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    Just got home from seeing both London shows. Well, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster. First night did not go well for me - I had a really horrible GA experience that made it hard to enjoy any part of the show, even hearing my favourite songs. The e-stage segment was fun (I've never seen Edge so smiley before!) and I finally got to witness a live MacPhisto speech, though it was mostly the same one as Manchester 2 and I was a bit thrown by the total lack of crowd response. Acrobat was undoubtedly the highlight, though - I've been avoiding streams and videos so this was the first time I'd seen it, and I was delighted by how much MacPhisto was visible in the performance. At one point I was staring into his eyes with some kind of enraptured expression on my face, and I don't know if I was completely hallucinating but he appeared to be staring straight back into mine for what felt like a solid 15 or 20 seconds. He was also facing in my direction when he did his violin-playing mime and it felt as if he was performing directly to me, at which point I found myself spontaneously overcome with emotion. I did not expect Acrobat to make me cry! It was all worth it for those magical moments, but the rest of the time I had little to no view and was in such discomfort that I just wanted the show to hurry up and end so I could get out of there. Probably the worst time I've ever had seeing them live. It culminated in me having a total meltdown during the encore - Bono set me off with his speech about how sad it is that we're leaving the EU, and I just carried on crying until the end of the show, without really knowing why. (I knew those last two songs were going to be depressing but I didn't think I'd react quite that badly.) Thankfully, I learnt many years ago to always attend two shows in case anything goes awry at the first one, so I did a few things differently on the second night and it made a world of difference. Had a really good rail spot and nothing to spoil my enjoyment (not even the insane crush when everyone moved towards the e-stage), resulting in a U2 gig that felt like it was supposed to. MacPhisto's speech was amazing (can't wait to listen again) and I was right near the magic mirror, so that was another once-in-a-lifetime experience. Shame we never got Red Flag Day but I was thrilled to hear All Because Of You again - HTDAAB is my second favourite album and it brought back very happy memories of my first GA experience on the Vertigo Tour! The whole Achtung Baby / Zooropa sequence was a real joy to hear too. And I'm so happy they brought back New Year's Day for the European leg, it's always been my favourite song to hear live. No regrets - it all worked out in the end!
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    44 313 Now I can start counting the hours until I leave for Belfast. My bus to the airport leaves 01.25 tonight and my flight is at 06.30. So YAAAAY ?
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    Frankly it must be harder and harder to answer the question 'what next?' to themselves. It must also be slightly depressing to look back at the first 10/15 years or so of U2 and think, we will never create that again, we will never equal that again. Frankly, if I was them, I would want to have a rest after e+I and then maybe look towards a final big hurrah.
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    From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    I had listened to a lot of 90s U2 while drawing this one.... Especially Achtung Baby..... Achtung Baby always gets me fired up and turned up to 11 !!!!!!

    © @CRIS

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    44 315 Thanks ❤️ wish you were there too!!
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    44, 312 - What a shame. Although I suppose the world would be boring if we all liked the same thing.
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    Good night and thank you all,. Including Barcaqueen for the excellent Mixlr. ..
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    U2 eXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR 2018 October 23, 2018 London, GB O2 Arena #U2eiTour #LiveThreads #London #U2 #womenoftheworldtakeover The Blackout Lights of Home I Will Follow Gloria Beautiful Day Zoo Station The Fly Stay (Faraway, So Close) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses iNTERMISSION: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Elevation (Influx Mix) Vertigo / Rebel Rebel (snippet) Even Better Than The Real Thing Acrobat You're The Best Thing About Me Summer of Love Pride (In the Name of Love) Get Out Of Your Own Way New Year's Day City of Blinding Lights iNTERMISSION: #womenoftheworldtakeover One Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way 13 (There is a Light) Sources: mixlr.com/danyu2 | mixlr.com/joe_ahorro | mixlr.com/no_end_2_love | mixlr.com/u2baby | mixlr.com/georgemccauley | mixlr.com/beautifulday36 | mixlr.com/barcaqueen | a few Periscope Streams
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