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    41 945 My giant coasters arrived on Monday Bono can't sing anymore. I watched them on the BBC the other night. His voice just isn't strong like it used to be.
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    Loved Light of Home on BBC too great live songs ! The album is still staying strong to me definitely their best work in many years, not a filler on it !
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    JCF... I play the album multiple times a day. And like you, I do like the album & lyrics,too. And also like you.....I never care what the critics think, either...... I base my love for their music.....from my own perspective! Like ALL u2 albums....the more I listen.....the more "in love" I become/committed. Much like the natural course of a human relationship....it evolves with time. Oddly, u2 albums get better and better with time....not worse.....like most songs. Passengers was really cool stuff.....and I think if they let themselves be creatively "free'' and uninhibited like that.....the intuitive genius in them will naturally flow......
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