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    Linking the account is not necessary if you do not want to attend a North American show in leg 1.... you can wait until the European presale...
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    i done the same as you mate...i live in glasgow...i disconnected from ticketmaster n.a /..i am now showing red as unverified..am waiting to verify when euro dates are announced..i was scared that if i remain verified i will be sent out a code for n.a which i will not use and it would be of no use to me for europe(again this has not been made clear) If a code sent out to me for n.a is not used and cannot be used for euro dates then you would be up shit creek without a paddle...it is not even clear if euro dates are gonna be organised the same way as the american dates
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    41, 438 - Now I'm wishing I could watch Star Wars too! But it's nearly 10pm here, so I'll try and fit it in tomorrow.
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    He did answer, maybe not the answer you wanted but answered. As he said, he answered based on the information we have and as stated on your account page, more info will be given later.
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    Firstly, thanks to the mods for all their efforts on the tout / ticket / verification process etc etc... I'm a UK subscriber who plans to get to a UK & Euro show but not planning this time around to go to the States. Original advice seemed to be to STILL complete the US Ticketmaster verification process, which I did (so I now have set-up complete on my U2.com account.) Advice now is clearly for UK / Euro fans to sit tight & wait for Euro tour announcement. But should I now disconnect my US Ticketmaster verification or is it better to leave it as it is. Thanks for the help / advice (I've tried U2.com but no reply as yet!!)
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    Finally got a reply to the questions I submitted via the help page some time ago. Nothing here that other people haven't already posted, but just in case anyone was still uncertain... I asked: "I am in the UK and want to participate in the European subscriber presales early next year. Do I need to renew my U2.com subscription before the 12th November deadline, or is that only for people who want to participate in the North American presales? Also, is there any need to create and connect a US Ticketmaster account if I don't intend to buy tickets for the North American shows?" They replied: "Sorry for the confusion with the set up. No need to complete the setup if you are not interested in purchasing US/Canada tickets. Simply wait for the European leg of the tour to be announced." So I guess I won't bother renewing my subscription until nearer the time.
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    Leave it alone. It’s a glitch and will be fixed shortly.
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    Got on the front row! But more importantly got to sing you’re the best thing with my new fiancée and have a massive dance with the biggest band in the world, in the greatest city in the world. Thanks so much U2 and the site! Really needed that “great washing thing” that is a U2 gig this week!
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    For what you describe, it seems to be OK... but I strongly recommend to call Customer Service support to verify and be sure...
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    I'm looking forward to having the ticket buying process over with, I'm always much happier when I have guaranteed GA in my pocket. See you soon U2 & U2fam let's meet up in LA & Vegas #U2forU Show
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    The prices have been out of control since U2 sold their touring business to Live Nation, and the few restraints that were in place during the early years of that deal (2009-2011) all but disappeared with Guy Oseary became their manager. I think that it takes a lot of effort to actually deal with pricing and price ranges and seat categories and all that stuff, and in years past, the band (or their management) actually did this. Larry had hinted after PopMart by saying that he was done with that. I don't think U2 have intentionally decided to screw people. I think they simply took their eye off the ball and made a deal where they get paid an obscenely high flat rate for doing a show, and since Live Nation promised that, Live Nation now has to figure out a way to make it happen. There's almost certainly something in the contract stipulating that floor seats will be general admission and at the lower price range, so Live Nation is looking to make up for each of those lower priced tickets by raising the price of a seat somewhere else, rather than excepting a smaller but still extremely high profit margin. My hope is that this will eventually backfire and force the band to reconsider this approach. Though they're not nearly as good of a band, I wanted to mention something interesting I saw with Maroon 5, who are favorites of my wife's. As long as I've known my wife, they've sold out every time they've played at Madison Square Garden, and it's always been a near-instant sell-out and a hard ticket to get at face value. They were never cheap. When I first took her to see them in 2013, I think it was $100 a ticket, and when I took her back in 2015, that had creeped up to $150 a ticket. They just put tickets onsale for shows next year, and the pricing is out of control compared to previous tours. Everything on the floor is, at minimum, $200, with some tickets having face value of over $500. Everything on the lower level is a minimum of $200, with many being priced much higher. On the upper level, first 14 rows are $150 each (with some front row upper level seats priced at $350), the next eight or ten rows are $100 each, and then the last couple rows were $80. I completely forgot about the onsale, and figured when I checked later in the day that it would be all sold out. I was surprised to discover that there were plenty of tickets on the floor, the lower level, and the upper level. The only thing really sold out was the $80 tickets in the back row - those are completely gone. But there are tons of $200 floor and lower level tickets, and plenty of $100 and $150 upper level tickets. Looking at the interactive seat map, it looks like close to 50% of the tickets are still available. I think they also have one of those LiveNation deals. They're gonna play the show, and the promoter has already guaranteed them the money. But the promoter can't take a loss off 10,000 tickets not selling at all, and they wouldn't want the band to go out to that, so I wouldn't be surprised if (very quietly) prices are adjusted for the remaining tickets. On the other hand, the singer Pink is going on tour, and her prices are even higher than Maroon 5, possibly even higher than U2 (for her tour, they even charge an extra premium for aisle seats!), and that show at Madison Square Garden is completely sold out. I didn't realize that Pink was a bigger draw than Maroon 5, but based on these numbers, I guess she is. Unfortunately, it's not just U2. So when U2's management or Live Nation looks around and sees that newer acts, lesser known acts, acts with younger fanbases, acts who don't have the critical success or enduring popularity that U2 have had can get these prices, they must ask themselves "Why aren't we seeing U2 tickets for that price too?" In the past, it seemed that there was some mechanism for some kind of restraint. That mechanism no longer exists.
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    I'm going to guess that there will be no additional cities added on the current legs, but that additional dates will be added at existing cities. There may be a chance to add an extra city that falls along the route later on, especially if one of the cities doesn't sell enough to justify adding an extra show. (For instance, on the 2015 tour, I think Denver was able to be added because there wasn't demand to add all of the Los Angeles dates they had expected to add.) So I'd say maybe one or two extra cities could appear, but it's not likely to be a lot. I think it's more likely that the band will play the spring and early summer in the U.S., go to Europe for the rest of the summer, and then return to the U.S. for the late fall. That's typically how U2 area tours are routed through the U.S... that was their plan for the 2005 Vertigo tour and the 2001 Elevation tour. Historically speaking, the I&E tour routing was unusual for U2, and Bono's injury may have contributed to a delayed start, leading to a delayed ending and a lack of additional legs. I also think that the band genuinely believed when first booking the I&E tour that they'd have the new album out at the end of the year (2015), and then they'd be back the following year (2016) for additional dates. Obviously the album took longer than expected, which delayed the return to the tour. It's unlike U2 to return to the same staging they had used two tours ago, so I have to believe the original idea was for these dates were that they would immediately follow 2015.
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    It was a great night, over far to quick, but worth being in the cold for a good few hours 😀❤️🎼
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    What a night What a (mini)show I really like the new songs now i only need more gigs
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    I think they will add dates for Chicago. I've never seen them not do it. They start announcing one show and then add more dates for the same venue. I doubt they will go to Detroit. I think they'll set up camp in Chicago and add a couple more shows. It's what they've done for the IE tour and all other shows at the United Center in Chicago. The United Center is my favorite venue. It's a great place and they have good food to boot. I was a member of Prop since it began as well. It is a bit of a sting but I have never not gotten my GAs for a show so hopefully it will work this time too.
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    41, 425 - Exactly. Counting has many benefits.
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    Hi, US presales usually start at 10am EST which would be 3pm GMT. Just be sure to check though as this may change now they are using 'TM Verified Fan' . Having done this for other bands they sometimes start later. The Vegas presale may also be affected by the fact that it is in another timezone. If the time they tell you states 'EST' then add 5 hours for the UK or if it states 'PT' then add 8 hours. As long as you don't actually purchase tickets for Vegas your code should be good for Europe still. Last time you were able to purchase up to 4 tickets maximum for any combination of shows and venues, but you may want to contact TM in advance to clarify that the same rule will apply to this tour. Hope this is of some help to you and good luck getting those tickets!!
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    that is in some point my question, too. I tried to figure it out reading back in this thread but it's still not really clear for me. but at this point i think it shouldn't become a problem to be verified at this stage, too, when the European presale will be announced. *fingers crossed*
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    Be aware security is very tight in the square Beenthere 2 hours ago and they even asked me to cross away from the traffic lights And yes, I got a +1
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    Pretty sure based on info on the Wells Fargo Center website GA is $80 before fees.
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    GA is typically under $100 I've purchased GA both during pre-sales and after the public on-sale with no problem. It depends what you want out of the GA experience. If you want to be close or on the "rail" you will need to be in line all day. If you're okay hanging back but still having a good view then show up when the gates open.
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    I believe GA tickets are about $90. GA is the first to go most of the times. It's hard to say if doing the presale or not would increase your chances - I'd like to believe so. I agree about this tour - there is a lot of space around the stage/catwalk that increases the front row view chances without camping all day!
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    My subscription doesn’t run out until May 2018 but if I want to get pre-sale tickets I have to pay to re-subscribe now which is 6 months before I need to. Why? For U2’s love of money, money, money that’s why. You are becoming a disgrace boys. Taking more and more cash from loyal fans like me. Stop talking about problems in the world and start dealing with the problems of people like me who you are fleecing for more pounds than ever, while selling out to the biggest ticket tout of all ie Ticketmaster. Because of these new systems, no one can buy a ticket at face value from a fellow fan but has to go a Ticketmaster secondary site for a ticket at over the odds prices. It’s no longer a beautiful day Bono.
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    I've renewed my subscription even though it wasn't due to be renewed until march 2018. Better to play it safe!!