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    I’m a little late posting this but no one else seems to understand the experience I had at the New Orleans Superdome. I went to use the Porta potty‘s that were located on the floor under the tunnel. During becks last number I’m walking back towards the floor I see two man dressed in black walking towards me and I said hey that guy looks familiar. turns out that it was Larry sneaking back in to the backstage area after catching Becks performance. what a thrill.
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    41030 I read Iceland won against Kosovo. There are stronger teams than that, but I'm happy for the Vikings.
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    41, 028 - Funny you should mention that - I got the idea for my main character's name from the Twitter handle of a Red Bull fan while scrolling through F1 tweets Also, well done to Iceland on qualifying for their first ever World Cup. They smited Europe last year - next year they get to smite the rest of the world! I feel like I ought to do the Viking clap...
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