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    Secured 2 GA tickets for DC this morning with no issues. I hope everyone else is having success!
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    Wait, I just got some tickets showing up a few tries after restarting my phone - issue solved! Thanks.
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    Thank you, Max! Somehow I just managed to grab one. The app didn't work for me, but the computer did.
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    Honestly, I think after this tour I'm done with the fanclub. Even if the fanclub presale had been flawless, the fact that Citi card holders were allocated more tickets than paid fanclub members, is absolutely ridiculous. Why should I pay for a membership when I can just sign up for a credit card and get allocated more tickets?!
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    41585 Three more days for the official release of SOE
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    Miracle Prince must be heading your way!
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    2009 was the date this version of Zootopia began, so earliest start date anyone can show on profile here is 2009.
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    Take my hand You know I'll be there If you can I'll cross the sky for your love. For I have promised For to be with you tonight And for the time that will come. Take my hand You know I'll be there If you can I'll cross the sky for your love. And I understand These winds and tides This change of times Won't drag you away. Hold on, and hold on tightly. Hold on, and don't let go of my love. The storms will pass, it won't be long now. This love will last, this love will last forever. And take my hand, you know I'll be there. If you can I'll cross the sky for your love. Give you what I hold dear. Hold on, hold on tightly. Hold on, and hold on tightly. Rise up, rise up with wings like eagles. You run, you run. You run and not grow weary. Hold on, and hold on tightly. Hold on, hold on tightly This love, lasts forever. Now this love lasts forever.
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    Sorry STING we are being stung at these outrageus prices! I don't care how much demand there is and who it is, concert tickets should never be this price! I have been to every tour since War but at these prices I will probably miss this one. Also it looks like the same stage set up as the I & E tour so same show just a few different songs.
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    Didn't have this issue, I tried the app but it wasn't working well and I switched to desktop (it's usually the other way round). If you don't get a refund they should* be hard tickets by which you can sell to fans here for what you paid. Unless you're trying for a refund in order not to use up your code, that's a different story. *I'm getting hard tickets for GA - not sure how seated tickets or packages (gold, silver etc.) work in terms of hard to e-tickets or the like.
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    I blame the people who buy from scalpers or resale sites. If people boycotted them then there is no business model.