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    OK - So today i got to go for my first ever pre-sale for the Singapore show. Due to location and circumstance, I had never been in a position to go through this process before, so having been a member of U2.com for years, the Singapore announcement was a dream come true. Having watched from the sidelines for a number of years, i had always thought the moderators did a fanstastic job, and felt a strong sense of community within Zootopia. Today, when things went a bit awry in the presales, I experienced first hand what I have watched for years and I am very grateful. The image below pretty much sums up the roller coaster from this morning and for me two things are very clear: 1. buying tickets for these concerts is in no way a neutral experience, and 2. The moderators annd community are just fantastc. What is also missing from the picture is "thankfullness" to the mods, and to the community who actively participate in helping others. This is literally off the chart.
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    Celebrating this beautiful day and the birth of the band with #u2t0925. Happy U2 day everyone!
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    Since there is so much interest in Mr MacPhisto at the moment, I thought you might like to check out my dedicated MacPhisto fansite if you haven't been there recently or ever. Among other things I've added a brand new transcripts page for the EI Tour, which will obviously be expanded as the tour goes on. (It will take me a little while longer to bring this page up to date with the latest developments. This whole thing has come as a massive surprise - even though I argued that it was the perfect time to bring MacPhisto back, I never thought they would actually do it!!)
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    Emailed them once and they said no. Emailed them again and I got this response. Success!
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    Ok - I promise that I didn’t ask Bono to pose for this shot, and further promise that this was taken on an iPhone (and not a recent one). Bono wishes all of MSG and America a Happy 4th of July, so to speak, during “American Soul”:
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    ...and today is a truly blessed day. After months of collective feedback-giving about the formats available to us for the annual gift, we have finally been heard. If you look in your account information, not only is there a download link for mp3s, there is now a download link for WAV files! Those who want to have this collection on CD can now burn one on their own. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" is the old expression; in this case, it finally came to pass. Sincere thanks to the mods who must have passed on our (numerous) complaints about wanting to have higher-quality downloads - and thanks to the higher-ups for finally acquiescing to a request that, frankly, was always a reasonable one. A very good U2 day!
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    This reminds me 360 Tour in Berlin 2009
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    Love you Bono - No hard border - ever- no them, only us.....we've worked too hard to create peace here. The people , north n south, won't accept the past. Thanks for a fantastic tour.
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    Haha my 9yo just said, “I really want you to win, but my brain kind of hurts from listening to these songs for so long.”
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    After Bad, it's my favorite U2 song. It's mind blowing to see it live. I think they skipped it because it's on so many other things that have been released. As for your confusion to my post about us asking for much-it was just a silly joke from being excited about this gift and the new tour. My gut tells me there is a decent chance they will play UTEOTW for TJT 2019 (mere conjecture but I think we'll hear it). It's a new tour in places they have not played for a long time, if at all. I too am hoping it makes the set list. I watch the EI live versions on YouTube all the time.
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    The reason for discussing this is because we love u2 so much. The point is not that we're not thankful or something. This is about informing subscribers who paid their membership and are promised certain things. So confusing starts and then a forum is a great place to share feelings about this. The gift gor this year is among the best gifts they they've had, so inform subscribers and ship this great item. Money isn't the issue I think.
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    Just some thoughts about Ticket Pick Ups at 7/11. I wandered into a random one the other day, and talked to the dude working there. You will need the Ticket Order Confirmation e-mail with your ticket number on it (about 15 digits). You can either print it out, before you go, or take your mobile device with it on there. (For example my confirmation e-mail was sent to my i-phone e-mail, so I will take the phone and show them the e-mail.) The staff enters your ticket information into the register and prints out the ticket(s) for you. They might get you to push a 'confirm' button on a screen. They will also give you a receipt to sign. And that's it. Simply say 'Ticket Pick up' and show the e-mail and you'll be fine. Don't forget to smile. The only small confusion I had with my dude at first was he thought I wanted to buy tickets at first. I recommend you take some I.D. with you (just in case) and maybe have the credit card with you...again just in case. Also maybe some small change in case there is a printing fee (maybe 300-400 Yen/ 3 or 4 bucks). Most staff will be able to understand simple English spoken a little slowly and clearly. The ticket confirmation e-mail also includes Japanese instructions for the Staff if they give you a WTF? look. but I don't think there will be any issues. this part of the e-mail: [STANDING FRONT/REAR, SS/S/A SEAT] Tickets must be picked up at a Seven-Eleven store in Japan prior to the show, and will not be issued at the venue. Tickets will be available for pick up from 20th November (Wed) from 10:00am. When picking up your ticket(s), you will be required to show your e-mail purchase confirmation to store staff. Please ensure you print this in advance or are able to access it on your mobile device. After the staff have confirmed the Ticket Number shown in your e-mail purchase, they will print your ticket(s). Make picking up the tickets a priority when you get into Tokyo. Don't leave it to the last minute. Don't lose them, they cannot be re-issued. I hope this is some help, it may be redundant as others may have already posted about it. Keep on Rockin' and Rolling.
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    Can’t go through today and not post this. 33 years ago today....
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    <raises eyebrow> <to the googles... for a friend> =P
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    I finally got the apartment I wanted. The living room faces due South. The bedroom faces due West. It will get great light. My current apartment only faces north. I get no direct sunlight. It's Summer now so it does not matter as much. In Winter it gets depressing. It shall be my fourth move in five years. The really good news is that the apartment is only down the hall from the one I currently rent. Not moving to another building is huge.. Ironically, I'm going to miss living above the lady below me. Since we started getting along...it's been fun. She has the most intoxicating laugh I've ever heard. Even when I'm down it makes me smile. I think she and I are going to play the rumor mill in the building and let them all chatter about how I'm moving because I don't like her. It should be fun to watch their faces when we happily greet each other in the main lobby. ?
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    Man, I love Gloria live. Never gets old....
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    Mumbai - Let’s Rock The House! One final show in 2019 - and it’s in Mumbai as the band take The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 to India. The show, at DY Patil Stadium on Sunday, December 15, promises to be a huge celebration - not only the band’s first ever performance in India but the final date on The Joshua Tree Tour 2019. "Mumbai is the perfect city to end our JT 2019 tour, " says Larry Mullen. "Very excited to see you there." "We’re much looking forward to bringing a dash of Dublin to Mumbai, India," adds Adam Clayton. "A country famous for its rich culture of art, music, movies, theatre, literature, food and so much more. There is a lot of excitement in the U2 camp." https://www.u2.com/news/title/live-in-mumbai
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    ...and I did only see Interpol. 😎 But they dazzled as usual.
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    Sorry, I am a bit late, Rammstein´s concert was yesterday.
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    Go to the site www.u2japan2019.com and there change to the english version , is on the top left of the page , And there you can have an idea of what to expect. In this page for sure in the next days will be information regarding the pre-sale for non- japanese persons.
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    I got mine too! So happy. Really appreciate the admins standing by and prompt replies. ☺️
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    My Resurrection Saturday 2019 U2 song of the day.
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    This January I have drunk no Alcohol, cycled 500 miles and climbed 7500 metres whilst doing this. Healthy.
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    Picked up the Kiss Me, Kill Me, Thrill Me 12" which sounds tremendous.
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    Anyone watched this video on the band's Instagram? I was having an okay day, then I watched it, and now I'm a mess.
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    I appreciate that this is non Manchester related but I’m writing in response to the periscope debate in the thread. I broadcast from Belfast in the i and e tour but you do get cramp holding your phone up. I’m going both nights next weekend and might broadcast a few songs from one of the nights depending on wi fi. Would anyone recommend a selfie stick as a way to avoid an overdose of lactic acid in my biceps? Cheers
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    next... AMSTERDAM!!! until then.... stay cool, girls and boys...
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    yeah, maaaan... (not that we actively encourage anything, kids... stay in school)
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    Marta Jobling from U2Portugal kindly sent via email her review for the second Lisbon show, to be shared with the community: she also sent a few photos from the Portuguese fan community: Photo: Susana Silva Photo: Francisco Cordeiro Photo: Francisco Cordeiro Photo: Francisco Cordeiro Photo: Luis Ferreira Many thanks to Marta, Susana, Francisco, Luis and everyone, everyone, everyone in U2Portugal...
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    I can already predict something getting in my eye when they play 13 in the last show of the tour.
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    I find it crazy that you only just started dreaming about U2! U2 dreams have been a mainstay of my sleep life for about, oh, 30 years!! LOL.
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    43862 I've looked at the forecast and apparently on Friday it's gonna rain all day in Brighton. BLESS
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    @JCF @dmway Happiness is main stage rail in front of Adam all night, w/ JCF and “The Fly” (homage anyway).., ?
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    I think it's more of about Ali bringing him back to his senses after the mega-ego, at least that's how I see it.
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    Starting this thread here outside of the show thread - post away if anyone wants to get together on Sunday or Monday (assuming people will be busy with different arrangements for the Saturday night show in Uniondale) regardless of attending the show or not. Spots mentioned so far in the other thread: Angel Of Harlem bar http://www.angelofharlemnyc.com/ Harlem Tavern http://harlemtavern.com/
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    thanks for starting the meet up / live thread http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/39452-u2-apollo-theater-meet-up-thread/
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    In a 1,500 seat theater there is no bad seat
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    SPOILER ALERT I was on the catwalk rail, halfway down, in San Jose. I did not enjoy it as much this time as last time (2015), because the giant screen was more obtrusive this time, and the band members spent less time actually performing on the catwalk. There were some "moments", however. If you want to see Bono singing passionately during "Iris", stand about 1/3 of the way along the catwalk from the main stage. If you want to see Edge performing his solo for "Cedarwood Road", stand about 2/5 from the main stage. If you want Larry playing his snare drum to Sunday Bloody Sunday in your face, then stand at the halfway mark, and look for the pink-taped "X" mark on the catwalk (that's his mark, apparently) - and stand on the "Edge" side as you see the main stage, because that's where Larry will be looking. If Adam's your man, the catwalk isn't the place to be, except for at the end of "The Blackout", and then you want to be 1/4 of the way from the main stage. Other than the catwalk, the B stage is a great place to be. Most of the interaction with Bono would be at the 2:00 clock dial position, if 12:00 is the neck of the catwalk as it meets the circle.
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    Yes! dmway said the quote. I'm still half drunk or so it feels. I'm not capable of quoting correctly. dmway said it. Better still. That means they can play it especially well? haha That is a mighty long tattoo. A psychological face full of teeth eating one's friends? Who are these people? Do they deserve being munched?
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