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    From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Love Poplars and their unique scent.... especially the scent of their leaves after the rain since kindergarten....they had huge poplars in the courtyard and their scent drove me mad........Still does today whenever I find few poplars 'cause there is a huge poplar hate here and most of them had been cut down .......

    © @CRIS

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    Hi, there. I just wanna thank you, zootopians, for being part of my (digital) life in this fantastic, surprising and disappointing (all at the same time) year! Happy new year! Thank U2 for the wonderful tour! This year was unforgettable ... all because of you!
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    Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind...
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    44, 620 - It's always fun watching friends in different time zones as they go into the new year - feels like time travel I hope everyone has a fun (and safe) New Year - and don't forget to play 'New Year's Day' at the appropriate moment.
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