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    Apologies for my whoo-hoos if anyone is listening to Mark Baker’s mixlr. ?
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    Been browsing these comments for a while, trying my luck too on the radio and elsewhere, and just want to say a big thank you to everyone here providing their insight. It's very helpful (and I'm having fun being hopeful!). ?
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    Those of us who haven't won can all convene at the Harlem Tavern on 116th Street :).
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    Man, I love Gloria live. Never gets old....
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    Here's the thing about the lag (and I'm clearly only speculating) - the car is live but you're driving so it still takes time to pull to the side etc. to start calling in. Meanwhile, it starts a bit later on the app/desktop but you also probably start calling around the same time as people who are driving (I hope anyway - I would like to think no one is calling while barreling down the freeway - please do not incriminate yourselves here haha). So yeah, the car is real deal live but you know, driving. Unless people are just sitting in their driveways hanging out for AOH and if so, more power! Regarding winners, I've seen peeps posting on Twitter using the hashtag saying they were picked so I know people were selected however, as someone said before not all of those folks may be able to make it at this late date if they don't live in the area so they may move on to other entrants. With only about 150 - 200 pair estimated to be given away based on an earlier calculation in this thread when you combine all of the contests (which is a really, really low number for fans/subscribers to be in the house sadly) I hope that more Zootopians make it if others can't make it. The more I realize the above point regarding how little tickets were actually given away, it makes us feel CRAZY lucky to have won our way in. My husband bought lottery tickets on Friday in fact, haha.
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    With a profile name like "angelofharlemforu2" you should definitely be at the show! ?
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    Has anyone heard if any won on Facebook and twitter? Those may be harder to parse through to verify people can make it The sirius contest had an address to write to with a SASE for a list of winners. Nkt sure if it’s winners just from the email Sirius contest, but I’m going to write in and get the list. ?
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    U2 eXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR 2018 1. Love Is All We Have Left 2. The Blackout 3. Lights Of Home 4. I Will Follow 5. GLORIA 6. Beautiful Day 7. The Ocean 8. Iris(Hold Me Close) 9. Cedarwood Road 10. Sunday Bloody Sunday 11. The Garden Of Love /Until The End Of The World INTERMISSION: Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 12. Elevation(Influx Mix) 13. Vertigo 14. Desire 15. Acrobat 16. Your The Best Thing About Me 17. Staring At The Sun 18. Pride(In The Name Of Love) 19. Get Out Of Your Own Way 20. American Soul 21. City Of Blinding Lights INTERMISSION: #womenoftheworldtakeover 22. ONE 23. Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way 24. 13(There Is A Light)
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    The baby monitor move is so smart that U2.com should give you a pair of tkts
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    That’s encouraging to hear there was a winner via the app - I’ve been so frustrated by the lag, as it would seem impossible to win if not listening in the car. I literally had a baby monitor on my car radio this morning, I’m nuts. ?‍♀️
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    I've wrecked a few of his. lol.
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    The contest runs through June 8th. They play it twice. I've only gotten no ring and a hang up or the Cisco messaging thing. I got in my car this afternoon and it was playing. First half of the song, but missed the beginning. Didn't get through. One minute difference and I could have heard the beginning of the song. There is quite a bit of delay on the app and online vs the car. It varies but I think it's at least two minute a lot of the time. Sigh... I wish everyone posting in this thread could go.
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    Why does U2 play the same set list in back to back nights in the same city ? They only rotated Gloria for Red Flag Day at Chicago 2 and they have now settled into their comfy 24 song setlist. I'm sorry U2 but the current set list is weak. Why do you continue to play I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday (acoustic yuck !), Pride every show on every tour ? Also songs like One and Elevation and Vertigo have been overplayed also. Acoustic version of beast thing is weak also. You would be better of playing Bad seguing into All I Want Is You and segue into Streets. Why not play Song for Someone, Land Lady and Little Things (the only 2 good songs on the new album in my opinion). I was so glad to hear Acrobat and Wild Horses played on opening night but why have you dropped Wild Horses after only one show ? Why night bring back Kite and play some other songs that have never been played live like When I Look At The World and songs never played live in the US like Hawkmoon 269 or Heartland ? The bottom line here is that most of the fans will attend both shows in the same city so you need to change it up more at each show (and not just one or two songs). We know you rehearsed the Fly in Laval and that song would be a welcome addition to set list also. Maybe bring back Love Is Blindness to close the show instead of 13 ?. You guys have a week off before the Montreal shows. Hopefully you can get some rehearsal time in to change things up.
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    I've been listening to the app continuously this afternoon and did not hear it 10 mins ago.
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    First time for eXPERIENCE shows for me in Montreal. SO much to absorb its hard to process just yet. It was a punk rock and roll extravaganza theatrical blockbuster chest busting bass and drum ball kicking feast of brilliance. Thats for kickoff. Deserves to be broken down song by song, moment by moment, re-savoured through photos taken and opinions and feelings shared here in town with other fans. Over beer. More to come...
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    If the 1500-seat estimate is accurate, it's merely a hair over 3% - "yay". ?
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    I’m beginning to think that I MAY not be getting a ticket. Lol. Maybe they offered to fans based on years as a paid member like pre-sale codes were given?!?? Unfortunately, I had let mine laps and forgot about it until I got the email about the tour. I am at a conference so wasn’t able to listen all morning but I did hear the song play at 12:05 CST but couldn’t get through.
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    Still holding out hope. Entered twitter and FB contests.
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    Just disappointed that it's only open to US residents.
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    Mmmmm...I love Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food. Even though it isn't strictly-speaking "cooked", are you learning to make hummus as well? (I wanted to give you a "like" as well, but I ran out for today... I wish they wouldn't be limited...)
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    Attended a cooking class where we learned how to make Falafel and Tabboulah!!
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    That's actually genius! LOL! I love it. If I had one I would totally do the same! From what I understand the person who won via the app did so on the first day of the broadcast and was either the 1st or 2nd winner in this promotion. I didn't even know there was a contest until Sunday. I hadn't heard the ad up until that point. I think many people were unaware and therefore the mass of people were not calling in at that moment, which is why the 2 min 38 second lag in the app probably wasn't that much of an issue. I absolutely think it's an issue now. Within 3 seconds of the first note of AOH coming on the app earlier today my phone was ringing and the contest was over. I was told by Sirius that if I wanted to win I should have bought a satellite radio receiver for my home. Oh...okay...let me get on that.
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    I checked tonight to see if there was a GA ticket dump for the extra show I wanted to go to in Philadelphia and there was! ? MORE SHOWS - YAY!!! ?
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    ...and now I can add June 14th in Philadelphia as well! ? There was a GA ticket dump for the shows in Philly yesterday, and tickets for the second show were still available tonight! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! ?
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    So I did an online chat with Sirius to say the number goes through to a Cisco message. They tell me contest ended on 6/4. I tell them this is for a different contest a dial-in one for tickets and no transport. They act confused and are useless. I'm done listening for 8 -12 hours a day. Might even be done with subscription at this point
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    just did some math for those of you interested... these are the contest tickets by the numbers so far: 1 pair = Grand Prize 25 pairs = U2.com song request 16 pairs = AOH 10th caller promo (they played it at 6:45am EST yesterday and again in the afternoon, so they are playing 2 times/day) (ends June 8th) 25 pairs = Facebook/Twitter photo contest, ends 5pm today (not sure if eastern or pacific time zone) These equal 134 tickets, which is less than 10% of the total tickets available (1500). Maybe there will be another 25 pair contest tomorrow (eternal optimist). Maybe they'll get up to 500 for actual fans (super eternal optimist). Congrats to all who have won! Best of Luck to the rest of us!
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    met a lot of crazy wonderful people last night... hopefully will meet more this night!!! =D
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    Have you heard anything back yet? My bff got an email too, responded yes but no email back yet!!! Freaking out waiting to hear back!!!
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    was a great night last night, late start today as a result... looking forward to todays events as they unfold...
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    At least one person on this post won using the app so not sure what to think. I guess I'll just enjoy the music and give it a try if I hear AOH ?
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    43, 651 - I was going to count 43, 650 - but now I see I forgot to click 'Submit Reply' Clearly my brain doesn't like being a year older
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    Zoomods having some much deserved fun. ??
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    Yes, I really like the idea of this magic mirror that reveals his true identity. It drives home the message that very evil things can appear normal and harmless if we don't watch out for them. Going back to ZooTV, the Helmut Kohl phone calls in Germany were MacPhisto at his most chilling, especially his final message in Berlin when the line was engaged. That's where you'll find the roots of the current scary incarnation.
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    Thank you for posting these! ? I hope those wheezing about the setlist will read these stories too... ?
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    Lots of potential there for interesting "Night Two" tweaks. They are even playing 4 nights in Milan in October, and it would be a travesty to have four identical shows to what they've done thus far. I enjoy the first half of the show more than the second half. If I could wave a magic wand, I'd make some big changes to the second part, and some small tweaks to the first part. For the first part of the show.: While "I Will Follow" is always great live, they have played it a lot in recent tours (sometimes swapping ElectricCo or Out of Control, which they could do this time as well). To fit with the SoE theme, a mind-blowing choice out of left field would be "Another Time Another Place" instead. Or, to really get the crowd going, play "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" before "The Ocean", just like how they used to end their shows in 1981. I can live without "Beautiful Day" at this point. Instead, make sure to play "Red Flag Day" at every show. My selfish set list for first part of show: Love is All We Have Left The Blackout Lights of Home Red Flag Day Gloria Another Time Another Place / 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (alternate them each night) The Ocean Iris Cedarwood Road Raised By Wolves (can still have a Sunday Bloody Sunday intro, to tell the childhood story, but keep it short, and weave it into RBW) Until the End of the World For the second part: I respect the crowd-energizing power of Elevation, Vertigo, and Desire to open the second set, as well as "Pride" to fire up the crowd later, but I am tired of them all, and would make substitutions. Here is a chance to inject some variability into Night One vs. Night Two set lists, to keep things interesting. I also respect the band's desire to perform their new songs (YTBTAM, GOOYOW, American Soul), but I especially don't care for American Soul, and would lose it (including the political references), replacing it with a more unifying "Please" at that juncture in the show. To maintain SoE content, play "The Showman" (which IMO is better than either Summer of Love or Landlady for a live show, as opposed to on the recording). I would retain only one slot for the "classic hits", and there they can alternate New Year's Day (full version) and Streets. I would move "Acrobat" to a more powerful position, right before equally powerful "Love is Blindness" to close out the main set with awesomeness. Add a couple of surprises that will go over well (the first four slots allow for that), and here's my selfish second part of the show: Electrical Storm / Magnificent (alternate them each night) City of Blinding Lights / Vertigo (alternate them each night) (the crowd really seems to go nuts for Vertigo, so keep it for one night per city) Crumbs from Your Table / Miracle Drug (alternate them each night) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses / Heartland (alternate them each night) ["Kite" is another possibility, but I think the other two would work better] You're the Best Thing About Me (electric version would be better, but if they keep acoustic version, then follow it with The Showman, also acoustic) The Showman Get Out of Your Own Way New Year's Day (full version) / Where the Streets Have No Name (alternate them each night) Please Acrobat Love is Blindness Closing with "Love is Blindness" (the live version that we know and love) would be huge. For the encore: I would include four songs, starting out with something to rouse the fans, then getting back to SoE, adding "Little Things". Two Hearts Beat as One / The Fly (alternate them each night) Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way The Little Things That Give You Away 13 (There is a Light)  [this covers the elements of "Song for Someone" already, so no need to do both] A total of 26 numbers (11 + 11 + 4), 7 of which alternate between Nights One and Two, and with 10 songs from SoE. The first half would be stable and mostly unchanged from the actual set list, whereas the second part would be totally overhauled, and would have four alternating slots. Fans would appreciate attending both shows of a two-night stand.
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    Man.... and I refused to by a $300+ fan ticket because I was holding out for a GA... never knew this was the case. Ridiculous..... still holding out and refuse to pay scalper/ticket vendor prices. Old school U2 fan who just might miss her first tour.... in a very long time.
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    This is what they do now, they price according to demand knowing that fans will pay silly money , then discount the unsold seats as the gig is approaching. It’s an utter rip off, but it’s supply and demand capitalism at its worst
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    I think for various practical reasons it won't become a trilogy. I think a third in terms of theme and touring might be a stretch to far. That said several artists have started releasing albums of rarities and off cuts directly via their website. Their not chartable but obviously profitable. For a good example of this model see Robbie Williams who has now released two full albums of new material this way. Neither were toured or promoted beyond his website but it's a good idea. In fact I think he said in an interview recently both albums made more money than his commercial releases due to no need for a label etc. U2 could/should do something similar and release Songs of Ascent as an album of out takes and so forth from recent times...North Star, Mercy etc. Plus all the likely off cuts from SoI & SoE. OR more likely - I could see them packaging SoI & SoE in a deluxe set with a third disc of off cuts etc. and naming it SoA.
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    Yeah I was just going to the car to double check and it was towards the end of the song in the car and just starting in the app. Just missed it again!
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