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    Still got mine., And ball of string just in case. Call me cautious.. or well prepared...
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    41 361 Who's that guy who sings at the end of " Get Out of Your Own Way" ? It's the best part of the song with the best lyrics !!!!! Otherwise...far far too much politics...... I don't want U2 or anyone to tell me what to think ....... I want abstraction that gives me the possibility to decide on my own... The BlackOut - Great Great Music.....Great lyrics until he gets into politics........ You're the best thing - Perfect ! Best thing with Kygo - Much More Perfect !!!!! I love SOE so far.....I'm willing to get over the politics because I love the music...the sounds.....But the best thing that could've happened is if Bono would have left the lyrics alone like they were before with no politics, the political parts seem forced, not the mention the subject of those lyrics which I won't even get into.............He forces politics into everything.....
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    I bet Larry wants to get on at 7 and off before the Denmark v Ireland world cup playoff!!
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    You have to use "verified fan" for the Vegas show in public sale - even though AXS ist the ticket seller. There will definitely be a presale for Vegas. I suppose this will be though Ticketmaster. (I will fly in for the U2 show)
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    lots being told by CS its not necessary if you are not intending to try for US presales. Personal choice (if you want to leave options open)
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    genuine subscribers have nothing to worry about, but for instance if an account was found to be in breach of rules, i.e. multiple accounts from same person, suspected of ticket touting, that kind of thing, then that would invalidate or preclude that account from receiving a presale code. That's my understanding of this wording,.
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    Seen this: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/u2-perform-trafalgar-square-saturday Says finishes at 10pm. Support starts at 7pm.
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    I definitely miss the old GA line days. Heck, I almost miss mailing in the Propaganda ticket request form. I still have one.
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    Yeah--my wife and I are in the same situation, but we've never had a problem. The key is using different credit cards for each u2.com and TM account (and now with the new regime, different cell numbers)
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    Traditionally, once they get the stage in the venue, they will have small batches of tickets to release based on spacing. They are usually unannounced (unless a fan sees it and announces it) and go very quickly.
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    And when we had GA line without numbers and roll call