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    link to performance of Love Is Bigger - was pressed live and is coming out soon apparently.
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    These are so good that they need to be bumped...
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    Well of course they played the same setlist for 4 nights - it was a TJT tour so that’s what it was. As someone else pointed out, a lot of the lighting/setting/video etc is timed for the songs - that’s part of the show. No way are they just doing this for the cash - can you imagine them thinking - ‘yeah let’s retire now we’re not bothered about our music anymore’ or ‘I think we are a bit skint, let’s make an album and go on tour’. Imagine doing something you love, creating new relevant music and the buzz of performing live for decades - they are sure to still get high in it. Stuck in their ways? I’m amazed at that comment and respectfully disagree. They only get one chance to tour SofE sand the screen and graphics make it the show it is. I think we all go multiple nights because we want to experience it again and again even if it’s the same. There’s always something you notice more or less from one night to the next and the different people and perspectives mix it up a bit. . I’m going to 4 shows in Europe - 2 seated which are both close up but at each end of the arena (so I’ll get both main stage and small stage experiences) - when I’m in my seat I’m going to be sure to check out the best place to stand for me so that when my 3rd show comes about, I will have seen it twice already so can go for closer up. I finish it with a redzone so I hope I can stroll in and have a beer and take it all in from that side of the floor without any panic or nervous anticipation or worry about what I will see/won’t see - (that’s also why I go multiple times - to have a stress free experience after all the pre-sale, anticipation, drama, nervous anticipation etc!). I don’t mind if they don’t change a thing - Setlist looks great to me. I will be disappointed if they don’t play Red flag day but I’ll have a ball regardless. I’m very excited about it and am not looking too much at anything so I can have lots of glorious surprises for my first show in Copenhagen.
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    It is real. It was created for Bridgestone Arena. Per many requests, they can be ordered here: https://www.merch.friendlyarctic.com/product/u2-show-poster/
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    Yeah. Sometimes we forget that some U2 "fans" are merely people who enjoyed their big hits the 80s and early 90s, and want that to be the show. They should have gone to the JT Tour last year, and would have gotten exactly what they wanted. This year U2 is back to being U2 in the moment, which is their way. I liked the show in San Jose so much that I couldn't get enough, and went to Vegas to get my fill. Probably will do one in Europe in October if I can put it together as part of a trip I'm planning.
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    While the show starts, here's something to read...
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    Manohlive-I love a good thunderstorm, it's one of the things I miss most about living in the Midwest. As for my "Good Thing", I sucked it up and went to Walmart to get another water-pitcher cartridge for my Culligan Pitcher.
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    No - I'm saying that many here have entitlement issues. I opined more on this in the SOE thread, so I won't repeat it here.
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    I personally would love to see them drop all the songs they played last year on the JT 2017 Tour, with the exception of You're The best Thing About Me and The Little Things That take you Away. This is the Experience and Innocence Tour. The Songs from those albums should take center stage. I love the fact that they are finally playing Acrobat live. But I am going to miss Every Breaking Wave and Song for Someone when the tour finally reaches NYC. Plus, what about adding Summer of Love and Landlady to the set list. This is my ideal Set List: MAIN SET - 1) Love Is All We Have Left 2) The Blackout 3) Light of Home 4) I Will Follow 5) Gloria 6) Red Flag Day 7) The Ocean 8) Iris 9) Cedarwood Road 10) Song For Someone 11) Love and Peace 12) Raised by Wolves 13) Until the End of The World SECOND SET - 1) Mofo 2) Desire 3) The Showman 4) Acrobat 5) You're The Best thing About Me 6) Every Breaking Wave or Summer of Love (These two songs could be substituted and rotated into the set each night.) 7) Please 8) Get Out of Your Own Way 9) American Soul 10) City of Blinding Lights ENCORE - 1) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 2) One (If this has to be the song to highlight the Women of the World segment. I am personally get tired of this song, as it is played to death. Night after night on every tour.) 3) The Little Things that Give You Away 4) The Troubles 5) Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way 6) 13 (There Is A Light) I know this is asking for a lot and it seems the band isn't going to play a 29 song set, as it looks as thought the settled into a 24 song set at this point. But with the exception of One, they should play stuff rarely heard and highlight the Innocence and Experience albums. Screw the visual imagery and play the songs. If the visual imagery is so important to the narrative, make sure you have something to accompany any song in order to shake things up and keep the fans excited.
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    Worst tour in history. I thought that one belonged to Rick Wakeman doing King Arthur on Ice or whatever it was. I'm kidding but serious at the same time. The set list is what it is. Either one can go to the show and realize that they still sound as awesome as ever or one can be bummed about the setlist while not considering that 15,000 or more want to hear the stuff we are now tired of hearing. If anyone left before the last three songs then that person missed one of the best moments in their touring history. Love is Bigger and 13 are absolutely spectacular live. I also thought that Edge sounded especially good playing One this time around. The end was great. I'd prefer they skpped One and played something else. I was surprised how good it sounded. I was not fond of it for the TJT30 but that was a different show/ venue. This all being said-I'd love to hear Electrical Storm and Wild Horses and Little Things and 11 O' Clock and such. I'd also love it if they did Elvis Ate America. It's fun to dream or call it a selfish setlist.(I like that) It's silly to go after them because those who can afford to traverse the world don't like what they are playing-even if that someone was me. It's even sillier to think they'd change the setlist because I did.
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    I got my dog back-he is sleeping with his head on my lap and I'm watching a thunderstorm pass out over Lake Michigan. It was beastly hot here but the wind shifted off the lake and now it's around 78-80 degrees. (from 32 to 26 degrees Celcius)
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    "From your mouth to God's ear", as the old expression goes. That's been my position from the first time I started talking about it here last summer. I hope it happens this year; I agree that it is inexplicable if it doesn't.
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    Yes I am on here! Ive been a fan since around 1983, thanks to my brother. My wife and I are still in shock...never in a million years expected to be selected. This is most definitely a bucket list item to remember forever. We still haven’t gotten all the details of when this will happen. Hopefully, we will be able to hold it together and have a normal conversation without seeming too starstruck. Thanks for the well wishes! Paul