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    Writing this mainly to prevent the thread from archiving itself before I've finished with it. I haven't forgotten that dmway asked me to post here when the website is fully updated, but it's been such a busy couple of months that I haven't had much time to work on it. Hopefully I'll get back to it very soon!
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    Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear!
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    I'm throwing this "out there"because I wanted to know if any of you other Zootopians had fun last night? As for me, I did some final preparations such doing a final purge of household clutter because who wants to bring old misery into the New Year. I also clanged some pots and watched some fireworks because according to legend bad luck, evil spirits,etc hat e the noise. Enough about me how was your New Year's eve?
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    Mine was good. I went out with a new best friend. We laughed, felt old, drank and felt not-so-old. I got home and had to get some guy who was wasted on something besides alcohol or marijuana, to leave my building. He returned. I found him passed out in the middle of the hall having urinated on the carpet. I got him out again, but he somehow got back in a third time. He got violent when I met him at the elevator. . Nobody got hurt and he's now in jail. That was pretty crazy so I listened to music, played air guitar and whisper-sang until 7 am, when all was good again.. I got to sleep very late/early, and now I feel old again. 😎 It was a nice evening/day. Thanks, illumination70.
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    Not to be a "downer", but Ray Sawyer (the band member with the eye patch) of Dr. Hook passed away yesterday morning and "Blue Jeans" was my favorite song from his band.
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    A happy New Year to everyone! All the best in 2019.
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    U2.com’s law: the quality of the subscriber gift is inversely proportional to the probability of a tour presale that year.