistakes. He only put breath into us yet he doesnt forsake. What then can we do but watch and wait. Sitting on the hill untill the hour grows late. Resurgance of love backed up by action is the answer to heal the faction. Dream on Daddy dont let go. No never let go because this world I know will be without me someday but you my darling must find your way
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    My local BBC radio station started and ended this evening's 6-8 Saturday night show with Rush songs by way of tribute. I have to admit that, while I'd heard of the band, I'm not very familiar with their actual music - it's quite possible, those two songs are the first two of theirs I've ever heard. And I liked them, so now I shall investigate further
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    The presales for the last N.American tour was a total clown show. Paid up fans with early access were shut out and all those floor tickets went straight to the resale market. Most fans were forced to resubscribe months earlier than they should because JT30 tickets had gone on sale at the start of the year and it was deemed that their presale privileges had been used up.
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    Love versus Hate Love heals and hate steals Love in the light. Hate in the shadows. Two strong words can be bedfellows. Where do we stand in this moment in time. Some of us shine while others decline. I pray for the ones caught in the fires they are not there because of evil desires. He walked on water and now hovers above the raincloud. Oh sweet Jesus pour it out and drench the land with your tears. Your love is our life though we toil in strife. Your Fathers creatures are screaming in the night not knowing if left is right or right is wrong. We all belong in a warm embrace. Bring us all into your fold and save the human race.
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    No option for the 2020 subscription which is amateur for the world's biggest band. Keep getting emails saying x number of days to renew but the site doesn't have the correct option to renew. The great advice from support was to renew and let them know I want the new gift once its announced, but as the live cd is available already my fear is I'll get another sent out before U2 com get their act together and issue a new offer.
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    I am the same, my subscription expires next week, and when i resubscribe, it offers me the 2019 double cd gift, which i have already received, i do not want a second copy!
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    RIP Gay Byrne. If you followed U2 in the 80s, you probably saw one of his interviews with the band for The Late Late Show on RTE. https://www.breakingnews.ie/discover/a-nation-that-adored-him-celebrities-and-viewers-alike-mourn-the-loss-of-gay-byrne-961860.html I remember getting hold of this interview and watching it over and over. Probably still have the VHS somewhere.
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    Still waiting for my 2019 gift.... unbelievable
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    I was still secretly hoping I'd see Rush live again. I went to every tour, from Hemispheres to Snakes and Arrows-usually multiple shows and as many as possible. I remember watching him and doing air percussion to The Trees on the Hemispheres tour. Dang, this sucks.
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    A friend just texted me to tell me the news. He turned me onto Roxette. I enjoy Roxette's music. I agree with Canadanne's saying great songs and fantastic singer. Sad for anyone to lose someone at any time. It seems an extra challenge to do so during the holidays, no matter what we believe or celebrate. I hope she, and those who mourn her loss, find and are granted peace. .
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    A day late - I remembered yesterday, but I forgot to post here. R.I.P., John Lennon. 2019 was one of the worst years for gun violence in the US. Remembering John this year, therefore, seems all the more poignant. Like many people in the US in 1980, I learned of the tragedy in an unexpected way: from Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football. (For those who don’t know him, he was a very famous sportscaster at the time, perhaps the most famous - Billy Crystal used to do a spot-on perfect impression of him.) I think he made the announcement just before halftime. What was especially touching at the time was hearing his genuine outrage about the shooting. He was a generation older than John Lennon, and those in that generation were not always tolerant of John’s generation (think of the generational differences of opinion about the war in Vietnam, and you’ll understand). I’m happy that he spoke about it during the game and as forcefully as he did. Again, R.I.P, John (and Howard too, come to think of it - he passed on a different day, though).
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    Yes, Gay Byrne was a national legend in Ireland. He seemingly appealed to virtually everybody. R.I.P., Gay.
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