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    43 369 Hi Malahide! I was busy with work and stuff
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    43, 368 - I've been at writing group and the library. Now it's back to coursework.
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    Still have a few NY shows and CT as well for the final show of the tour! Thanks! It will be awesome--
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    That's a tough one. The Forum is not downtown. It's over by the airport. I'm guessing maybe 12 miles from downtown? Uber will be your best bet. I went to the Rams playoff game in January, there were something like 80,000 people there. When it was over we were able to get an Uber within 20 minutes. Have fun!
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    Public transport is horrible. I used to take the bus to Kings games when they played at the Forum. Dicey, at best. Uber or taxi.
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    So cruel has always been a favorite...ive gone back and forth on who I am in song...it's just haunting.. Acrobat is another. I'm sosososo SO excited to hear it live. ?
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    Complete Rubbish.. Of course they do, they have the ultimate sign off. The key thing on this tour I would suggest is taking the margin that the Scalpers were getting for I+E and taking it back into U2 Inc, TM and LN. Effectively pricing some tickets at "market rate". However it looks like it has backfired in US, and there seems to be tickets drops coming up very regularly. Europe seems to be more fairly priced, (after seeing US shambles) and tickets have sold much better.
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    I'm not new ..I've been bouncing around these boards since WAY back in the early aughts. I've sworn off all traditional social media of late...so here I am...crawling back to this place. That makes it sounds worse than it is. Really. ? I'm so excited about this tour... I think there is so much potential for an amazing bunch of shows...geared to us with the experience under our belts. ?? I will checking it out both nights in San Jose...it's coming up quick!
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    Our hearts are broken to hear about the tragic passing of Avicii, artist & long-time (RED) supporter. Sending love to his family & friends. Rest in peace.
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