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    It has been quite a ride... thanks to everyone, everyone, everyone who accompanied us on these #U2eiTour live threads... For a while, we will take a break... but coming next August: #U2eiTour in Europe!!! Hopefully, we will see all you again around here... until then, carry on and enjoy the zoo...
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    I still have mine. We also used to tape their vids on MTV and then sync them with the cds for better sound.
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    Great tour here in American. Have a great summer Mich and be safe everyone! ❤️
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    I absolutely love Hay on Wye I try to go there once a year if I can save up spending money. I'd live there if I could!
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    Interpol is very NYC and thrives on being menacing - well said! That's why I love them so much. There was a nice write-up over here on the Cure show you saw - complete with clips. I hope they are touring over here soon. I had just come back from England two years ago, just as they were wrapping up their North American shows in 2016. I haven't seen them since the Curiosa festival back in 2004 and I'm ready to see them again! https://ca.news.yahoo.com/just-like-heaven-cure-celebrates-40-years-perfectly-curated-london-anniversary-concert-034233839.html
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    I was finally able to connect with the lady from whom I bought my Irish Terrier. Great lady. 100% Irish. I know I've succeeded in being funny when she laughs. I love her dearly. The line has been in her family for generations. She's had health challenges and I've been very worried about her. She named him Bruff and I kept the name. Bruff is one of her favorites. She cried when I got him. She sat down on the grass, earlier, and started crying when she saw him. He is the senior of her line. She has not seen him for some time. It made me start crying because Bruff is quite old. She looked at me and said, "Oh, David...you have no idea." I looked at her and said, "Neither do you."..
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    My good thing stems from a bad bad thing. A lovely guy from my year in medical school died today. He was in his mid 40s. He has shown amazing bravery throughout his cancer battle, and being an Oncologist himself must have been terrified knowing what lay ahead over the last 2 years. however he was always a lovely guy in med school and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was positive and caring and lived every day to the full. It goes without saying he was universally liked and an awesome doctor. we can all learn something about the way he lived. He lived every day to the max and gave everything to his work. Life’s too short to get angry about unimportant things like setlists and presale. They really are not important. RIP Steve, I will be raising a glass to you tonight x
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    43 816.afternoon all and happy Friday.am so glad this week is over its been a hard one at work with the supervisor on a weeks holiday so have worked all week. This Sunday is my Race for life day doing 5k for Caner Research. It's supposed to be really hot so I don't thinkI will managed to run it all but all I can do is my best.
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    What a great leg it’s been. So glad to share it with everyone here. Be good and enjoy your summer.
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    they ought to make a second Mohegan show just so you could be with us on the live thread...
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    i'm thinking about a garage sale... who needs material possessions anyway? =P
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    Need to find a way to Europe haha