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    I concur. I absolutely hate phones at gigs as it utterly ruins it for everyone around them. Hopefully the AR will be stunning and then people will get back to living in the moment (that they can’t get out of ) with U2
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    Yes I Agree with everyone I would normally snap a few pictures for posterity and then put the phone away for the show. With so many of us (presumably) doing this at the beginning of the show, it will be a fun group exercise. But then yes, put your phones away people! Live in the moment!
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    I am not a fan of cell phones at shows either. Once again, we concur. No offense to those whomever likes their phones. For Twenty One Pilots, at the UC in Chicago, I had my phone sitting on my left leg. I was in the first row of a 200 level section. I stood up and forgot about my phone. It flew down a whole section. (mortifyingly funny, I thought) I then proceeded to do the same thing a second time that evening...about twenty minutes later. (not a hole on this Earth small enough for me to hide) It is pretty much impossible to send one's cell phone flying, such as I did, at not attract attention. I don't like attention in public. I stopped bring my phone into venues. I need to come up with a cool way of tying it around my neck or something as this is the first show I will actually need my phone since my TOP buffoonery. That image of Bono popping out like that looked really cool. I was about to turn it off when it stopped. It seems we have the opening of the show. I'm am very excited.
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    Thanks for posting these. I usually avoid these spoiler threads like the plague, but I was too curious this time! I'm not going to comment publicly on what was rehearsed, but I was and am surprised by the setlist, mostly very pleasantly surprised. If songs that appear for the moment to be omitted are actually omitted, this is a big step for them - I fully understand why they would take this step now. OK - no more than that. It would probably be a good idea if people noticed the same thing that I noticed didn't mention it openly out of respect for those who want no spoilers at all. A humble suggestion...
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    I agree - this looks quite nice! I'm not the biggest fan of having my phone out during parts of the show (when I'm at a show, I am at the show - that's all I really want to be concentrating on completely with my own eyes and ears, nothing else); however, for short bursts of the show, and since this app is really making us part of the show, I'm good with it. Bring on the tour!
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    I now feel like an idiot as I spent 20 minutes last night trying to get this to work and then gave up. Came here and see some people having the same problem I had and seeing others with success. Reading how some people said to just point at any image of the album cover even online makes it work, I then realized my problem. I was pointing at the outside of my vinyl box set. it is very cool design but it is NOT the album cover! LOL! Works great when you point it at the actual album cover, should be an interesting start of the show with everyone looking at their phones.
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    I havent been on for a while , but ive got something to make you Smile.
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    It works on just the image. I did a google search, and it triggered the effect.
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    43 374 - Opps, I make a mistake, then edited it!
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    After all.....it's 43 373 that matters !
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    It’s very cool. Had Bono on my floor.
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    I just received email to try the new U2 App and was soo amazingly surprised. I love them. The best start up ever
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    Well said (and your other post too). This seemed to be the case so often with the last tour and it was even posted on the forums here (the ones that are set up by moderators for each specific show) where the queue was being formed often the night before and where people just added their name to a list etc. I remember getting the info for one show from ticket master saying no queuing at venue before 12pm (or something like that) yet sure enough on the forum - there was a photo of fans with numbers on their hands at 10am. I totally agree with the fact that you get there and you wait, none of this list check in crap then bugger off home. I would be livid if someone said they had priority over me because they wrote their name on a list the night before. I too would kick up the biggest fuss. There were so many complaints last time in here about it. Bet it will be the same all over again this time. I’d like to get a job as security at a venue and ensure the venues rules are adhered to!
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    And the craziness has begun. U2start is reporting that a fan-run GA queue has started in Chicago for the May 22nd show. They will show up for four hours every Saturday between now and the concert on May 22nd, and will expect to be in front of the line. I'm sorry, but showing up for four hours one day a week a month ahead of time is not waiting on line. That person should not get priority over someone who shows up the night before and is willing to wait there all night. I know moderators do read the posts on these forums, and that there may be a line of communication between the forum moderators and the band's management. I would humbly request that management be made aware of this silliness so it can be shut down before it gets out of hand.
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