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    Well. That was insane. What a night. I was on the rail and Edge shook my hand.
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    Just boarded my scary early flight home - wanted to say my favourite bit of last night (if I had to pick one) was the AOH/Desire/When Love Comes to Town/Stuck In a Moment (dedicated to Tony Bourdain) with the Sun Ra Arkestra. I didn’t take that many photos and only took 1 vid (AOH) - such an awesome moment. Still buzzing and it was hard to get what little sleep I could last night before my flight.
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    Shit... i had no idea. I woulda gotten my big head out of the way and asked my wife to do the same. Sigh
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    untill they come out with an official video. these are the best ones ive seen from last night. https://www.youtube.com/user/sjgomez/videos
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    43, 695 - Afternoon counting. It's cooling down now *pushes more clouds over to Romania*
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    It was quite epic. Glad you enjoyed the show!
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    I tweeted that because I figured not many people know about the Sun Ra Arkestra. Marshall’s got to be the oldest person who’s ever performed with U2. He’s also the best saxophone player I’ve ever seen (especially when he improvised). I never thought my love of jazz would ever collide with my love of U2! I would love to see them collaborate again in Philadelphia. A few Rattle and Hum songs could liven up the encore.
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    Is it even worth asking? Can this be released as a U2.com Subscriber's Special? Yeah, I know, there are going to be copyright/ownership/royalty issues between SiriusXM & the band, but can't they work it out? Please? For those of us who couldn't get the golden (blue) tickets?
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    Oh how I wish I was there. This is amazing. Seems like the U2 fan club people got in on the floor.
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    How do you think they could do that? It was the song I most wanted. It would be nice to know it makes its way to Europe.
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    Is everyone aware that Ticketmaster has a policy where if you see better seats for a show after purchasing seats-You can trade your seats for better ones of equal value? I ask because most people I tell this to are not aware of it. At least it's something. What is happening with ticketing sucks. I never thought it could get worse yet it has. Sorry to whomever paid full price-look at the map and swap for better seats if they are available. At least it's something.
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    This comes up for every tour they do, though, so I guess why do the fans think the band is going to change every time, despite the fact they never have before? It is a heavily theatrical show, with lots of moving parts and lighting cues/effects/etc., so there is little wiggle room as a result. Whether people think that is a worthwhile trade-off or not, the band have seemingly bought into this approach for a long time. I think the beauty of this approach is that if I see this show in Philadelphia (which I am going to), and a friend say it anywhere else, we can talk about it like we had the same experience. It is like reading a novel and talking about it afterward. Whereas if I mention seeing Pearl Jam in concert, it is more about Did they play this? Did they play that? since there is no narrative thread or consistent experience night to night. I solved the issue of not being sure if I want to see the same show on multiple nights very easily. I only bought a ticket to one night. Any die-hard fans who opt to go both nights should know what they are signing on to at this point.
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    I've heard the phone app drains your battery pretty quickly. That should surely be a motivator to put the thing away and enjoy the show!
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    43 696 We're never happy with the weather!!
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    43694 Rainy and chilly day here. The opposite of the Romanian heat.
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    43 693 The values are of 36 degrees Celsius in the forest where the weather station is but in the city where I live there are temperatures over 60 degrees between the blocks and concrete vastness with no greenery and trees for miles......It's a race for survival ....The TIME has COME !!!!!