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    My humble opinion here, but to me U2 fail to promote their best songs. American Soul and Get Out of Your Own Way are two of the weakest tracks on album, IMO. I wasn't excited about the record until I heard the other stuff: Red Flag Day, Lights of Home, etc...
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    Love the way they ignite the lightbulbs on this performance akind to the big lightbulb Bono swung over his head on the opening live tracks during the 'Innocence' Tour. A definite connection for me between the two albums.
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    42, 008 - I have literally just received my Joshua Tree vinyl set! I'm counting that as a Christmas present from U2
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and proclaim Book of Your Heart as the best song of the album. This is the perfect synthesis of U2's career musically speaking and lyrically speaking. I love the song!
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    Peace. Me being a peace-filled listening person for my family members as we gathered.
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    Sometimes yes. In SOE I believe 'Your The Best Thing About Me' was a perfect first single. 'Get Out of Your Own Way' the same thing. But in NLOH, 'Boots' was mistake. I believe 'Magnificent' and 'Moment Of Surrender', they were the best options
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    I really hope they play Every Breaking Wave with the full band. As much as I liked the stripped down piano version, this is one of my favorites off SOI and I'd love to hear it loud...with DRUMS AND BASS and that guitar going chug chug chug.
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    In general I’d agree as songs like The Troubles, a where you can see me now we’re absent from the last tour. Instead they played bland songs like Song for someone and California. On NLOTH Being Born and Stand up comedy we’re againleft our of the tour in favour of Breathe and Boots. But IMHO opinion Red Flag Day and Lights are banal at very best.
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    From the album Beautiful Day!

    It FINALLY happened!!! He's my idol!! I am very lucky and will forever cherish this. :)