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    Bonobos, Adam Clay-two-thousand-pounds, Larry Mullen Sr.’s son, and Thedge... yay!!! =D
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    ahhhh....talking about Adam and what Love has done to him and him changing diapers in his “letter to Ali” tonight. ?
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    I’m so excited to hear that they filmed the show! Especially in this new way... should be interesting to see the results!
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    I love they are playing All Because Of You!
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    Seriously, everyone needs to listen to these guys’ podcasts.
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    ...and I have found one! Another fan had taken a photo of their group on the 13th (Philly 1) - “The Fly” does an accidental photobomb. ?? In true Fly fashion, he is in effect photographing himself. Enjoy.
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    Thank you, Mich! I have to give credit to JCF for getting us in the area where Bono came out to see us briefly. He explained that they were late because of "filming" - we didn't know what he meant at the time. We did find out later, obviously. Only one shot from the show - being right up front took away my desire to photograph extensively. I'll try to do better tonight.
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    A few shots from Newark (very few due to the good fortune of my position - I was concentrating even more on just being in the moment) : (Updated...a single shot from Newark! I'll need to employ Mich's good graces again to put the few others I have on - they tend to emphasize one individual. All will be explained later.)
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    It was a great show! I liked it every bit as much as Philly 1 and MSG 2 - I think they were even more inspired by the fact that they were filming. The crowd was outstanding all night, and all of them were hitting on all cylinders (esp., Bono - he must have been extra inspired to perform well so that Ali could be upset that she missed it! ) A review and (very few) pictures are coming. Resting up for MSG 3 and extreme heat...
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    These are the last two I can post with the size limit - this first is with the U2 eXPERIENCE app not working properly; the second is what should have appeared the first time.
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    I keep forgetting to ask why it's still IE and not EI . I noticed it in Chicago too. Am I missing something obvious? Great picture.