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    Still hoping for a Scottish show, my son wants to go see them, would be his first time, On the Simple Minds subject, their new album is getting some really good reviews, looks like they are continuing this late career burst of form, a bit of a renaissance.
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    I'm with you, Cazza! But not only is it "a little cunning", I think, it's not necessarily 100% legal, beause of the late change. I'm not a lawyer or something like that, it's just all day live when it comes to contracts of any kind. I've said that before........ no one cares about .......not nice....
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    Thank you so much for posting the above. It is greatly appreciated. I'm loving SOE more and more. I cannot get enough. It's gotten to when do I stop listening so I don't over listen! Gotta love that but thanks, dmway.
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    Yes big time to Wild horses. Great shout.
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    Yes the latter I feel NLOTH has a similar feel to UF did, it took me back to it when I first listened. A bit like Red Flag Day takes me back to War.
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    last night I listened to Zooropa before falling asleep. looking back, this album sound wise was a real leap and I love it for that. I can't believe it's 25 years old
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    Agree about not looking after the fans-that's probably Live Nation and the agencies. There were tickets available this morning,i got GA's for Lisbon & Hamburg.
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    It's not about touts. Ticketmaster is the first trying to rip off fans. They would not let me order the GA tickets I wanted and kept offering me high price tickets instead. We were smarter and got the tickets we needed logging in from another computer but I don't think this is the way customers should be treated and whenever I can buy tickets from another provider I will do.
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    Can't stop listening to Songs of Experience. Life long fan and I believe it is their best since Achtung Baby!
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    Same here! No standing whatsoever!! Wish i hadn't bothered signing up again.
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