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    I got this fake Irish Passport from a different Fake Bono than the one that ripped me off. I couldn't remember which one, there are so many fake Bono's. I just wanted to post it in case anyone else came across it. I feel like a jerk, but I couldn't help myself and wrote to the fake Bono that was the worst Fake Irish Passport I have ever seen and clearly he doesn't even know what one looks like, I was looking at my Irish passport (I have dual citizenship Irish/USA and it was almost comical how bad his was...… .
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    I'm sorry you were scammed like that keyo. All of these accounts really need to be removed, I can't believe they have so many followers and get away with scamming money out of us fans like this. But I had to double take, that is the Bono passport the other fake Bono sent me! I am sure of it! I wouldn't be surprised if it's one person or a group of them working together with these fake accounts.
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    Thank you for sharing your story, @keyo32198 As you said, hopefully it will help in preventing it from happening to others.
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