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    My first time in front of Bono's house gave me the opportunity to make this picture last Sunday morning. His smile was one of the most surprising moments in my life as U2 fan. Guggi's car doesn't look like the Maserati we were expecting to see but it has been a fantastic moment.
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    You should have gotten a text message about the entrance you're supposed to use. From my experience, I was GA1 for Tuesday and had entrance 1 and for the Saturday gig I have a GA2 ticket and I'm supposed to go to entrance 3. You can probably chance going to either of them. All they do at the door is scan your credit card. Entrance 3 is the one closer to the tram stop. For Entrance 1 you have to walk around the building site.
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    Entrance 2 is for seating tickets. If you mean 1 and 3 then yes you will end up on different sides but you can simply walk around once you get inside.
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    Love this band. Achtung in the making, and played so well in recent tour dates.
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    It's gonna be a while before they hit the road again. That said, according to Willie they have started knocking ideas about for the next tour. I can imagine tours being shorter - it's a matter of whether they just do North America and Europe in the way they did on I&E and E&I, or if they do what they did on The Joshua Tree tour and try to squeeze in other countries they don't visit so often (shout-out to you Aus/NZ fans who've been waiting for the best part of a decade).
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    It feels strange that in 8 days' time we'll be coming to the end of this tour cycle, and, indeed, to the whole Innocence/Experience cycle of the last 4 years. I'm going to miss this era of the band's work; it's been a box of treats.
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    Sold their soul to the devil when they signed with LiveNation sadly. All downhill from there.
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    Flights & Hotel is booked for 13th Nov