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    I agree with all your sentiments, Manolive. Except I think it's going to take more than everyone watching a video and discussing it. It is going to take, and is taking, so many of us who have been sliding by with just voting and nothing more, stepping up and showing up, making the phone calls, going to the rallies, testifying at hearings, running for office, campaigning for good people who are running for office, all of it. Getting out of our own way and getting off the couch and showing up. AND...this album helps me do that. My kids were complaining a couple weeks ago about "going to another boring rally" when we were heading to our state's Women's March on the Polls and after my boring little lecture to them about the fragility of democracy and our duty to stand up and protect it (a lecture no one ever gave me as I grew up in the 80s)....I put on Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way to inspire us. These are scary times for democracy and I find that song and Love is All We Have Left to be such balms to calm and ground me when the fear gets out of hand. SOE has shaped up to be a gem indeed, for me. Two months in and I am still so in love with it.
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    Would love to hear ‘Please’ LIVE again.
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    Come on guys, Please play Discotheque,,,,, Please..Please,Please some songs from Pop on next tour...i need to wear my silver spandex = deal Larry ?
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    I scored 2 standing tIckets for my friend for the 9th at around 10am on the app. Tickets were being released throughout the morning so you just had to be patient. More tickets will become available closer to the day. No need to pay 300 euro for a noeebleed.
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    When I had classes in educational theory at uni, I remember that we were told about the Jones model for management during lessons. It consisted of two precepts: "Catch them being good", and "Be positive, be brief, and be gone". I'm going to exemplify the second maxim right now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SOE!!! That is all.
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    I think you were sharing what's on your mind and in your heart as it relates to the specific, political commentary on SOE. As others have said, we have to talk about it all. There is a lot in this album, and some of it is very specific to the current political and cultural moment in the USA. Anyway, if you were preaching, I'm in the choir, ha!
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    42 687 Back again got cought up in the presale mania. Got my Belfast GA ticket going with my sister and her husband
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    Good to read all this, as we're going to Belfast as well
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    the big four on *POP* are MOFO, LNOE, GONE & PLEASE < some people may not agree with that but imo those are the best songs on the album. any of those 4 would be great... wait, there are no Aussie dates, why should I even give a sh*t?
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    See, I'm not big into politics really - yeah, sounds crass coming from a guy that lives in Northern Ireland and grew up through the 70's + 80's + 90's - but I'm not. Maybe I've just become politically weary of all the nonsense I heard growing up. Where I grew up, only 25 miles North of Belfast - I was, largely, unaffected directly by much of what went on in my country. That said, perhaps I was lucky, because by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many were not so lucky and affected deeply or lost life. My point. The world has changed. I was on social media this morning, and my cousin, (who resides in North East Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, and that I've been fortunate enough to visit a few times, once in 1989 + 1991, when we were younger, and more recently in 2015 (got to see U2 in NYC), and only last year) - sends this beautiful image of Statue of Liberty, with the moon, and a message - 'let's remember America was built on immigration.' Love her to bits - she's my feisty cousin, albeit, we're not as young as we used to be. She's proud of her Irish (Belfast) roots though she herself was born in the USA, to my wonderful Uncle Mal & Aunt Belle (now in their seventies) who hail from Belfast. THEY sought the American dream in the early 1970's when N.Ireland was in a spot of bother. Young Americans were fighting in Vietnam, to the point were American companies were advertising jobs in the Belfast Telegraph newspaper. They chose a new life. This wasn't in the days of the Titanic not making it to the other side - this is in my lifetime and immigration is part of global coexistence. So whilst I'm not good a doing politics - I very much don't do aggression either - I very much value coexistence. Whilst U2 for me will almost always be about the music (I believe in this album because of the subtleness of some of the instrumental work on this album) - there will always be a part of me that wants to shout 'LOOK AROUND, LOOK AROUND, IT'S A SOUND, LOOK AROUND - IT'S NOT A PLACE.'
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    I see I did. My mistake. Me so sorry!
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    i know the world is dumb... but you don't have to be ...
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    It's mostly because in this case, I really like your writing and your willingness to discuss, that I have to comment. Going back to when I was introduced to WAR. Aside from a serious crush on the incredible girl who gave me a tape ( Janet where in the world are you ? Hope you are happy !), it opened me up to a new way of expressing an overwhelming anger and cynicism at both the Irish situation and in a larger sense, the world, the nuclear clock...and my seeming impotence to have any effect. I learned the value of the arts in protest. I learned that art in all its forms takes on the issues political people won't, can't or are intentionally manipulating. I gravitated towards music in this vein. It catches the attention of many who might otherwise not be paying quite enough attention. 30+ years later, more than ever, we need these issues addressed. We all only have one kick at the can and it is extremely tough, even for those who pay attention to the politics around them, to express a counter opinion. Humans by nature are sheep ( ish) and tend to not want to rock the boat, are susceptible to group think and can be confused on fact vs fiction, truth vs lie. Combined with the fact, the slippery slope of US politics today is to immediate and forcefully intimidate those who express democratic and social justice issues obviously counter to current federal leadership. The lack of individual challenge as a result of either sleep walking or intimidation allows, and history shows this very well, sociopathic personalities to lead us down the wrong path. There is a depth of absolute immoral, racist, economic elitism that is getting locked in as 'normal' and more and more acceptable. Sociopathy as leadership, no empathy thus - no ability to create policy or opportunity for those on the edge. It can't go un challenged. I just can't let it. I'll try to be tactful to people in expressing this thought, less so with political people. Happily willing to have my nose broken again, but this time I will punch back, not first, but they will know they are in a fight. Just too much at stake. Now is not the time to be pinched by the depth of political commentary on this disk. I value it deeply. Bono was extremely considerate to intertwine it with his love for the US - as an idea that bloomed into something special at on time, but is disintegrating at such a rapid pace that ignorance can't be an excuse anymore.
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    Thanks Martinmc!! I had been looking at that map you sent me and they do look like great seats but that's nearly my problem. If they are great why didn't they charge top price for them!! Unfortunately there is a part of me thinking there is some sort of catch with the seats i got :-( Is the stage design the same as 2015 where it runs down middle of standing section?
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    Nice story. Welcome to Zootopia.
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    42 677 afternoon.all. well done Padawanbeck84. I have just signed up for this year's race for life.5k this will be my 7th year doing it so need to start training now.???
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    42, 675 - Excited lunchtime counting as I just found out I've won a prize in a giveaway! And yes, this being me, the prize is a book
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    From the date of Stephen's post, he was referring to the first presale for European shows, not the ones for Ireland etc happening this week. ?
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    oh gosh, I'd love to hear Mofo or Last Night On Earth live again.
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    Yes we intend to have a brilliant time. Thank you for your posts! I visited Copenhagen years ago with some friends but only had 2 days. This time we arrive by midday on the Weds and have through till Sunday morning after the show so we have a good 3.5 days. We’ve got an apartment somewhere within walking distance of the centre. Very excited already. I will pm you nearer the time rikkealber - thank you! We’ll probably just like to have a wander and admire the architecture but to do something unique would be good too (other than see U2 in Copenhagen that is) don’t know what yet so recommendations will be wonderful. We aren’t clubbers or into trendy bars or anything like that but a few beers in a nice bar and a bit of people watching is up our street.
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    I think you have no need to worry for block 116. And it's Edge's side (I hope). I'm in block 115. Hope you and your husband will have a great time in Copenhagen!
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    It's not about touts. Ticketmaster is the first trying to rip off fans. They would not let me order the GA tickets I wanted and kept offering me high price tickets instead. We were smarter and got the tickets we needed logging in from another computer but I don't think this is the way customers should be treated and whenever I can buy tickets from another provider I will do.
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    Congrats on the tickets! Managed to get my own, very important to get 'home' concert tickets :-) You will enjoy the Arena, transport to/from is so easy with the Metro. Live in Copenhagen and just pm me and I can easily help with recommendations to food, what to see and so on based on your preferences.
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