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    Haha my 9yo just said, “I really want you to win, but my brain kind of hurts from listening to these songs for so long.”
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    thanks for starting the meet up / live thread http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/39452-u2-apollo-theater-meet-up-thread/
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    Starting this thread here outside of the show thread - post away if anyone wants to get together on Sunday or Monday (assuming people will be busy with different arrangements for the Saturday night show in Uniondale) regardless of attending the show or not. Spots mentioned so far in the other thread: Angel Of Harlem bar http://www.angelofharlemnyc.com/ Harlem Tavern http://harlemtavern.com/
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    Who else is still listening in case they play it a 3rd time?
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    The Adventures Of The Mods In Montreal... more to add
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    I'm listening to the app and the ad about listening and calling in is still being played. I'm down with a last minute flight if necessary. I'm getting really good at managing work projects and taking business calls with music playing. ?
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    We are northern Mass...outside of Boston. We joined a FB group of winners and seems lots are flying in so def ppl around the US. We’ll b driving early am and staying in Times Sq Monday nt
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    Hi everyone, I was caller 10 this morning! I was home listening on the app on my phone. As soon as I heard it started playing, I called. The first time, after about 10 seconds of silence, I hung up. Then the second time silence for a few seconds, then started ringing... Then a woman said - Hi - you are caller number 10! That's when I almost fainted... So for everyone listening on the app, you most definitely can win!! Good luck!!
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    If I could, you know I would... Give you all tickets to the Apollo show! Really, I would. But in the meantime, I sure am enjoying the U2 station on SiriusXM. I thought I knew everything - every song by U2 anyway - but apparently not.
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