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    I’m fine thanks. Sad forcSteve and his loved ones. My post was saying that we should always be thankful for our health because you never know when through trauma tragedy or illness you may lose it. Don’t get caught up in the little stuff which is not important!
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    Just saw this on Fathom Events FB Page. If anyone is interested (probably US only) in getting back on the bus with the Walrus, Across the Universe is being shown in a special engagement end of July/beginning of August. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/across-the-universe
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    Summerfest ended earlier with a Boz Scaggs concert. I even saw The Fray, Borns and O.A.R. for free this year. Next one is Dawes in September. I need to change that. I will be seeing Robin Pleuer, a local singer, who does Edith Piaf and is quite good. It is for Bastille Days next weekend.
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    I think he's a wimp and knew Bono would have a field day with him, so he avoided commenting on any of it. One does not criticize Donald Trump without notice. This is about U2 and not Donald Trump. For me, it's very interesting Trump did not criticize Bono or U2. At the shows, Bono talks about both sides coming together. It's tough to argue with a white flag..
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    Yes - MSG 3 is only fractionally ahead in my mind. Newark was stellar.
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    I've been going to see U2 for 30+ years and the Newark show stands out big time.
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    ...and a P.S. to celebrate a week's passing since I saw one of the best U2 shows I have ever seen - in fact, the last two I saw were among their very best ever, IMHO. I am so grateful that the band (and their team behind the scenes) designed and executed such an amazing tour. It is only a few days after the Mohegan Sun finale, and I already miss seeing/hearing this concert. As I already said in a previous post, I hope they set a record for how quickly they can bring a DVD/BluRay to market for this tour; I'll be pre-ordering the deluxe version (whatever it turns out to be) immediately. Thank you, U2, for everything - please come back as soon as you can.
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    Now that the tour has left America: SOE in America...Not once, to my knowledge, did my president rant on twitter, a podium or camera and attempt to squash U2/Bono/scary Mac Phisto with words.
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    Very good point. Now you guys get the tour. I am excited to see how they change the story accordingly.
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    U2 have never hidden behind their beliefs, they have always said and done what they think sometimes for the best and sometimes not. Doubt Macphisto will hold back on Brexit if he doesn’t like it ?
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    43 826.evening all.its been a scorcher today. Did my race for life for cancer research today it was so hot had to walk most of it but got round in 44.28 so quite pleased.but I have I injured my foot which is quite painful at the mo.
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    Update - it was amazing. Really impressed by Slowdive and Goldfrapp for starters. Also pretty sure Justin Lockey, guitarist from Editors, saw me singing along during their set and saluted me. Fantastic show from them, looking forward to seeing them again in London in October, night after I see U2 actually. Interpol put in an amazing show as well - comparable to The National but more New York and with a bit more menace. And The Cure...well, opening straight off the bat with the first two tracks from Disintegration was always gonna be a good indicator, but I didn't realise just how incredible they'd actually be. Didn't know the words to all the songs but each one sounded incredible. Next one is a small show for me down in Brighton, seeing my friends Dove House and another really good local band called Peace In Protest.
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    My good thing stems from a bad bad thing. A lovely guy from my year in medical school died today. He was in his mid 40s. He has shown amazing bravery throughout his cancer battle, and being an Oncologist himself must have been terrified knowing what lay ahead over the last 2 years. however he was always a lovely guy in med school and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was positive and caring and lived every day to the full. It goes without saying he was universally liked and an awesome doctor. we can all learn something about the way he lived. He lived every day to the max and gave everything to his work. Life’s too short to get angry about unimportant things like setlists and presale. They really are not important. RIP Steve, I will be raising a glass to you tonight x
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    HAVE FUN, and tell Robert Smith to come over here for the autumn! (I'm catching Interpol in a small club in Philly next month.) My next show is Beck at MSG, NYC on the 19th - I can't wait!
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    I received some exciting things in the mail... my college diploma and my new laptop!
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    In 1987 my life literally and physically stopped. My father was in a catastrophic car accident that rendered him a quadriplegic on a ventilator for 9 years. I became the caretaker of him as well as my mother and my 4 siblings. I was 19, an emotional mess before this happened. I grew up in that instant where everything changed.. For the most part I was alone, scared, sad, angry, and very lost. When I heard "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", I knew someone knew what I was going through, I was not alone. If I were not alone, I didn't need to feel lost. My sadness and fear subsided. This song became my daily prayer. I am not the same person I was in 1987, but I do remember who I was and how I have grown. And today this album, still ministers to my soul.