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    Unforgettableu2 -- What's funny is that I apparently knew this was not common at age 12 and 13, to be so into U2, as I recently was cleaning out some bins of stuff and found not one, but TWO essays that I had handed in to be graded in 7th and 8th grade, all about my devotion to the band. So obnoxious...I wrote something like "while other pre-teens like myself are into Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, I prefer the deeper sounds of U2." LOL! Anyway, I fell in love with With or Without You on the radio, got the record, watched them on TV collect all their Grammys, and I was hooked. There may have been a pre-teen crush on Larry Mullen. I just listened to Joshua Tree over and over nonstop and, like you, felt like these musicians were playing and singing the unarticulated parts of my soul. Got a tape of Under a Blood Red Sky and just could not believe my ears when I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday. Never had I heard anything like it. It's still my #1 favorite U2 song, 30 years later. A great memory is me and the boy next door, both of us in 7th grade, almost getting into a fist fight about whether the live or studio version of SBS was superior. Then I got October and it was all over. Tomorrow, October, I would listen to over and over. I do feel like U2 reach into the threads of radiance that are all around us at all times, and hand that connection/experience to us in the form of a musical gift. It was that feeling that pulled me in then....I had no idea that many years later I would earn a masters of divinity...but yes I'd say that even as a pre-teen I was drawn in by their spiritual side as much as the music....and it hasn't changed! I know what you mean about it feeling like a calling. I like some other bands, I mean I enjoy them, but my relationship to U2 is just on a whole other plane and I can't imagine feeling that way about any other band. And experiencing them live, oh my goodness.....
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    JCF.... Wow....thank-you for sharing your story...you literally gave me chills....because I completely embrace all your words. I rarely meet others who feel deeply.....who process the world beyond a surface level. U2 seems to satiate this deeper need to feel and understand the unanswered questions inside us all. You and I obviously connected in way.....that u2 did for us in our very innocent but curious age of 12. Madonna, Duran Duran or Michael Jackson...served a purpose at that age, or as you stated maybe "Debbie Gibson/Tiffany"......but, I was always searching for MORE. I always knew from the first day I listened to U2.....they were special.....and knew they would be a marking force in this world. I felt their music/lyrics so deeply....often it would make me cry.....and yet comfort/pacify my adolescent pain/discourse. JCF...wow you have a masters in Divinity....that is so incredible.....you could teach me to understand the bible. Interesting enough, I was raised strict roman catholic....church every sunday......and yet, U2's music was the catalyst that made me seek understanding of passages from bible. October is such a spiritual record.....I would play it over and over.....and the more I played U2.....the more spiritually seeking I became. Religion has so many contradictions...but, I found U2's music to be more parallel and inspiring in seeking God's teachings to mankind. U2's music serves as a voice of God.....reaching the average populous....in mysterious ways........and U2's concerts are like attending a baptist church in Harlem......raw, unabridged, enlightening and inspiring to become/discover the higher purpose of one's self.
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    41 787 Even "The Donald" couldn't stop the counting...
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    exact thoughts......JCF & MANO..... U2 is the pretty much the only band I love unconditionally.....they could do anything, say anything and be anything.....and I WILL FOLLOW. I've spent "mucho dinero" on them....I didn't have.....and I'd do it all over again.....and they are the ONLY band I would do this for.... And yes..... After a U2 concert is like coming down from the highest plane......withdrawal from a drug that you didn't know existed..... U2's music is pure dopamine.....and the closest experience to heaven on earth....
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    Same here. I think you described it well. I always feel like my face *must* be shining like Moses when he came down from Mt. Sinai, after U2 shows! It's always a little rough coming back down to Ordinary Time after being in U2 Time for several few days.
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    Unconditional Love. Selflessness. Trust. Faith. Forgiveness. Wholeness. Second Chances. Comfort. Joy. Peace. Reassurance. Rejoicing. Generosity. Compassion. Charity. Wonder. Acceptance. Courage. To give such gifts! To truly open our hearts to receive such gifts gratefully. Quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach, The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude
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    Yes to all! I was just a few years behind you, "waking up" to U2 at age 12 with Joshua Tree in 1987...and I have never gone back....yes, Bono's intense spiritual journey is one of the things that speaks to me so much in their music, and in his work.
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    Haven’t listened so intently to an album in years ! Absolutely bloody brilliance just gets better and better every listen !
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    Can’t stop listening to SOE. Music for the soul.
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    S O E only heard about 10 times .................. the more i listen to it the more I really love it /// Anyway No Line on the Horizon is my favourite U2 album of the 2000’s ................. Life is short It’s the longest thing you’ll ever do The worst, the curse Was that your dreams came true God is a mirror in which each man sees himself Hell is a place where you don’t need any help When I first met you, your face was like snow Forever, wherever you wanted to go Your face, your grace, your can of mace Your case as you put it down 8.17 on the ground Your faith in a clown Your faith in a clown Don’t leave me now Don’t leave me now Alone in the song Don’t leave me now Alone in the song Don't leave me now ................................
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    NBayer - I think a lot of your observations about the mechanics of ticket sales are correct. Where I disagree, and this may be more of an opinion disagreement than a factual dispute, is in this section: Now, on the whole, that may be true. But no one put a gun to U2's head and said "sign this deal" - they took a deal that offered them an obscene amount of money, as is their right. But I also think that they are responsible for what is done in their name. The prices are outrageous. Perhaps they didn't set them on their own, but they sold their business to a company that did. I just don't think it's reasonable to say that U2 are basically innocent bystanders in this, and that poor Live Nation just needs to do anything it can to earn back its investment. I don't mean to put words in your mouth and I don't mean to suggest that you're cool with all of this. But I think ultimately U2 are responsible for the deals they sign, and what they allow people to do in their name. If they had never, ever made statements about respecting their audience, if they hadn't talked in the past about wanting to keep prices low, if they hadn't made fun of other bands who charged high prices, etc., etc., it wouldn't bother me in the same way. There are performers I like, Sting for instance, who has never made a secret of the fact that he wants to be paid a lot of money for what he does. He never talks about wanting any kind of fairness for fans or reasonable prices or anything. So when he charges his high prices, it doesn't feel like hypocrisy. Even on this tour, information on pricing before the tickets went onsale wasn't easy to come by and was often inaccurate. There's a seating chart from Atlanta that's been making the rounds, on the Atlanta venue's official website, and it lists which sections are what prices. The problem is, it's comically inaccurate. It insists, for instance, that the top price on the upper level is $175. However, when tickets actually went on sale, it became apparent that the majority of sections marked as $175 were actually $330. Who benefits from this misrepresentation? Not the fans. We're denied the opportunity to make informed decisions about what tickets we're willing to buy and how to spend our money. I think this deal, and specifically how this tour has been handled (after the questionable handling of the 2015 tour) has left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. I am not seeing every single show I could possibly see on this tour, and that's the first time in twenty years that I can say that. The tickets were too expensive, and the value being offered wasn't there. On the 2015 tour, with the same setup, there were plenty of tickets in the $100 price range that offered a full view of both the stage and the screen. On this tour, there are no tickets at that price level that offer that view. My $100 upper level seats from 2015 have been reclassified as $175 tickets on this tour. My $100 lower level side stage/behind the stage seat from last tour has been reclassified to a $330 ticket on this tour. Just think about that. In the past, when U2 added technology to their shows, even as recently as the 2015 tour, the point of the technology seemed to be to bring the show to all seats, even seats which traditionally weren't considered good. That upper level $100 ticket I had in 2015, it seemed overpriced before the show, but I was pleasantly surprised that with the screen and the double stages, it was a far better ticket than an upper level ticket normally would be. So what happened between then and now to justify charging $75 extra? It seems that the approach has flipped from "Let's use technology to make the seats in the back better for fans" to "Let's use technology so we can charge more." After an entire career of approaching things from the former point of view, it's a bit shocking to see this reversal. I think it's one thing to charge a super high price for what are obviously and undeniably incredible seats. People paying $330 a ticket should have every confidence that they're getting some of the very best seating in the house, but that's not what's happening here. Make the seats that are closest to the stage and with the best view of the screen, the best 5% or 10% of tickets, charge $330 for those and no one will complain. But $330 for a high row of the upper level far away from the main stage? How is that remotely close to being worth the same as a lower level ticket near the main stage and with a full view of the screen? I'm kinda relieved that those high priced, far away tickets aren't selling. The sales are way off on this tour compared to what they should be, and I hope that everyone involved in planning and pricing this tour looks at what's going on and adjusts for next time. If prices are going to continue to consistently rise, with no relation to inflation and no recognition of the relative crappiness of some of what they're charging these prices for, there are many of us who won't be able to afford to attend next time.
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    This album is a "gift" and what a great present to open before Christmas. Fitting that "gift" is also the name of the poem that Bono quotes before the performance of Get Out Of Your Own Way in Trafalgar Square. I looked this one up, it's by a Polish poet and it's beautiful. http://www.u2.com/news/title/in-london-for-the-mtvemas Gift A day so happy. Fog lifted early, I worked in the garden. Hummingbirds were stopping over honeysuckle flowers. There was no thing on earth I wanted to possess. I knew no one worth my envying him. Whatever evil I had suffered, I forgot. To think that once I was the same man did not embarrass me. In my body I felt no pain. When straightening up, I saw the blue sea and sails. Czesław Miłosz
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    It's a interesting, albeit really sad thought. Undeniable that they are significantly closer to the end than the start. No doubting that. But what a ride.... It is probably why I haven't entirely brought into this seemingly new and surprisingly vehement emergence of a backlash from within the hardcore faithful towards the band of late. Sure the ticket sale process could have been infinitely better (to say the least), perhaps the JT shows would have been better not wedged between these two records and tours and absolutely it would have been devastated not getting a ticket. 100% understandable and gut wrenching. But....... They are still here. There are still shows. They are still recording and they are still touring. The alternative is much tougher to face. It could have all ended long ago. I know that it is difficult to try and follow that line when you suffer the pain of missing out on a ticket, but it is worth a thought. I remember listening to 40 from that final show of Popmart back in 98. Back when you paid exorbitant amounts for a bootleg in a record store. It felt in honestly like it could have ended right then. A slow, almost mournful version of the tune. On the back of record that struggled in the US. And a tour that had its fair share of difficulties in cutting though its own ambition. A tour where they copped a lot of flacks in places. I loved Popmart though, but that song felt so sad at that time and I couldn't help wondering if the next move was the lads head off to the mansion in the south of France and buy a winery. So everything since then has been nothing but a bonus. And anything after Experience would continue that theme. Let alone the vast amount of material locked in the vault somewhere. Keep in mind I'm an Australian fan, so suffice to say I haven't even had a chance at a ticket to show here for a very long time. Right now I think us hardcore fans need to take a step back for a second and remember why we are actually even here in the first place. Throw on a record on, turn it up and get lost in it again. Let The Fly rattle the windows. Get drunk and belt out One. Get even drunker and croon With or Without You whilst kicking out an imaginary microphone stand Rattle and Hum style. Nothing is guaranteed, there is no entitlement - but there are a shit load of tunes to fall back on.