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    I am obsessed with this album. So many incredible songs that get better and better the more you listen to them. The Little Things is rapidly becoming one of my favorite U2 songs ever - just phenomenal.
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    Fans of U2Fortaleza, yet to hangover, are to hearing special SOE
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    Great to see so many varied opinions about the new album. They've changed so much over the years that it's interesting to see the opinions of fans of the old stuff, and fans who have adapted to U2's evolving approach to every new release. I have to say that I thought the album was just decent on Day 1, now I think it's really awesome. And I'm in the camp that is OK with the fact that it doesn't sound like anything from Unforgettable Fire or Joshua Tree. And my four year old daughter actually knows the lyrics to a few of the songs and keeps asking me to play it - so validation that U2 can make brand new fans in 2017!
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    I just found out I can watch Rudolph on You Tube from illumination70's post. Also, my Irish Terrier licked and nibbled on my earlobes several times today. It was 63 degrees in Milwaukee in December. I think it may be a record high temp for the day. That's three things.
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    41736 - More of this on 19 December on BBC1!
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    Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to click on this post. I hope you'll consider what I write and digest on it. Also, I hope you're all enjoying the new U2 album, I am very much! Down to business--- Why do features like Verified Fan and Fan Club presales exist? They are sold to us based on the belief that charging high prices for concerts is wrong, and that "true fans" shouldn't have to pay high prices to attend concerts. It is argued that ticket scalpers charge unfair prices for tickets, and the aforementioned intervention resolves this by making it more difficult for scalpers to both obtain and resell their tickets. I want to make two points clear in this post: First, the prices which are sold on the secondary market are in fact "fair." Second, Paperless ticketing, verified fan and Fan Club presales have proven to be ineffective at filtering out only "true fans." To discuss my first point; Prices on the secondary market are fair. U2 is obviously a massive band. They have devout hard core base and have no trouble attracting in casuals to enjoy their spectacular shows. A relatively small 24 stop US tour(as of this writing) in 25000 seat venues combined with U2's popularity is bound to create expensive ticket prices. I am reminded of the 2016 World Series in which the Cubs were attempting to win their first World Series in 108 years. For home games at Wrigley Field, Standing Room Only Seats were being sold on the secondary market for ~$1500; their face value was $200. This reveals to us a very important point; the value of tickets is not determine by its face value; the true values of tickets is revealed by the secondary market. I won the ticket lottery and had the fortune of going to those games at face value. I also went to many regular season games. One thing stood out to me that differentiated the crowd at the World Series; no children were in attendance. Mostly everyone who attended was an adult who could truly appreciate the event. Why is this? Likely because the higher price of the secondary market dissuaded casual fans to attend and thus filtered the way more authentic folks to attend the game. Forcing true fans to jump through a bunch of red tape, drop an extra $50 bucks, and spend hours learning how to purchase tickets is time consuming and frankly stressful. To discuss my second point; Paperless ticketing, Verified Fan and Fan Club Presales have failed at filtering out "true fans." Did anyone ever bother to look at StubHub for the Joshua Tree Tour? Notice that "paperless" tickets were still being sold in GA. Scalpers had found a work around paperless ticketing the event. I am sure there were multiple ways around it. One way I heard about was using a prepaid debit card and using a fake ID matches the name on the card. Underage folks do similar things to get into bars, it makes sense it works for concerts too. Another complaint with paperless ticketing is that the inability to transfer to ticket to someone else is quite difficult. Because the tickets cannot be transferred and sell out quickly, it commits one to attending an event 5-6 months ahead without full assurance they'll be able to attend. Combining this with the inability/extreme difficult to transfer the ticket just makes life more difficult for folks. Another gripe is that if a middle aged fan who may have fell out of touch with U2 hears about the tour and has a rekindled interest, because he didn't hear about the tour in the two week window before the ticket sale, Ticketmaster's policies force him to be unable obtain a the beast seats in the house ticket for what may have be his favorite album as a youngster. As for verified fan, I have heard to process was very confusing. I was going to buy another year subscription, but after seeing all the hassle, I am done. I am not going to be Ticketmaster's puppet as they spew me propaganda; they are a monopolistic company and they only care about their profits; which is fine. But the way they lie and act as if they are on my side is sickening. Again, in my case Verified Fan did no verification at all. It only discouraged me from using the system. I rolled my eyes as I laughed at the 4 different presales, and all the accounts that had to be created. Its insane. In my view, the costs of paying for members ship and the time it takes to hop through the red tape is higher than the costs of just buying a ticket on StubHub at market value. I'd rather support a broke student trying to turnover some cash over evil Ticketmaster. Lastly, Fan Club presales. There was a time when the only way to take advantage of this offer was if you were an engaged fan who kept up with rumors and news, enjoyed the community and didn't hop on the bandwagon before a tour was announced. Those days are long gone. The fact that anyone can become a verified fan at the checkout at Ticketmaster.com has convinced me its just a way to get another $50 out of us. In Conclusion If Ticketmaster wants to sell U2 tickets below market value and forgo profits, that perfectly fine! However, when Ticketmaster/U2 create a bunch of frustrating red that ultimately fails in achieving its goals, and instead just wastes the precious time of the fans it claims to protect I feel compelled to writing an opinion about it. I suppose the basis in this post in the irony that Ticketmaster points the fingers at scalpers and claims they are villains. The way I see it, Ticketmaster is the villain. I will not be renewing my U2.com subscription. I do plan on attending the shows, but I will wait a month or two for the full shows to be announced and choose from the selection there on the secondary market. Songs of Experience has proven phenomenal album, and I think that it will be very special to hear it live. I hope everyone has a good day! if you've read all of this, I thank you for devoting some of your time towards reading this post. I hope you found it at the very least engaging. I had accidently posted this in the wrong section. My apologies.
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    Now you're thinking straight lin! Artist gets paid, You keep people employed (while we all still cling to money and jobs...ugh.) AND you get the record on release day! It's an old fashioned pleasure to go say 'Hi' to someone at midnight and exchange money for a product. Tell them you don't need a bag and wave it over your head while you walk out of the store! I'll be up with sun...cause I'm already gone.
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    Hope this is a goodbye album? Heresy! I have seen so many comments about SoE not sounding like "U2" with most comparisons referencing the older materials. There will not be another War, Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and nor should there be. Why do you think that U2 has been able to be as large as they are for as long as they have? Their music always changes, they always evolve. Some people hate it some people love it. Zooropa and Pop were a giant leap for alot of fans who prefer their older music. I personally love them. What band can make music in nearly any genera of rock (some blues and others) while making it their own? They still sell out concerts and win awards. They still rock your face off live. They still write good music. NLOTH had mixed reviews however it is great, yet it came out when bands like Imagine Dragons and Kings of Leon were getting big. That album reflects that. They can remain in the spot light by taking some modern flavor of the times and put the U2 spin on it. Pop, did the same for the 90s. Some albums stand out more than others, sure, and how to rank them is a matter of opinion as it is very subjective. I personally love all of the albums for their own reasons. They resonate with me because of a particular feeling they evoke or they become a soundtrack for a period of my life. To say one would hope they quit after SoE? That just doesn't make sense. They are not doing what most "classic" rock bands do when they become a tribute or release materials no one hears. They are still right up front making music that is up with the times. SoE for one has so much heart N soul. You want vulnerability, how about the way Bono recognizes his ego and also realizes he is mortal? Also, this has some of the best drums and bass lines that they have used in a while. So much momentum. I can see what you were saying however the godobye album part just hit me wrong. We all have our opinions though and I can respect that. --END RANT--
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    Kinsa I am glad that you really love this cd. U2 fans are really passionate and I love that. U2 can still move me too, otherwise I wouldnt be here. But I get goosebumps when I see them live. Little to none goosebumps on this cd however for me. Listened to it 25 times front to end. 5 good songs. 3 or 4 could be much better performed live. That's 8 out of 13. Not good, not bad. U2 have become like the stones. Nobody expects greatness for a new cd but just as with the Stones once they perform live they always rock and shine like in the good old days. Some of the songs on this cd have already been performed live. And I liked those songs in a live setting. But I cringe when I hear those same songs performed on this cd. Even Ordinary Love on the deluxe cd is screwed up with too much production. That song was great as original. And it was superb when I heard U2 play a live and acoustic version of Ordinary Love in Brazil! Now U2 sounds like Coldplay on their latest cd, just like any other boyband. The songs still can be good, but the sound is so unlike what U2 have ever made before. In a bad way. Give me Daniel Lanois back as producer for the next cd.
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    Ok. Firstly it's only my opinion after a day of listening intently - and it's only a day. This however, for me is the best work the band have produced as a collective piece of work in many many years. Opinions are just that of course and I will not dismiss the fantastic tracks that appear on every U2 release that has been and gone (but never forever). Songs of Experience is a thumbs up from me. Love is All we Have Left - I'm not a massive fan of auto-tuning voices either (bit like the guy from the newspaper). It's a 'nice' track, but I do really continue to feel it is misplaced on the album. Anyhow, we'll get to that later. Lights of Home - It starts ok, but again, slightly disappointed in the opening choices. However, this wakes up for me when Edge kicks in with the slide guitar. "If only you could see yourself, If only you could free yourself to be yourself." Amen - and we're off! You're the best thing about me - Love the opening rhythm riff by Edge, love Adams bassline fuzz kicking in and limited use of the snare drum by Larry works really well. It's a catchy tune, and one I've like from day 1 along with the video. A band having fun. "shootin' off my mouth, that's another great thing about me...." Self awareness to the fore there then! Edge taking a bit of lead vocal there too - always good. Get Out of Your Own Way - this is just a simply great track, a U2 tune that puts a big fat smile on my face. Cue the bassline - enter Adam again - "love has got to fight for its existance" - sure as hell does. "I can help you, but it's your fight." ...and a great segway (potentially my little highlight of the album ) into.... "blessed are the bullies, 'cause one day they will have to stand up to themselves." American Soul - currently taking the lead as my favourite track on the album "look around, look around, look around, it's a sound" - I'm nearly waiting for an invisible army to come knocking at my back door I'm getting so hyped up. Great riff, great effects on guitar by Edge yet again. Who is 'Brother John?" "You and I are Rock n Roll." Loving the last chorus and that pulsating high tone - like a warning signal - maybe it's a warning to us all. Summer of Love - the opening bars really remind me of another song by another artist - anyways... "West Coast" of where ...Ireland? California? - please tell. Beautiful chorus though and nice tune overall, easy listening - reminiscent of / with tones of 'Wild Honey' from back in the day. Red Flag Day - funky opening, catchy tune - maybe this one could have opened the album? No? Just me? I like it but I dont think its one of those ones you'll hear beyond the studio version. The Showman - a bit like the last one, and the one before. Yup 6,7 and 8 have that sort of catch thing going on - someone else mentioned 'The Beatles' somewhere - and I'm kinda waiting for 'oh, la ,la la's' slipping in there. This one is good though in a fingers tapping the steering wheel kinda way. "Chasing the sunlight, that's why I'm staying up all night." - oh yeah, got that t-shirt. Little Things - definitely has ancestry in 'Winter' - no bad thing. Dreamy lyrics at the start.... "High above the storm, a hurricane being born." "Sometimes, I cant believe my existence"....."All my thoughts are so reckless." A track full of great lyrics, U2 pulsating to a finish with Edge doing what he does best. Landlady - "No road without a turn, and if there was it would be too long". Definitely one I can drift through in a nice way - breaking into a lovely close on 3 mins - "every magic potion, every false emotion." The Blackout - I'm in a love/ hate relationship with this track at the moment. Give me time. It's a great chorus without a shadow of a doubt, I'm just not sure about the rest of it. It did however take me months to like ' Bullet the Blue Sky" so there is hope. Yes, two completely different songs, just sayin' it could take that long. Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way - I just love this big, fat, juicy plum of a tune - Phil Spector is in the house here somewhere surely. Bono reaching for notes in the sky, Larry skip beating on the drums. Look, it's just a bloody great tune, not overly complicated - it feels good, its melodic - Love is just a bigger feeling than anything OK! Makes me smile! There is a Light - Whoah, that was my sig on here for some time after the release of SOI as 'song for someone' took me back so much to my mothers passing in 2013 - this is a good though. "There is a light you cant always see"....."There is a light, don't let it go out" - beautiful. Tones dare I say of Willie Nelson in this - sorry Bono. "Are you tough enough to be kind, do you know your heart has it's own mind." This is a nice closer to the standard CD. Book of Your Heart - Great track - which takes me back to the start. I might, had it been up to me, opened the album with this track. Mysterious and beautifully crafted work of art.. "THE CONTRACT OF THE HEART" Great work U2 - It's a long way from Boy. Great early vibes from this one. Looking forward to the tour next year or whenever!
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    Yep. I had 315 row 5 as I remember. Insanity!
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    gotcha... it certainly sucks that you weren't successful...