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    44559 - Trust the scientist of the band to be at an awards ceremony for scientific endeavours!
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    The good people of U2Gigs have created a page where you can tick all U2 shows you've attended until now. The result is stunning as you can see exactly what songs you've heard, how many times the were played, what snippets Bono included and see some photos of the shows you saw. Great fun to enter and nice to see my personal count is exactly 40, a song I've heard 13 times live. How long, to sing this song... Here's the link, it would be nice if we all give our results on Twitter and in this thread ? http://www.u2gigs.com/personalshowcharts.html
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    Larry - “It’s a musical journey.” Edge - “Cool name: The Edge. Uncool name: Sting”
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    I've always considered this to be a classic Larry quote... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtd5K-QjJlw&t=17m08s
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    Chicago-April 12, 2019. The United Center and Muse in Chicago.... I did not know. That just made my day/week, Doc It's only a 90 minute drive and I love Chicago. Grazie Mille.
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    This is amazing! I've gotta go home and look at some old ticket stubs to remember the 80's (ha) before I do mine. I love that they include "some random elevator in NY" on the E&I promo tour. Can they include concerts that only take place in my head while I'm jogging? They're pretty great. The week last year when I decided to limit my social media time to get more work done was the week they played down the street from my office under the HIgh Line. I was so sad when I checked Facebook later. I was at my desk on 26th street just a few blocks away... They need a better bat signal.
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    Just found out I have two job interviews lined up tomorrow!