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    They don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing. Of my shows I was looking forward to the most on this tour, it was the Atlanta show. My “hometown” show. I’ve seen the band there every time they have played Atlanta since ZooTV. This was my 9th show there and like the others there, it left me with a feeling of complete happiness. I’ve seen the shows from the midsections of The Omni, to the very top of the Georgia Dome, to the GA of Phillips Arena, to the GA in the Georgia Dome, and now to the GA in Infinite Energy Arena, which was by far the smallest arena I have ever seen them in. The fact that it’s been 9 years since they last played Atlanta added to the excitement. The band was on fire and the audience was on fire too. The arena erupted when the words “nothing to stop this from being the best day ever” rang through and Bono appeared in the screen. “The house shakes” could not have been truer words during “The Blackout”. This song has some serious kick live and I love it. As many people know, until Saturday night in Nashville, I had never seen “Gloria” live and it was top of my bucket list. Now I’ve officially seen it twice and I am so happy to be hearing it. It sounds so incredible live. 30 years was worth the wait and I jumped and screamed like I was 30 years younger than I am. One of my favorite parts of the show is the estage set. I love the remix of “Elevation” they are doing and “Vertigo” and “Desire” add that extra kick. Now, let’s talk about Macphisto and “Acrobat”. I watched Bono instead of the screen for this one and what he puts into this character is scary. To watch his facial expressions especially when he says “when you stop believing in me is when I do my best work” is a bit unnerving. Back on ZooTV, Macphisto was a playful devilish guy. The experience version of him is much more menacing. And Acrobat sounds incredible. I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull that song off, but it is amazing. Another highlight of the night was “Pride”. I must admit that I had gotten a bit tired of “Pride” over the past couple of tours; but the way they do it with Adam’s bass cranked up, I have a new found love for it. Hearing it where the song has so much relevance and the crowd singing along as loud as they could, it was quite amazing. I’m growing more and more fond of “American Soul” because it comes alive in the show and I’m quite surprised how much I love it live. It’s such a rocking anthem song live. Another thing that took me by surprise was how “One” got to me and I ended up crying through the whole song and into “Love is Bigger”. Atlanta was an emotional journey for me and I am so happy I’ve had the opportunity to see them as many times as I have there. It is truly my journey from innocence to experience with the band.
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    I concur, Mich! Monday night was amazing. Atlanta was overdue for a show, and the crowd really let the band know how much they are loved in this town! I swear I saw Bono choke up at the end when the crowd would not stop cheering!
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    Thanks for sharing your story. Great to hear that a couple of true fans got to enjoy this great experience. You’re the kind of folks I always hope win those Omaze contests.
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    Why does U2 play the same set list in back to back nights in the same city ? They only rotated Gloria for Red Flag Day at Chicago 2 and they have now settled into their comfy 24 song setlist. I'm sorry U2 but the current set list is weak. Why do you continue to play I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday (acoustic yuck !), Pride every show on every tour ? Also songs like One and Elevation and Vertigo have been overplayed also. Acoustic version of beast thing is weak also. You would be better of playing Bad seguing into All I Want Is You and segue into Streets. Why not play Song for Someone, Land Lady and Little Things (the only 2 good songs on the new album in my opinion). I was so glad to hear Acrobat and Wild Horses played on opening night but why have you dropped Wild Horses after only one show ? Why night bring back Kite and play some other songs that have never been played live like When I Look At The World and songs never played live in the US like Hawkmoon 269 or Heartland ? The bottom line here is that most of the fans will attend both shows in the same city so you need to change it up more at each show (and not just one or two songs). We know you rehearsed the Fly in Laval and that song would be a welcome addition to set list also. Maybe bring back Love Is Blindness to close the show instead of 13 ?. You guys have a week off before the Montreal shows. Hopefully you can get some rehearsal time in to change things up.
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    Also adding this shot I took with the e&i app, just because it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. ?
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    Not much I can add beyond my review on the main page...but I will add this: I believe a significantly underrated spot for this show is where I ended up both this week and for i&e - Just outside the Redzone as far toward the middle of the runway as possible. It is a spot where you can see both stages, are far enough back to get a good view of the barricage, and of course have the members band right in front of you on the runway a number of times. Plus, this time around, during Pride you get this...(see attached photo), or Edge if you pick the other side. In any event, if you have another show to go this tour, this is a spot that I HIGHLY recommend! ?
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    In the US, a few tickets are typically withheld until the day of show. However, if I were you I would use this website forum to see if anyone has Dublin tickets to sell. They might not yet, but some people probably will, starting the week of the show, all the way up to the morning of the show. You can also just show up in the GA line that morning, and see if anyone has an extra ticket because of a friend not being able to make it. It happens often enough to make it likely. I've never not been able to get into any given show in the past, if I really wanted it. But hedge your bets and avoid Night One shows in any city including Dublin. There's more demand on Night One.
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    Huge thanks for the link to each one. It scared me when he said that too-other kind of goosebumps scary.
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    ACROBAT - The U2 Tribute presents the #U2eiTour Pre Concert Fan Experiencew/Special Guest Opener from Scotland: DECEMBER! www.decemberband.comCo-hosted by the ZOOTOPIA family from U2.com. Chat it up with your favourite Zoo mods, win giveaways and prizes!DECEMBER will open the night with their special blend of U2-inspired original music…ACROBAT will follow with fan favourite U2 tracks including many songs never played by the band before.Only a few minutes walk from Centre Bell!!Advance tickets $10: https://montreal-u2eitourfanparty2018.eventbrite.ca/
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    Also, I love this quote: This is for the fans of our more recent work, the more committed fans who really listen to everything and go to everything. We feel OK about that."
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    Good, Edge. Take some time, boys, and let those ideas for new records simmer and feed those creative instincts! I look forward to whatever is next. Though I have to say, I'm not in a huge rush. As far as hungry fans go, I feel like SOE has given me plenty to keep me happy and full for a long time!
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    The showman is still my least favorite song. Ive already stated why in detail in the past. I still feel the same. No need to rehash. That said, I wouldn't object if it found it's way to the setlist.
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    You could look into the SiriusXM free trial; not sure if it would include channel 30 (which is what the U2 Experience will be on) but I'm assuming so. I was just offered a free 2-month trial for taking my car in for service (the car has SiriusXM capability) so I got lucky as I didnt really want to pay for a subscription! Its pretty much a given that some fans will record it and post it online. Suggest checking other U2 fan websites too.
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    These are the two pics I have. The group shot and then the one I took of my wife and Bono. When I get the ones from the photographer I will post if I’m allowed to. This was so awesome...can’t stop smiling!
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    You can find all the transcripts and audio/video links here, if it helps!
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    Mr. Macphisto was particularly feisty last night.
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    i will say that it was a blur. The guys were so friendly and genuine. All four came in. Larry didn’t stick around for mini golf but he was really cordial. Bono ,Edge and Adam all seemed so happy to do this! They were really into the mini golf too! We were with them for about 20 minutes or so right before the show started. All the things we thought we wanted to ask sort of went out the window when they walked in. We were overwhelmed but they are so easy to talk with. It was like hanging out at a party and talking. At one point my wife was talking with Adam to one side and I was telling a story to Bono and Edge and it hit me who I was talking to! I’m not even sure what I was saying at that point but they appeared interested! It was an amazing night. We were treated like gold by people from Omaze, RED, the U2 Crew we met and especially the band. And what a great show! I only took two pics w my phone as I didn’t want to spend the whole night doing that instead of trying to enjoy the moment. U2 had a photographer and video guy there and I will get those pics at some point. My wife got her long dreamed of photo with Bono though! I will post pics soon.