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    https://www.howardstern.com/news/2018/5/15/exclusive-u2-will-rock-out-live-apollo-siriusxm/ U2 will be playing a SiriusXM subscriber only show at the Apollo Theater in NYC June 11th. The concert will be aired live on SiriusXM. SiriusXM subscribers will be receiving an email for a chance to win tickets.
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    Any likelihood a few U2 fanclub members might be invited? I'd certainly get to NYC if U2 decides I'm a likely candidate!!!
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    I went to the Guns n Roses SiriusXM subscriber event at the Apollo last year. The way that worked was that SiriusXM sent out an email saying that on a certain date and time to click the link in the email, and request up to 2 tickets to the show. They were first come first served so they went very quickly, and I think only a portion of the seats in the Apollo were available for the contest. My wife and I didn't get tickets, but we went down to the Apollo on show day very early in the morning in case there were any people who didn't show up hoping we could get in. Eventually we did get in - and we had seats in the lower box just above the stage. It turned out they were seats that Axl Rose had for friends and family (per the Sirius rep) and he ended up giving them to us as we waited outside for so long (17 hours). Everyone at the show got free t-shirts, posters, food, drink, etc. I assume this will be the same process. So don't fret if you can't get tickets through Sirius - Howard Stern will probably give away a pair or two, and you can always do as we did and just take a chance, go down to the Apollo, and maybe you'll get in w better seats than most of the execs or celebs.
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    Hi! I'm not really newbie or well, more or less. I have one year like subscriber paid and I decided enter to this forum because I've bought tickets for Joshua Tree Tour when U2 visited my country for first time, it's was my first U2 concert, btw. I'm 39 years old, I'm engineer, from Barranquilla, Colombia, but I live in Bogotá. I met U2 music much deeper when I was in College when my best friend lent me her Zooropa cd and I'm fell in love with U2 ?
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    I hope someone at U2.com sees this article. Vinyl is not as popular as they seem to think it is! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-44121657
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    *Cough cough*?? Im alergic to set list debates. ? I was at both shows. I loved them both. With a back catalogue like theirs there will always be something you wished would make it to the set list. Why is the set list relatively unchanged, its a performance. Visuals & all. They have to stick to some certainty to put on a great show. And that they did. For me, I love the experience. Theyre my band. I loved seeing them again. It was just what I needed. Now I want more so I patiently await tour dates near me. ?
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    This is the one song I recorded in full for the night on the B Stage. The rest I could live without. I had a perfect view of the entire band, especially Edge during the solo!
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    I'm pretty sure right at the start of this mammoth touring schedule, in 2015, there were quite a few nights when he was in some sort of pain, definitely from the bike accident and still feeling the after effects of it. That's probably why he's far less mobile now (I and a bunch of others clocked it during the Joshua Tree tour), because movement isn't as pain-free as it was before. Once this touring schedule is done, I'm perfectly okay to go without a new U2 album or tour for a few years if it means Bono gets some proper R&R from the bike accident, almost dying and whatever other absolutely mad stuff he's been dealing with lately. He and the other guys must be exhausted at this point.
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    I saw both nights in Vegas, and will admit it was disappointing to get virtually the same setlist both nights; but, since I was in GA the first night and then the nosebleed section the next, I can say I really did enjoy the difference in perspective and feel like it was worth the money and effort to see both shows. That’s just me though. Would I have gone for a third night? No way. Ah hell, who am I kidding? Of course I would!
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    Referring to the actual title of this thread, they are playing 8 or 9 songs from SOE each night - that’s a lot! I get that they might not be the ones everyone wants to hear, but still, when you’re a fan of a band with 40 years’ worth of material, and you can go still see a show and hear 9 or 10 songs you’ve never heard live before (new songs plus Acrobat!!!), I think that’s pretty amazing.
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    Love is bigger than anything in its way.
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    I was bummed I never was chosen to be in the circle or the heart during Elevation and Vertigo tours - I like the freedom of the current GA system in that there’s no system. Without waiting in lines I managed: I+e tour I was five deep from rail all shows at most JT anniversary shows I was on the far left rail next to Red Zone (Edge side) - at one of the Rose Bowl shows some guy in red zone with extra wristbands walked up and gave them to us so we were lucky enough to spend most of that show in RZ e+i shows so far in both Tulsa and St Louis - we got in line at 6 and were 1 deep from rail mid screen and e stage respectively in St. Louis all of the waiters had already been let in so we literally walked in at 6 and grabbed our spot All this to say: if you want to start writing numbers on your hands now and keep track via a notebook for a future show good on you but I still managed to have dinner/drinks, arrive at 6 doors and get great spots Don’t stress about this people, I’m telling you. I don’t want to go back to random entry GA positions - I had the worst views for Vertigo tour, that heart just pushed everyone back. This long stage, that you can move around as the show goes, makes for great sightlines no matter where you stand. ✌?
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    I’m starting the GA queue for Manchester and London right here right now.... only 5 months to wait in line! i’m No 1 , now get in line y’all!??
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    My experience from the 2015 and 2017 tours is that a select few fans manipulated the system to allow themselves prime positions in line without actually having to wait in line, going against previously announced venue rules, which put the majority of fans at a disadvantage. Generally, the venue will set a rule saying that people are not allowed to begin lining up before a set time. What then happens is that a select few fans decide that this rule doesn't apply to them, and start their own line, often not at the actual venue. Then, they show up at the time the venue says the line is allowed to begin, and demand that they be counted ahead of everyone who actually showed up at the time the venue said people were supposed to show up. These people even got violent at the Boston/Foxboro show in 2017. They had been told by the venue that they couldn't line up the night before and that their list wouldn't be honored. They had to be physically removed from the property. And yet, they decided that the line would begin at a Dunkin Donuts and that they deserved to be ahead of everyone who did honor the venue rules, and created a scene in an attempt to get things their way. These select few people will also start a list, and claim that because their name is written there, that they're actually ahead of you in line. Now, I have absolutely no trouble with the idea of writing down the order that people arrive in, and allowing people to leave the line temporarily to use a restroom or to pick up a sandwich to bring back to the line. I think that's just the decent thing to do. But the "list people" will show up at the venue the night before, put their name on a list, and then go home. Then, they'll come back in the morning, and say that since they were there for five minutes the night before, that they deserve to be in front of everyone who actually did wait overnight. I sincerely hope that U2's management will do something to curb this behavior in 2018. I have to say, the behavior of those select few fans in 2015 and 2017 really took away a lot of joy from something that had previously brought me so much happiness for so many different tours over so many years. I think the Bruce Springsteen "lottery" method is a great way to combat this. You show up between 2pm and 5pm to get a numbered wristband. At 5pm, a random drawing is held, and the number selected is where the line will begin. So, if 300 wristbands end up being given out, and #50 is drawn, then the person who has #50 becomes the head of the line and the line goes from #50-300, and then #1 goes in after #300, and then everyone who shows up after the wristband drawing goes after them. It puts control of the situation in the hands of venue and band security, where it belongs, and it keeps things much more orderly. Everyone who shows up early enough to get a wristband gets in ahead of those who don't, but it also keeps people from waiting overnight as it doesn't get you any advantage. The overnight queues tend to favor wealthier fans who travel from city to city and book a hotel in walking distance from the venue, while putting local fans who have to drive to the venue or have to work at a disadvantage.
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    Back to being serious - yes, PLEASE U2 - take some control of the GA line. Surely, you must want to see some new faces on the rail! As many have suggested before - try something like the Springsteen model.
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    Nope. I second the motion to retire Pride. Older fans have heard it a bunch and for newer fans it's a relic of pre-JT U2. Having played it every gig since 1984 surly the band themselves are going through the motions at this point.