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    So lucky 3rd Time in 3-4 years they visit our country , beautifull intimate ziggo dome the perfect venue. have a Nice gig everyone cheers
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    Can 't wait!!! See you all tomorrow!!!
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    I think the queueing is absurd. People are there from Wednesday and have to report 3 times a day. That is not a queue. Who desides those things. Still looking forward, but I really think this absurd.
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    If you guys need any info on Amsterdam, public transport, places to visit and so on, please visit my post: For those that have tickets for the first night, be aware that Ajax (our famous football team) is playing a home game in the Johan Cruijff ArenA (formerly known as Amsterdam ArenA), which is next to Ziggo. The match starts at 16:45 and will end approximately at 18:30, so it can be quite crowded in that area and on the train station Bijlmer/ArenA. I'm really excited as I will get my both loves, Ajax and U2, on the same day at the same area ?
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    So ... now only to unpack and start with the building of the # U2 shows .... (dozens of trucks still on the way)
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    Here's the thing - I was gutted last year when I saw that A Sort of Homecoming got ditched from the setlist, for most shows. But at Twickenham night 1, the performance of Bad they gave with the snippet of Heroes (I mentioned this earlier in the thread) was one of the most spine-chilling, emotional, incredible things I have ever seen and heard in my life. Point is, what it looks like on paper isn't the same as what it looks, sounds and feels like in the flesh. It works both ways - I got really excited the weekend before Reading Festival 2013 because I saw that Green Day, one of the headliners, would be playing their album Dookie in its entirety. But when the festival came around and I was in the crowd for their set, it was a bit flat.
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