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    This is not a post that is going to reinvent the wheel. Any one who has spent any amount of time in the GA line will have had the same experiences. I was hoping that if folks do read this and may have lost their perspective of what being in GA is all about, then maybe they might find it in themselves to recalibrate a bit. I just came back from DC #2. The GA line was run by a super nice guy named, Brad, and a host of others(including my brother, Tim) who were truly nice people. They decided to jump in and volunteer to handle night #2 after getting a crummy response from the guy who was running night #1, who unfortunately exemplified the worst element of the U2 GA line. Those who attend scads of shows and have deemed themselves the experts. He deliberately was evasive about plans for night 2 and actually said that Brad and company weren't fit to run the line as you need a "veteran" to do so. That is a GA code for "I want to be in charge and have a single digit on my hand." Thankfully he was ignored. This same man has run numerous lines I have been involved in and is just not a nice guy. Rude, bossy and friend-less. Standing in the GA line is not a profession, it's a passion. It's about the camaraderie of spending time with fellow U2 travelers, sharing stories of shows you've been to and yes, wanting to get a great spot on the rail. But getting that spot on the rail shouldn't include forsaking your dignity and trampling others' in the process. The smiles and friendly interaction that give way to elbows on a stairwell and pushing someone out of the way to get a wristband. Seeing those same folks across the catwalk, singing along to songs about love, looking so saintly as the band goes up and down the arena leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you are going to follow a band that talks a lot about respecting people and choosing to be compassionate towards your fellow man, well then a good place to practice is with your neighbors in line. I will continue to enjoy going to U2 shows and being a part of the GA process. To the folks like Brad, Kevin, Jeff and Jaime who I have met over the years and have had great experiences while they were running a line, thank you. To those who seemingly have lost their perspective on what the GA line is all about, I hope you find it. For your sake and ours. All the best.
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    I am very envious yet quite happy for you both. Have a great show.
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    Thanks Buddy......still sooooooooo excited!
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    Couldn't agree more! I'm going to Manchester and Dublin but the set list, as it is, really needs a shake up!
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    I just saw both nights in Philly and I have to say I've never been more disappointed in them, not only was it basically the same set list it was nearly the same speeches/jokes. This will be the last time I buy tickets to multiple shows before knowing what the set list will be. They are putting too much emphasis on the visual rather then the music. Please Please ditch the theatrics and go back to be a concert band.
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    Massive respect to you. Life can be tough.
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    I actually worked at my second job last night . The show I worked at was for "Little Big Town" at "Northern Quest Casino. Here is one of their songs called "Tornado".
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    For the I&E tour, this was more than just an internet rumor. The official press release, the official U2.com website, and the LiveNation and Ticketmaster pages, from December 2014, all contained verbiage from the band and promoters about there being two different shows from night one to night two. Sometime around April 2015 (several months after all tickets were sold out), the band gave an extensive interview to The New York Times and it was mentioned within that article that the two night idea had been abandoned in rehearsals. That article then stated that instead, the band would perform the same Act I set each night, and that the Act II (post-intermission) set would vary wildly from night to night - which also did not happen. So that was a bit more than internet rumor. What apparently happened, as per the Times article in 2015, was that the band developed two different setlists to perform on the I&E stage, but then became concerned that fans would be upset and disappointed if they only attended one show, and missed hearing their favorite hits that were instead played on the other night. I don't think it's logistically difficult to perform two different setlists on back to back nights - plenty of other artists do this as a matter of routine. The band simply got cold feet and decided not to do it. In and of itself, there's nothing wrong with that decision. But I think it was clumsy and misguided that the idea of there being two different shows was used to drive sales, and then once the tickets were sold, the idea was abandoned. Some fans felt that they did not get what they paid for, and were upset by what felt to some like a bait-and-switch. However, no such announcements were made for the current tour, so there was no expectation that this current tour would vary wildly from night to night. What I think has been surprising is that, for the 2015 tour, the band played about 4-5 different songs per night in cities that had more than one show. On the 2018 tour, the band is switching only one song per night in cities that had more than one show. There's very little precedence for U2 playing that static of a setlist in the same city for multiple regular tour dates, so that has come as a surprise to some.
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    Thank you, glad you like it! I've finally had a chance to do this now: http://www.canadanne.co.uk/macphisto/transcripts/ei_index.html
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    I like to think I am pretty connected with the band. I've never once heard (outside of internet rumor) they were going to play two different shows when they played ina city more than once. Logistically, that would be a nightmare for the band to pull off something like that. As for those complaining about the set list, the band did say in Rolling Stone they were going to ditch the typical fan favorite songs for this tour in favor of the newer stuff so they can complete the iE story. As The Edge said, if you wanted the popular stuff, the tour for you was The Joshua Tree Tour. Treated myself to a VIP Party Package for Boston 2 and cannot wait!
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    excellent......Bono sure is a genuin friendly funny guy.....xxx