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    Since there is so much interest in Mr MacPhisto at the moment, I thought you might like to check out my dedicated MacPhisto fansite if you haven't been there recently or ever. Among other things I've added a brand new transcripts page for the EI Tour, which will obviously be expanded as the tour goes on. (It will take me a little while longer to bring this page up to date with the latest developments. This whole thing has come as a massive surprise - even though I argued that it was the perfect time to bring MacPhisto back, I never thought they would actually do it!!)
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    If I remember correctly, you have wished this kind of gift? Probably Santa Claus has been listening with us EI tour. It dosentti matter if the delivery is after christmas, nettiin year.
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    Wow, thank you for putting this together! Some of those sound recordings of the live shows are truly amazing! I'm listening to 2018 04 20 Laval, Quebec, Canada IEM MATRIX on YouTube right now... my mind is blown. To hear them live, so clearly like this - the things we miss because of people cheering at shows - I am speechless! ?
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