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    Fantastic!! Wonderful clips of a Lot of fans! Now I’m wondering who they all are!! Thank you for making & sharing this!!💓
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    Enjoy, CorkVegan. May the Sun shine yet shade be available wherever you wish to be. I'm officially moved into my new apt/home. I love it. We got all the big stuff moved yesterday. I have a LOT of work this next week. The beauty lies in the fact that it's all in my old apartment down the hall. I have no temporary paths between boxes, as past moves have been. I feel very, very old from so much heavey lifting. My body ain't cooperatin' today but I'm laughing. This morning, I woke up and was happy. I have not done that for over three years. The acoustics for my sound system are incredible because I'm in a corner unit. (very cool unexpected bonus) The wall opposite my speakers is solid, as it's the outside wall of my building. The sound bounces back, mixes and is brilliant. Nothing woke me during the night. I can go out of my building via the stairs, which right by my door. That means no lobby gossip or any of that crap. It's a corny pun, yet I can honestly say I feel elevated. It's time for the Influx remix and the the Perfecto remix of Lemon. Four years of no patience with zen have ended.
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