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    44 333 I was.......and the second one was one of my best ❤️
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    44335 It's cold here with temperatures round 5 degrees. In the French speaking part of the country it is freezing and the first snow has fallen.
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    Not sure if I'm forgetting any (it feels like I've seen more!), but these are all the gigs I can recall attending in Dorset over the years: ZU2 at a pub in Bournemouth, July 2003. They used to have a website at http://www.zyworld.com/zu2/ but I believe they split up a few years ago. I'm gutted I only got to see them once - they were awesome but I missed their next gig and I don't think they ever played in my area again! I did have tickets for a band called U2 2U in September 2003, but the gig was cancelled due to illness and never re-booked. I think it was mentioned that they were based way up in Scotland but I may be misremembering that. Us4//U2 at a live music venue in Poole, February 2005. They carried on playing gigs there for years but I only went to see them once as I wasn't very impressed. Their website was at http://www.us4.org.uk/ but seems to be gone now - not sure if they're still around. U2UK at a Bournemouth nightclub in December 2005 and a Wimborne theatre in September 2006. I then saw them again with a new singer at a Christchurch theatre in September 2009. They still seem to be active and have a website at http://www.u2ukshow.com/ U2Baby twice at a live music venue in Poole, April and December 2017 (plus I bumped into the singer and bassist while seeing the real U2 at Twickenham in between, haha). Their website is at http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/ A Sort Of U2 (a local group) at a pub in Branksome, June 2017. They have recently changed their singer from a man to a woman, so they probably sound quite different now! Their website is at http://asortofu2.com/ but it's hopelessly out of date - they mostly post updates on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/asortofu2/ U2 2 (formerly known as Achtung Baby) at Bournemouth Air Festival, September 2018. Their website is at http://www.u2-2.com/
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    It'so funny how Bolsonaro voters get offended so easily. It shows how this politician has spread hate among Brazilian people. Just remember that Bolsonaro was part of PP, the most corrupted party in Brazil, for many years. Bolsonaro will never represent us. Brazilian people is better than him. We are better than him! Thanks U2 for the speech. LOVE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE BIGGER THAN ANYTHING!
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    Just listened Pop album, the last track is a masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC13juMBtLU
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    I am still hoping someone gets another leg of this tour.
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