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    Couple of points, yes some of the answers I gave (my interpretations, not there in ANY official capacity - as I stated in the podcast) - some of the facts I were given were not correct. And in fact I would go further, I was misled on some things which I relayed on that episode. for which I have asked the atu2 guys an opportunity to go back on to explain. We mods are not employees of ticketmaster, we are fans. We relay what we can, when we can. We follow guidelines and try our best to represent fans when we can, and point fans in the right direction at all times. Whilst I understand your frustration at the moment, yours and many others, I am not the enemy. Mods are not the problem. We put up with a lot of crap from all sides, and plenty of good stuff. We are not angels. We are not perfect. But we are the best you have, so don't kick us when things are going not the way you like it. We may kick back.
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    My theory...it's all in the fine print of "Verified Fan" and my sincere belief that if we were assigned a presale group that meant we were verified. In reading U2.com/help: Can I register for other Verified Presales if I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale, like Verified Citi and Verified Fan? Yes, you may register for the other Presales in addition to the U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale. Please note, registration does not guarantee you will be verified, receive a code, or have the ability to purchase tickets through the other Presales. Note: "Does not guarantee you will be verified." In reading http://help.ticketmaster.com/verified-fan/ Am I guaranteed tickets if I get a #VerifiedFan code? If you have been randomly selected to receive a code it will unlock the ability to access tickets. However, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. Note: "If you have been randomly selected to receive a code...." This is new to U2.com subscribers, and unless you actively researched this OCD-style (like I have), you wouldn't have connected the dots here that the Verified Fan system was a lottery. How is that lottery chosen? According to http://help.ticketmaster.com/verified-fan/: Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan was designed to separate actual, human fans from bots and scalpers. The system aims to thwart bad actors who are in the business of taking away tickets from fans just so they can resell them. Our technology analyzes every registrant to make sure they are real people interested in going to the show. Please note: Registering does NOT guarantee you will be verified, receive a code or have the ability to purchase tickets. So, looking at this, it was an algorithm used by Ticketmaster that determined if "you've got the gifts to get me through the gates of that mansion." The algorithm apparently didn't take into account number of years of loyalty to U2.com, number of U2 concert tickets you've purchased through your TM account, if you've bought stuff through the U2.com fan shop, or the like. Not sure what the algorithm it was! But good people, loyal to U2 for decades were shut out of the ticket buying for this tour. Is that how the band truly wants to reward it's loyal of loyals? Is this how the band wants their legacy to be remembered - by letting a computer algorithm determine the legitimacy of their fan base? This is absurd! So, yeah - the fans who were shut out don't have a leg to stand on at the moment, and I can understand why the mods are having to dig out of a backlog longer than they've ever had to do before becuase it wasn't crystal clear to the fan club what it all meant - that we were entering a LOTTERY system through verification. That having an assigned presale group wasn't the confirmation...that setting up your account wasn't enough. That in some cases, being a member of the fanclub since its inception online wasn't enough. It's a tough pill to swallow and it's justified. This is why people like myself kept asking questions - this is why @bigwave came on our ATU2 podcast to answer questions. This is why we questioned...everything....! And still, we're facing this situation which, quite frankly, is worse than 2005 because this time it wasn't the scalpers who kept the loyal fans out of the concert - it was Ticketmaster themselves with their algorithms. It's not a perfect system, but it shut out some very good, loyal people who have traveled the world to see this band - and who most likely will be forced to pay a scalper for their tickets. In this way, the statement of "U2 cares about their fans and they are committed to making every effort possible towards getting tickets into the hands of fans only." hurts more than ever to so many shut out of the process.
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    We are doing something right now - we're doing our best to get up the chain of command with as many fan stories, as many examples and the like to let them know this is as bad - or worse - than 2005. We can't fix what has happened, but we're working hard to find an amenable agreement about it. The band's PR is notified, and we're doing what we can. There's nothing we can report on right now.
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    I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. I mean, let's say you live in Boston and register to be verified for the Boston show. It's then a two step process - the first step is verifying that you're real, the second is giving you a code. Many people will pass the first step, but few will get a code. If you don't get a code, you never get a chance to buy tickets for that show. So even before the Boston show goes on sale, Ticketmaster decides whether or not you're allowed to go to their webpage to purchase tickets for it. In the past, everyone had a chance to try their hand at buying tickets. Now, only a select few will. In the past, extra tickets would often be quietly released on Ticketmaster in the days, weeks and months after the initial onsale, so even if you didn't get a ticket the first day, there was still hope. Now, if you don't get a code, those opportunities won't exist for you. Bruce Springsteen is in the middle of an 80 show run in New York City, and I'm a huge fan. But thanks to Ticketmaster's Verified Fan policy, even though I was "verified", I was not selected to receive a code, so I was not allowed to even try to buy even a single ticket to any one of those 80 shows. Ticketmaster just decided that even though I passed my test, I shouldn't be allowed to try to buy tickets. And this is going to happen to a lot of people in the general onsale for U2. It's one thing to try to get tickets and not be successful -- it's another thing entirely for Ticketmaster to determine that you're not allowed to even try your luck in the first place.
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    In theory, they could lift the verified requirements for future dates. I think the big problem with the Verified approach - which I think was created with the best of intentions - is that it's portrayed as a one-step process when it's really a two step process. In the first step, TM tries to sort out real accounts from bots and scalpers, and that's a great thing. But the second, less publicized step, is that they then select only a handful of people who passed verification to receive codes for purchases. I think in the future, it would be better and more fair for everyone if TM verified who was real and who was a bot, but then issued codes to everyone who passed verification, instead of running a lottery to determine which verified people should get codes for purchases. This would weed out bots and scalpers, and then give all people who are actually fans an equal chance to try and get tickets. Right now, it doesn't seem like fans are getting that equal chance, and I think that's the more troublesome part.
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    I'm out too. Like Bono....I'm approaching 60. Difference is: this will be the first tour I've missed since Unforgettable Fire. I cannot do GA or Red Zone any more (due to serious back issues)......and I absolutely refuse to pay close to $200 for obstructed view. in the back of the venue....or $300 for nose bleeds. I won't even get into the $600 and $407 tix I saw in the lower rows of Loges closest to the main stage. Very disgraceful. Very sad day....... I'll save my $$ to see another artist.
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    You can only work with the information given. Many people were given misinformation - that's why there's so many of us trying to figure it all out. I don't believe that TM/Live Nation was transparent with U2.com or the fanclub representatives what it all means. Remember - this is the 1st time U2's gone Verified Fan route...for the whole tour! It's possible that you don't know what you don't know, and the right questions weren't asked until it was too late. We're all in this experiment together.
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    Not really shocked at this point, but get the frustration. Tickets for the past couple tours were similarly priced. The closer you get to the stage the more expensive the tickets. I got lower bowl tickets for MSG this time around for about $100 a piece (after all the stupid fees), which is more or less what I paid for similar seats on the Innocence tour. I paid $150 a piece for JT tix for what I would consider to be OK seats. Tickets anywhere near the stage were around $300 a piece...
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    Try closing everything and starting over, that happened to me because I had the page up too early.
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    I worry that they will, or if they don't, they'll come up with something worse. Switching Paul McGuinness for Guy Oseary says to me that the band, from a business perspective, is interested in maximizing revenue as a top priority. Look at Oseary's other client: Madonna. Madonna is someone who maximizes every revenue stream, from concert tickets priced at obscene levels before it was popular to do so, to other merchandising and "VIP" programs. You don't hire Guy Oseary if you want to have a good relationshop with your fans and provide a quality show at a reasonable price. You hire Pearl Jam's guys if you want that. You hire Guy Oseary if you want to extract every last cent from a fan base. On the other hand, what's essentially LiveNation's monopoly in major tours was gotten by paying above market value for each of the acts they got. U2 now just gets a flat rate for their work, and it's an extraordinarily high number. The only way for LiveNation to have a chance at recouping that investment is to set prices at extraordinarily high levels. On the last tour before LiveNation ran the band, the cheapest ticket was $50 and the most expensive ticket was $150, and the floor tickets were at the cheapest price level. On the next tour, where LiveNation ran the ticket sales but Paul McGuinness still managed, which was a mere four years later, the top price went to $250, the floor tickets jumped to $75, but the cheapest ticket was $30. So, prices actually came down for the worst sections, and there were affordable opportunities. Four years after that tour, the next one begins, this time without McGuiness, and the $30 tickets are gone, and the top ticket has jumped to $300. Two years after that tour, it's now almost $350. This is far above what inflation has done in the same period. I'd love to see some sort of an indication that the band actually care, but it's hard to find one. I say this as a long time fan who has seen every tour over the past twenty years. I think U2 made a decision that they don't want to be involved in the day-to-day business anymore, and don't really care about the details of where the money comes from or how they get it. I think they are so far removed from the actual process that they have no idea it's not running smoothly like it used to. But I also think it's their responsibility to be aware of how business is being conducted in their name, and I think this has been a huge failing and a huge blemish on what had been an extraordinary career.
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    Thanks for posting Sherry. Well said.. I was one of the experience group who renewed early (membership didn't expire until next year), registered with TM for the verified fan presale. Registered for shows I wanted to go to. Got the email saying i was selected for yesterday's presale but never got the code. I have PM'd a mod here who actually seemed concerned and asked for my member info/order number. Then never got a response back. Guess the best thing to do right now is get a refund for my early membership renewal. I am so disappointed in this band. I have been a fan since 1987, always kept my membership from lapsing.. And I feel like that means shit.. all for nothing..
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    I am still waiting for my email and pissed I left my "membership" lapse, have been for over 13 years... therefore in the innocence group.. I just checked ticketmaster for Chicago and if what I click is true GA is already gone..... Fuck that. Sorry but I find it crappy that this will be the first time is over 20 yrs i am not able to get GA tix.. At this point I am getting to old for this shit. I will try tomorrow and if no GA then I am done. Call me a snob, but it's either GA or nothing.
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    Don't panic. Bigwave explained it on the @u2 podcast today (https://www.pscp.tv/iChris/1zqKVMkvEylxB?t=46) If you have the green "setup complete" button and you are not a ticket scalper with a Ticketmaster history of suspicious purchases, you will be fine, you will get a code! That fine print language is in there to cover the fact that if someone has a suspicious ticket purchase history, that looks like they could be a scalper, then they would theoretically be denied a code. That's what I came away understanding after watching the podcast. Thanks Bigwave!
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    One of my favorite places to see U2 play! Can not wait for the show, so glad they are going to Montreal!
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    Hello to all you nice u2 fans ! the last few years/tours i just have this feeling as being ripped of from our favourite band...ticket prices rocketing, merchandise prices as they are all designer pieces, etc., delivery fees as if you ordered a train and not t-shirt, waiting for your order for months... And now the newest, needing to renew a valid subscription in order to get a presale code (for only 2 tix), needing to order the cd or vinyl to get 2 more codes, the whole additional time, stress, costs, searching for accurate information ? Certain EU countries are valid for this preorder, certain not (but all paying the same)...a lot of disappointments lately...and the stuff i heard from SOE so far is not promising either. Is it worth it ? Don't they realise that they are not gaining so many new fans and they should really take more care about the existing ones ? All of this is leaving a bitter feeling...unfortunately.
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    There's plenty of anger on this board, and rightfully so. But what seems to be missing from the discussion is the role that some fans play. Those who buy tickets from scalpers share some of the blame, as do those who grab up extra tickets with their presale codes and then sell them at a mark-up on Craigslist later. I saw that happen at one of the JT30 shows. Since the ticket limit was 4 instead of 2, we happened to be standing next to someone who bought 4 and sold the extra 2 on Craigslist. So, let's have some standards here, folks. If you know right now that you cannot go to the show, don't buy tickets. If you know that you're going alone, don't buy two just because you think you can make a quick buck later on the extra ticket. Leave it for someone who can go. And don't buy tickets from scalpers. Personally, I would rather miss a show than give money to a scalper. I wish more people felt the same way. **stepping off my soapbox now**
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    Again there is confusion over Verified Fan and Verified Subscriber. As I understand these are two different things. While the chance of fraudulent buyers is still possible with Verified Subscribers, it is clearly less likely especially with the Experience Group and that algorithm should either not be applied or adjusted to reflect this. I fear this will not get any better. There is no incentive for anyone to "fix" this in the favor of U2.com subscribers regardless of how long we have been members. U2 can clearly sell out shows on their own and Live Nation has other competing interests that are more lucrative than fan clubs.
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    Even with Subscription/Membership you still get out of control pricing on some of the worst seats available. If I wanted to get robbed I would have just gone to STUBHUB from the getgo.
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    There are two problems with the $300 seats. There are too many of them. I totally get having the very best seats $300. Every tour has top level seats for that much. Getting a good seat to a baseball game in Chicago, Boston or NY costs that much. Nevermind Broadway. But every single seat in the lower level is absurd. The second problem is they sell every single one of them, so they are not going anywhere.
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    Thank you!! At least something made me laugh today.
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    I think most cities will get a second date. On the 2015 tour, U2 played two nights in a row in each city, and then had two nights off before their next two nights in a row. If you look at how the dates are spaced, it looks like they're preparing to do that again: MAY 2 TULSA - not likely to have an added date since that would give U2 three shows in a row without a travel date MAY 4 ST LOUIS - could have May 5th added but would only allow one day off between shows so this is probably unlikely MAY 7 SAN JOSE - could have May 8th added and still have two days off before next show MAY 11 LAS VEGAS - could have May 12th added and still have two days off before next show MAY 15 LOS ANGELES - could have May 16th added and possibly a third date (18th or 19th), and still have two days before next show MAY 22 CHICAGO - could have May 23rd added and still have two days off before next show MAY 26 NASHVILLE - likely to be the only date in this city for same reasons as Tulsa MAY 28 ATLANTA - could have May 29th added, could also take two days off after then and add two more shows on June 1st and 2nd, and still have two days off before next show - could also add a new city between Atlanta and Montreal JUNE 5 MONTREAL - could have June 6th added and still have two days off before next show JUNE 9 UNIONDALE - could have June 10th added and still have two days off before next show JUNE 13 PHILADELPHIA - could have June 14th added and still have two days off before next show JUNE 17 WASHINGTON DC - could have June 18th show added and still have two days off before next show JUNE 21 BOSTON - could have June 22nd show added and still have two days off before next show JUNE 25 NEW YORK CITY - could have June 26th show added and still have two days off before next show JUNE 29 NEWARK - last day of first leg of tour, could add as many additional dates as they want My guess is if the first show in each of these cities sells out quickly, a second date could be added for almost every venue. For Los Angeles and Atlanta, we could see more than just one, or another city could be added between Atlanta and Montreal, or after Newark. The prices on this tour are very high. In certain markets, like Los Angeles and New York, I don't think that will be as much of an issue, but in other areas I could imagine the price causing tickets to sell more slowly than they had in the past. It's looking like, for a lot of venues, not only will most of the lower level be $325, but the upper level sections above the lower level $325 sections will be priced at $325 for rows 1-10 or higher in a lot of places. That could limit demand and may cause an extra show not to be added. (I think that happened in Los Angeles last year, where they held more dates at the venue than demand could fill - I don't think that Los Angeles had less people who wanted to see U2 from the previous tour, I think it's just that it had less people who wanted to pay to see U2 at the prices being asked.) So I think we'll definitely see more dates added. If it's like the 2015 tour again, the dates won't be added instantly but will have separate onsale announcements. And if Verified Fan general onsale is run for U2's additional dates the way it was for Ed Sheeran this year, there will be a separate registration period for the new dates as well.
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    I believe thats just for accounting/tracking purposes. Most venues with GA have row and seat numbers on tickets these days...
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    bschamberlain, that is just unfair. Being abusive to the moderators here is seriously offside. Try to put yourself in their shoes. All they can do is pass feedback on. They don't control anything other than these forums - and the fact they haven't shut you out speaks to how hard they work to try to make up for deficiencies at ticketmaster, scalpers, and other issues with presales and sales. Search the forums and you will see they have always done a great job of trying to sort things out for people by directing them where they need to go, and making issues know to "the powers that be". I can tell you they have helped me out with issues a number of times. You owe them an apology. By all means, be abusive to ticket master. 95% of the world will agree with you. Feel free to rant about the band's management. Lots will agree with you. They clearly tried to solve an ongoing problems with scalper's bots, and the solution had serious problems. At one time or another, we've all been super frustrated by a presale. Blowing off steam at those responsible who should have done a better job is fair. But leave the moderators out of it.
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    we do get perks as long term members.. priority access to tickets BEFORE everyone else, including newly signed up members who sign up after the tour announcement. it has always allowed me to pretty much get the exact tickets I desire.. until this time, of course, when we were booted from the experience presale for no reason. i just received my code a couple hours ago. AFTER the experience and innocence presales started. i should have had first crack at tickets, and now i'm stuck with overpriced leftovers. absolutely terrible.
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    Well, they'll have their smartphones. Back in the day, we actually had to talk to each other.
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    Thanks for this post. Can I also please point out, since someone in this thread stated otherwise, that the mods are volunteers, not employees of U2.com? I imagine they are in a really tough spot right now. It's clear they were busting their tails trying to help fans out, and that they had not been given correct information. Hats off to them for trying to help as much as they can. I'm disappointed for all the hard core, honest fans with just one U2.com membership who did not get a code. It doesn't seem fair at all.
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    Thanks for the excellent post and helping to clarify this fiasco. It's a very sad day to not get tickets and to feel so helpless. "And some days have bouncers and won't let you in"
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    Every time a new tour is announced, hope springs eternal that the ticketing process improves (particularly for subscribers) but every time the process is full of holes. I wasn't involved in the US leg this time but really hope they iron out the gremlins before announcing the European leg. I also hope they become more transparent about the very ambiguous statement about the opportunity for verified subscribers to receive a presale code. Anyone longing for the days of spending two hours pressing redial or lining up at a TM store?
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    Same. No GAs. No Red Zone. Nothing on the floor for LA at 10:00:01.
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    I think it's a little bit of an unknown at this time. For the Springsteen Verified Fan thing on Broadway, people who entered for the first set of dates who didn't get a code did not need to re-enter for a chance at the second set of dates. Fans who did get a code for the first set of dates had to re-register if they wanted a chance to win a code for the second set of dates. For Ed Sheeran's Verified Fan tour, additional registration periods were held for added dates. So I would guess that if you registered previously for an existing date, it may carry over for a new date, but it also may not.
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    I have that question out there too - what happens for added shows? Do we have to go through all of this again??? So far, no reply - presumably because they're still figuring this set of shows out. I find it difficult to believe they're only doing 1 night in key cities like Chicago, LA, Boston and NYC.
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    Ive dealt with other verified fan ticket sales like the Bruce Springsteen on broadway for example, my code worked for all future dates added. They simply opened registration back up though and enabled more people to join in addition to everyone who already got a code
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    So I just now... at 2:14 EST got my EXPERIENCE code texted to me Morons
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    Got a code but for 30 minutes kept telling me there was an error, I tried my phone, loptop, desktop, everything... eventually took the code. The seats TM is offering me now are bad, tried different cities but no luck, so I'm giving up. I love these guys to death but I'm actually at peace if I don't see them...went through the painful process to be verified and I've been worried about it, all that for this? There's a point in life where you just got to let it go. I follow them around all the time, just saw the JT shows many times, I've been more than excited for this tour, but this is just like any relationship, I love the band with all my heart, they've been there for me and I've been there for them, but even if my heart is breaking for not getting tickets, I'm happy I'm making this decision. I know they will be more chances next week but I already know I won't be too crazy about it. Love you guys so much. Thanks for everything!
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    I would've loved to see this tour but I'm out - $50 to register for $312 seat ( Atlanta ). I feel like I've been scalped by the band... 1/2 ( $156/ea ) would've been reasonable. I didn't even get to the "convenience" fee and taxes... Wow!
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    It's not even just about GA going fast. It's just ridiculously expensive tickets and very disappointing as a longtime fan.
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    My girlfriend and I both had codes. One works, one doesn't. Not that it matters with the seats that are available. This was the worse pre-sale I have ever experienced. My text says "...powered by #Verified Fan", Not sure who they are but they should be FIRED!
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    Well that sucked. Tried both Chicago and St. Louis but was unable to find any handicap accessible seats available. I enjoy the yearly gift, but being able to purchase tickets before the general onsale is the main reason I buy a fanclub membership.
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    No GA's or RZ's. Maybe I'm a snob, but I won´t see U2 with any VIP package or in a 300 bucks balcony!! I only enyoy in a GA I don´t need the special tour lanyard and gift. I just want to see U2!!!! no GA's for fanclub subscribers?? Please, RESPECT the fans. It's your main asset
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    How are there no GA tickets left in most of the venues. No way these all sold out to “verified fans”. How is Nashville already gone.
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    gpmakecki is right on the money with the credit to the mods! They do a great job trying to help with things beyond their control. Big Wave has solved many a problem for many a subscriber in the past. Even a thankless job deserves thanks from time to time. Thanks Big Wave! (But I'm not sure that sleeping like a baby is the reference you want to make on a U2 forum post SoI )
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    I sign up for U2.com membership before every tour. I only do it for the tickets. Never again.
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    wait until the EU presale process starts, please
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    I would say all in all hats off to these moderators. they have done an outstanding job with all this mess that was not created by them. they worked diligently day and not to get answers, deflect anger and try to make as many people happy as was possible. and from what I hear, with a good success rate... so, well done mods!
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    No. For the DC show, Red Zone tickets are $391. Lower level side seats are $325. The 400 level seats are $175. i guess Bono and the boys are short on cash.
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    Worse story ever- I lost my camera 2 days after visiting in June 2014!!! My husband had graciously helped me find it and hiked out there with me- so I had a photographer the whole time, too!!! I managed to capture 3-4 on my cell phone before leaving, realizing I'd want to post online right away, so those are all I have . I did sign the notebook, so there is proof there somewhere!
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    I'm not offended at all, and it's a legitimate question. I've been thinking about it a little while since I read your post and while I don't have a perfect answer, here's my idea, based on a real-life example. On the 2015, my mom joined as a paid subscriber just for that year so that she could get a pair of tickets. She was in the second group because she signed up after the tour had been announced. She was able to purchase the tickets she had wanted to buy without a problem. This suggests to me that having secondary groups aren't necessarily bad. It seemed to be that Ticketmaster had separate inventories for the two groups. In other words, for example, the first priority group had its allotment of GA tickets, and then the secondary group had its own allotment too. The groups weren't just a matter of lining people up but also setting aside inventory for each group. But I'd make the inventory more favorable for the early groups. I think someone who paid membership fees in off-years should have better choices than someone who signed up yesterday. So I'd say do the same. Just have a third group with Propaganda in addition to the other two groups. Because U2 generally tours once every four years, but the fan club makes you pay an ever-increasing amount each year, fans who don't let their subscriptions lapse on off years should get an extra perk. I mean, I paid subscriber fees for U2.com in 2004-2018, (fourteen years) but only purchased tickets in (some tickets went onsale in different years than the actual show) in 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2014, and 2017. So that's probably eight years I paid a $50 membership fee - or $400 extra in total - for something that gave me nothing of value in those years. You might be in the same boat. I think having the first group as it now is justified because we're paying a huge tax to be in it. I guess I'd just make the argument that Propaganda subscribers have paid an additional tax beyond that. It's not so much a matter of years put in or "I'm a bigger fan than you" but "I've been billed more and want something of value for what I've been asked to pay."
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    We did not have to choose a city. That’s only for the VerifiedFan during the General Sale. However, check back on the evening of the 13th, as new details may be added.
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    Something has been bugging me since I went to see the two U2 shows in Phoenix, and I can't quite put it into words yet, but I'm going to try... Each day, before the sound check, I waited outside the venue in hopes of getting autographs. I arrived around noon each day. I waited with a crowd of other people, and it was hot, I was thirsty, and I needed to use the bathroom, but I didn't dare give up my space. Most of the other fans around me were very nice, but some people were rather pushy and rude. On day one, I saw Bono and Adam, but couldn't get close enough for an autograph. I did, however, see the two of them very close. Close enough to see their eyes, their skin, their hair. I heard them speak. It was amazing to be so close to two famous people I admire so much. It was surreal. Day two, The Edge came out and this time I managed to get an autograph from him. When The Edge first came out to greet the fans, he was smiling, but after 15 minutes or so, he didn't seem very happy. He was polite, but it seemed forced. This made me start thinking about the fact that these four amazing people that make up U2 are, in fact, people. I started thinking about what their daily lives might be like. I tried to really imagine what they go through... For example, I traveled to Phoenix to see them and the time zone change really has messed me up. Two days later, I still feel "strange." Imagine changing time zones, day after day, for months! Yes, they are famous; yes, they make tons of money. You can argue that point all you want, but they are still human beings. This experience (seeing them up close) has made me think about all they've had to sacrifice to bring their fans the wonderful gift of their music. Their songs have touched my life deeply. I've actually made some major changes in my life at various times because their song lyrics really made me stop and THINK. Now I'm thinking about what they've given up to give their music to their fans. Things that the rest of us take for granted: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and even mundane things - like the freedom to go wherever we want whenever we want. If I want a pizza, I go out for pizza. They can't even do that without being mobbed. You might argue that they could pay someone to bring them pizza, or maybe they love the attention, or maybe that's the price they pay for fame, or maybe you think the huge amount of $$$ they earn is worth what they've had to give up... But I, personally, think it would suck. When I saw The Edge that second day, I sensed frustration and maybe even a bit of sadness from him. If ever I have the privilege of meeting anyone in the band again, I don't think I will shove anything in their faces for an autograph. I'll just observe and try to express my gratitude for all they've given us (and all they've given up for us). I hope this makes sense! (And yes, I have been told on many occasions that I think too much!)
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