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    I agree. Most of these types of issues could be fixed with a better staff, or at the very least better training. The question is: who is responsible for that, TM or the venue? From what I've heard, TM is notoriously cheap in regards to staffing at the lower levels. I always thought that all of those fees paid for stuff like that. But my guess is, they are probably finding areas where that can cut costs and that is one of them. Some of the staff is okay, but I got the feeling many of them were new at it. I will also venture a guess and say that they probably have a lot of turnover, which again creates training issues. And I'm right there with you in the fact that going to a live concert was one of the best things in the world. In my youth, I went to as many as I could afford. Now, I'm down to one band. They are my favorite and I've been a fan for a very long time. So it is a little sad to know that this awesome experience can be marred extraneous things like pre-sale fiascos, inadequate staffing and downright ineptitude. I've long accepted the rising costs of tickets (ZOO TV was $27.50 for me) and thankfully, I make more money now to afford it. I personally think the fees charged should be enough to hire a better team to manage properly to prevent delays/bottlenecks/etc., but what do I know?
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    I just remembered, last night was the 20th anniversary of the U2 Popmart concert in Seattle and I was there!!!
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    After more than a week of steady listening on Spotify (the vinyl still hasn’t arrived from Live Nation), I can’t shake the opinion that this is easily U2’s worst album. Just embarrassing. I can’t help cringe at different points throughout the album. U2 is more corporation than band now. It’s too late to quit with grace; can they quit before they become evil? (My experience with Live Nation tells me no.)
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    I wouldn't go so far as to predict a set list but I do hope that certain songs are given a rest this tour (I'm looking at you Pride, Vertigo, Elevation & Beautiful Day). It would be great to hear lesser played hits like Who's Going To Ride Your Wild Horses, Stuck In A Moment, Staring At The Sun & 40.
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